Jon Switzer Chat Wrap

April 5, 2001

Jon Switzer at 1:58pm ET
Jon has just stopped in and we are going to begin the chat in a few minutes. Please get your questions ready to ask Jon and we will begin shortly.

Randy from [], at 2:00pm ET
With the Pac-10 being a very competitive conference, what do the Sun Devils need to do to win the Pac-10 conference and to win the NCAA National title?

Jon Switzer at 2:02pm ET
The Pac-10 is the best conference around. To win the conference would be great, but that is not what we have to do to go to the tournament. We have a young team and strong leadership. Once we play to our potential all those goals are attainable.

Coach P. from [] at 2:03pm ET
Switz, just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hello. Looks like everything is going very well for you. Keep up the hard work and best of luck.Say hello to the boys and tell them I miss you guys.Stay in touch

Jon Switzer at 2:03pm ET
Hi Coach. Thanks for stoping by to say hi. I will tell everyone you were thinking about us. Good luck to your team and tell Millner I said hello.

Kevin from CO from [], at 2:04pm ET
What is the biggest challenge the Sun Devils face in getting to Omaha this year?

Jon Switzer at 2:05pm ET
The biggest challenge we face is a tough pac-10 conference. The games in conference are a good test and will help us later in the season and post season.

'Cus from [], at 2:06pm ET
Will the fact that you played on Team USA with Coach Gillespie affect your performance or the way you prepare for USC in any way?

Jon Switzer at 2:07pm ET
No, it was a lot of fun representing Team USA and playing for Coach Gillespie. However, I will still have to go out and pitch the best a can to beat a strong USC team.

Kevin from CO from [], at 2:08pm ET
Who's been you're biggest role model?

Jon Switzer at 2:09pm ET
I would say that my biggest influence has been my great brother-in -law Kevin Wagner. He is inspirational in everything he does. But within the game of baseball i enjoy watching Billy Wagner throw for the Astros.

Wade Wilson from [], at 2:09pm ET
Sinton, Texas Why do some pitchers throw a heavy ball? What makes the ball feel heavy?

Jon Switzer at 2:10pm ET
People who throw a heavy ball are very lucky. There is no reason that i know of for the heavy ball phenomenon. The heavy ball is one that seems to get harder as it approaches the plate.

Curious from [], at 2:11pm ET
Hi Jon, I must be honest and admit I don't know much about you besides what ESPN has said. I was just wondering why you turned down the Pirates in the draft- was it to go to school or was it to improve when you would be drafted? Also, what major league team would you like to draft you? Thanks.

Jon Switzer at 2:13pm ET
My decision to go to ASU was an easy one. I was not a 'big time' player and there was no sense in passing up a chance to play at one of the best college baseball programs in the country. I would love to be picked by Houston, I am a hometown fan.

Ty from [], at 2:14pm ET
Hi, I'm a baseball player, a pitcher as well and i was wondering how the arizona state baseball program was and how the coach was?

Jon Switzer at 2:15pm ET
Playing for ASU is a honor and a lot of fun. Coach Murphy is a great man with a lot of intensity. He gets the most out of his players and would do anything for any one of us.

Chuck Van Hyning from [], at 2:16pm ET
Hi Jon,

I'm an ASU alum, and I have to tell you that one of my favorite things to do on campus was go out to Packard Stadium and watch ASU beat up on USC. Best of luck!

Kevin from CO from [], at 2:16pm ET
What advice would you give to high-school standouts evaluating the draft v. pros?

Jon Switzer at 2:18pm ET
To Chuck, thanks for all your support. We need fans that truly care about the program and who don't just like us when we win.

To Kevin, I would say that any high school player drafted should weigh his options. Unless they can be set for life financially, they should play college baseball and enjoy the experience.

Justin from [], at 2:18pm ET
Hey Jon, I came out and saw you pitch this past weekend on Saturday, and I thought you did a great job, especially considering you weren't feeling 100%. It's too bad the run support wasn't coming. As a starter, does it distract and/or add pressure to your situation when the team is slumping as it is, from a batting standpoint? It would seem to me that it'd be easier to relax and concentrate on throwing when you've got even just a lead, not to mention a comfortable five- or six-run cushion.

Jon Switzer at 2:20pm ET
As a pitcher you try your hardest to think only about your job at hand. The pressure is there only if you let it in, which is very hard not to do. Sometimes it is easier to stay focused in a close game

Jeff from [], at 2:20pm ET

Two questions: First, how does this year's team compare to the previous two you have played on?

Second, have you heard anything about Coach Murphy's interest in the Hawaii job? Is he leaning one way or the other? If he's interest in going, why don't you make him a deal where you will come back for your Senior year if he stays at ASU. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Go get the Trojans!!

Jon Switzer at 2:23pm ET
First, this is a great team. The 2000 team was also a great team to play for, but we will see how the season unfolds and how the 2001 team can grow together. The 2001 team has been tested which is good for us. In 2000 we were never in a slump and had to play for a must win game. That may have affected us in the Regional.

As for Coach, I don't know what he is going to do with the job offer. He will tell the team first i am sure and he will do what is best for him and his family.

Travis from [], at 2:23pm ET
so whats up man

Jon Switzer at 2:23pm ET
Whaaaaaaats happen'

Grandma from [], at 2:23pm ET
I have never been in a chat room so I really don't know what I am doing. But lots of good luck on your game this weekend. We enjoy following all the games on the net. Love ya

Jon Switzer at 2:24pm ET
Hi grandma,
Thanks for listing to all the games, i will tell the radio people that you love them!

Heather from [], at 2:24pm ET
What do you do to escape the stresses of being a student athlete?

