Mike Gosling Chat Wrap

May 10, 2001Mike Gosling at 1:00pm ET
Hey, this is Mike, I'm ready to start taking questions.

scott! from proxy.aol.com at 1:01pm ET
Mike - did you get drafted out of high school? If so,was education the only reason you opted to attend college?

Mike Gosling at 1:02pm ET
Yes, Scott, I did get drafted out of High School, by the Minnesota Twins. It was an honor to get drafted, but the college experience, especially at Stanford, was too much to pass up. Not signing a professional contract was one of my best decisions because I've had a great time here at school.

James from [] at 1:02pm ET
What has been the greatest influence on your baseball career?

Mike Gosling at 1:04pm ET
I think the greatest influence on my career has been my first little league coach, my Dad. He started playing catch with me when I was a little guy, and I fell in love with baseball right from the start. He's always been willing to throw with me, or throw batting practice, whenever I've wanted. He and my Mom have been so supportive throughout my whole career.

Jason from dallaslibrary.org at 1:04pm ET
Congratulation on a incredible season. What are your goals

Mike Gosling at 1:05pm ET
As a team, our goal is the same this year as every year, to get to Omaha and win the College World Series. As an individual, my goal is to just finish the year strong and help the team win however I can.

Jeff Henderson from [], at 1:07pm ET
What's up Mike? This is Jeff in Houston. It's been great listening to the KZSU announcers search for adjectives to describe the pitches you use to beat opposing batters into submission...'wicked, unhittable, and absolutely filthy' were a few of my favorites. Congratulations on your success this season- would you say that your older brother Dave's presence at Stanford this year has been the key to your success?... or would that be going a little far??

Mike Gosling at 1:08pm ET
Jeff is a good friend, so I had to answer this one. Well, those comments are very flattering, and thanks for listening. As for the big bro's presence, It's pretty nice having him at all the games, but I can't give him total credit... only about 90% of it or so. Good to hear from you Jeff.

Josh from merck.com at 1:08pm ET
Mike, I'm a sophomore in high school. What tips can you give me for building up arm strength to put a little more zip on my fastball?

Mike Gosling at 1:10pm ET
I think the biggest thing you can do to increase your fastball is play a lot of long toss, and make sure your mechanics are sound. The guys who normally throw the hardest are the guys with the best mechanics. And then just let your arm air it out.

David from Tempe from stanford.edu at 1:11pm ET
Mike, do you have a favorite major league baseball team? Who and why? As a Diamondbacks fan, I would love to see you suit up for us, you can jump into the rotation right behind Randy and show him up.

Mike Gosling at 1:14pm ET
I don't know about jumping in right behind Randy, but I appreciate the compliment. As for my favorite major league team, I don't have a definite favorite. I lived in Madison, WI from birth until age 11, so I grew up a huge Milwaukee Brewers fan in the days of Paul Molitor and Robin Yount. Now I root for the Giants since I'm out in the Bay Area, and the Padres because San Diego is my favorite city in America! Also, the Boston Red Sox. They need all the help they can get since it's been since 1918.

Pat from [], at 1:14pm ET
Hello Mik. The series with Arizona is vital to Stanford especially with the Regional being announced on Monday. THe Arizona hitters, especially Shelly Duncan are difficult to stop. What will your focus be as far as pitching considering the hitting talent of Artizona. Thank You and Good Luck in the Pac and beyond.

Mike Gosling at 1:15pm ET
I think we'll approach this series just like any other. In the Pac 10, they're all important. Arizona does have some great hitters, but we've got some pretty good guys of our own, so I think we'll be ok. We're just going to go out, play hard and compete.

JGS from [], at 1:16pm ET
If you had to pick the one most important benefit you have enjoyed in going to Stanford rather than signing straight out of high school, what would it be?

Mike Gosling at 1:18pm ET
Stanford has had so many benefits, it's hard to nail down just one. Obviously going to Omaha two years in a row, and winning two Pac 10 championships has been incredible. But outside of baseball I've made some great friends and had a ton of fun. I've got a wonderful girlfriend who I met here, and I'm on my way to a really nice degree, so the whole Stanford experience has been extremely rewarding.

Roadster from stanford.edu at 1:19pm ET
Mike, some of your many admirers here at Stanford have been saying that, after Draft Day, your first purchase will be a new car? What's wrong with that sweet '90 Taurus I see you driving around?

Mike Gosling at 1:20pm ET
I'm sorry to say that the beautiful car to which you refer is not my own. It is proudly owned by Jon Stull, a good friend of mine who let me borrow it while he was in Spain winter quarter. Other than needing an oil change, it's a real piece of work. I might try to buy one, but the '90 Taurus will never be replaced.

scott from dialsprint.net at 1:21pm ET
I was wondering who you think the top 3 or 4 pitchers are in the illustrious Stanford pitching factory have been.

Mike Gosling at 1:23pm ET
Stanford has produced an incredible amount of good pitchers. Obviously Mike Mussina has to rank up there, he's one of the best in the game. And winning the AL Cy Young also has to get Jack McDowell on the list. As for the other guys, arguments could be made for Kyle Peterson, Jeff Austin, Jason Young, and Justin Wayne in recent years.

Claire from proxy.aol.com at 1:23pm ET
How do you balance the demands of your academic life with your athletic schedule?