Jon Switzer at 2:26pm ET
I try to relax and take a lot of naps. I don't really need an escape though, baseball and working out help me escape from the student part of the word.

matt from [], at 2:26pm ET
What are the benefits of playing in the Pac-10

Jon Switzer at 2:28pm ET
The pac-10 offers 9 quality teams and a chance to play against the best players our country offers. It is a true challenge and is very rewarding when you do well.

matt from [], at 2:28pm ET
Do you often go the Mallony's in Tempe or Mill Street?

Jon Switzer at 2:28pm ET
Is that a book store?

Mason from [], at 2:28pm ET

How do stack up against Mark Prior?

Jon Switzer at 2:30pm ET
I had a chance to get to know Mark this summer on Team USA. He is the best pitcher around. I am lucky enough not to have to hit against him, but only to pitch to his team. I will leave the hitting to Casey Myers.

Dan Kurtz from [], at 2:30pm ET

one word of advice for you if you are pursuing a professional baseball career. through my experience with negotiating a professional contract, hold out for every penny when and if you get drafted. I held out for 20 days and made myself $50000 more than the original offer. If a club likes you, they will pay. You are a lefty, so I am sure you are in a good position.

Best of luck.

Dan Kurtz
eshOts, Inc.

Jon Switzer at 2:31pm ET
Thanks so much for the advice. I feel fortunate to be left-handed.

Brad from [], at 2:31pm ET
Jon, I am a huge Baylor fan, but I just thought that i would wish you and the Sun Devil's the best of luck for the remainder of the season.

Jon Switzer at 2:31pm ET
Thanks for the support. Tell Zane Carelson that i said hello.

Mike from [], at 2:32pm ET
Who is the best team in the Pac-10 this year?

Jon Switzer at 2:33pm ET
That is a tough one. I honestly don't know. I guess we will have to wait until the end to find out. But remember, the best pac-10 team is not always the pac-10 team that finishes the season the best. For example , the 1998 Devils!

robert from [], at 2:34pm ET
ya jon i just want you to know you are having a hell of a season, keep up the good work !

Jon Switzer at 2:34pm ET
Thanks alot.

Heather from [], at 2:35pm ET
Jon, Just wanted to wish you luck in all your conference play. We are rooting for you and can't wait to see you again at the Arizona Series.

Jon Switzer at 2:36pm ET
Thanks for the support. We have had some great crowds this season against Stanford and LSU, I hope that the Arizona series is sold out as well.

ASUFan from [], at 2:37pm ET
How is power-hitting Casey Myers doing thanks for making me remember Jon

Jon Switzer at 2:37pm ET
Casey is doing great. He is the best hitter in the country and has so much to offer this team as a catcher, hitter and a leader.

Paul Gayler from [], at 2:38pm ET
Jon, I was a pretty good baseball player back in high school. I was just wondering what you feel is the biggest change from high school ball to college ball.
Thanks, and good luck this year.

Jon Switzer at 2:39pm ET
The biggest difference is that the lineups are stacked from top to bottom with great hitter. In high school there are usually only 2-3 good hitters per team.

ASUFan from [], at 2:40pm ET
Do you weight train to improve your skills

Jon Switzer at 2:41pm ET
All ASU players weight train. Jim Mancuso is our strength trainer and does an excellent job maintaining our weight and strength throughout the year.

Bill from [], at 2:41pm ET
How do you think the pac-10 stacks-up with the SEC since you had a chance to play LSU this year.

Jon Switzer at 2:42pm ET
Both conferences are among the best. I am not sure of the depth in the SEC, but the Pac-10 is great from top to bottom.

Strawberry Blonde from [], at 2:42pm ET
Jon, will you or Espo be starting on Friday night? Has the third game starter for the SC series been decided and how does the Fullerton game affect that?

Jon Switzer at 2:44pm ET
Hi Terry,
I am not sure yet who is throwing when. I know that we have a challenging weekend. It will be a lot of fun. I have know idea who will throw Monday either. Probably Torres.

Darnell from [], at 2:44pm ET
you guys struggled this past weekend against Stanford, do you think you will be able to pick it up this weekend against USC?

Jon Switzer at 2:45pm ET
I don't think that we struggled at all. We were in each game of the Series against the #1 ranked team in the country. Remember that good pitching is supposed to beat good hitting. Stanford has an excellent pitching staff.

Frank from [], at 2:46pm ET
Who do you feel the five best pitchers are in the west, not including yourself?

Jon Switzer at 2:48pm ET
I would say that the best five are:
Mark Prior (USC)
Kirk Sarloos (Cal State Fullerton)
Josh Karp (UCLA)
Scott Nicholson (OSU)
Jeremy Guthrie (Stanford)

Jon Switzer at 2:48pm ET
Time for one or two more questions. have to go to practice.

Trent Nichols from [], at 2:49pm ET
Jon, How long do you think it will take you to become a big league starter, after your days at ASU are over?

Jon Switzer at 2:51pm ET
If i am fortunate enough to get to the big leagues that would be great. It is hard to say how long something like that would take. On average it takes player about three years to go through the systems if they do make it at all. It also depends on which team picks the player.

Jon Switzer at 2:52pm ET
OK, last question.

Frank from [], at 2:52pm ET
what do you feel about dan haren and noah lowry at pepperdine as top pitchers in the west?

Steve from [], at 2:52pm ET
Does Murphy get involved with the pitchers or does he just stay out of your way?

Jon Switzer at 2:55pm ET
To Frank,
I don't know anything about Dan Haren, but Noah Lowry could easily be on that list. He is a great talent and a great person.

To Steve,
Murph is highly involved with the pitchers. He is very knowledgeable about pitching. He knows how to set up hitters and see holes in a hitters swing.

Jon Switzer at 2:55pm ET
Thanks for stopping by to ask your questions.
Go Sun Devils!

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