Mike Gosling at 1:25pm ET
That's a great question. You just have to be disciplined and set yourself a schedule and stick to it. There is plenty of time for class, baseball, and having fun, but you just have to be smart about what you do.

Royce Clayton from [] at 1:25pm ET
Mike, your fantasy baseball team is currently mired in fifth place, only slightly ahead of the Hot Buttery Biscuits...to what do you attribute this poor showing so far? Also, when Mark Prior is added to the Twins rotation in August, will consider picking him up for the stretch run?

Mike Gosling at 1:27pm ET
I must admit that I'm in a fantasy baseball league, and not doing so well. It hurts when you have pitchers inactive and then they throw 2 hit shutouts. As for falling behind the Biscuits, I'll overtake him as soon as the trade for Billy Koch goes through. My rise to the top will be unstoppable.

Greg from [] at 1:27pm ET
How much did you work on baseball when you were a kid.

Mike Gosling at 1:29pm ET
I played baseball as much as I could when I was young. I loved playing catch with my dad out in the street, and I lived for little league games. As I grew older, I started working on more specific things to get better, such as conditioning and arm strengthening exercises. Baseball can be a full time job if you want to get the most out of what you've been given.

Bob from NC from nc.us.ibm.com at 1:30pm ET
What part of your game do you need to improve the most to get to the next level?

Mike Gosling at 1:31pm ET
Nothing really specific, I think I just need experience more than anything. Going out and getting innings is the best thing a pitcher can do to really develop consistency with his mechanics and pitches.

Keaton from stanford.edu at 1:32pm ET
There has been recent criticism as of late because of Stanford's slump that the pitching is not holding up. What do you attribute the slump to? Why do you think the pitching that was so solid with Guthrie, you, and Cunningham is now a little weaker?

Mike Gosling at 1:34pm ET
I wouldn't call it a slump. Jeremy Guthrie and Jeff Bruksch have pitched absolutely great this entire year, and have been a huge reason that we've been so successful. A pitcher is college is bound to get hit once in a while, with hitters using metals bats and playing in some small parks. What those two have done this year has been incredible, and I know our entire staff will be ready to finish out the Pac 10 strong and carry that right into the postseason.

Josh North Fond du Lac, WI from max1.fdl.dyn.dotnet.com at 1:35pm ET
How many hours a day do you practice at Stanford?

Mike Gosling at 1:36pm ET
An average day will have us get out on the field at about 1:30, and finish up somewhere around 5:00. That includes stretching, individual work, and then entire team practice.

Claire from proxy.aol.com at 1:36pm ET
How did you decide on Stanford? What do you like best about it?

Mike Gosling at 1:38pm ET
Stanford has the best combination of baseball and academics in the country, no where else even comes close. Plus the Bay Area is beautiful, and in my mind the Pac 10 is one of the best baseball conference around. It was an easy choice, and it's hard to say what I like best, because I like so many things so well.

Big Fern from ms.com at 1:38pm ET
Has 9 let you guys have pitchers' BP this year? If so, did 32 manage to get it out of the infield?

Mike Gosling at 1:40pm ET
Great question. Yes, the pitchers have had BP twice, and it's been a lot of fun. Sorry to say, I'm much better at hitting the ball off the very end of the bat than I am with the barrel, so I didn't show too well. Jeff Bruksch is the two time defending home run king, and 32 even took a few good hacks. As for Ritter.... I won't get into that.

Jeff from Boston from [], at 1:41pm ET
I hope you make it to the College World Series...good luck.
Are you excited for the June draft? Although we don't pick until the second round, if you are available, the Red Sox ought to snap you up. Would you like to play in Fenway and live in Boston?

Mike Gosling at 1:43pm ET
Thank you for the well wishes. I hope we make it too! As for the draft, I'm trying not to concern myself too much with that right now since we're still in the middle of the season. However, yes, I would love to play in Fenway and live in Boston, it's a great town, and I would be a frequent visitor of 'Mike's Pastries.'

Anngeo from [], at 1:44pm ET
I saw your complete game shutout at Cal a couple of Sundays ago. Great game! As a hard thrower with the postseason coming up and a likely pro career in the future, do you want to stay in a game where you're up by 8 runs, or come out for a reliever and save your arm?

Mike Gosling at 1:47pm ET
As for me last weekend, I was happy to keep going. I had a low pitch count, and a complete game shutout has always been a goal of mine. In general, I think a pitch count should be paid attention to, but it should be the judgement of the pitcher and the coach. Also, in some situations you need the starter to save the bullpen, and in others it is good to get the pen a little work, so I think it depends on the circumstances.

Mike Gosling at 1:47pm ET
Alright, I've got time for one more question, and then it's off to class!

Hawk from nesbittburns.com at 1:48pm ET
do you have a preference to be in the AL or NL? BTW, I love the Stanford campus and think it has the best athletic facilities around.

Mike Gosling at 1:50pm ET
I don't have a particular preference, I'd be happy to play in either if I'm in the big leagues. It would be fun to hit, but I'm not so good at it, so it would take lot of work. :) But pitching to the other team's pitcher would be fun as well, a nice break in the order.

Mike Gosling at 1:51pm ET
Thank you to everyone who sent in questions, I had a lot of fun aswering them. Keep supporting Stanford baseball and hopefully I'll see you out at Sunken this weekend.

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