Quotes from Pac-10 Track & Field Championships

May 19, 2001

BERKELEY - Below are quotes from selected athletes from Saturday's competition at the Pac-10 Track & Field Championships at Edwards Stadium on the Cal campus.

Men's Events

Hammer Throw

Norbert Horvath (USC) - first place

'My only goal was to break 230 feet (70 meters), and it finally happened this year, so I'm happy for that and I'm looking forward to the NCAAs.'

Nick Welihozkiy (Stanford) - second place

'We (Garrett Collier and I) traded spots two or three times. It was like Big Meet all over again.'

On whether trading positions with a rival made the meet more enjoyable:

'I don't know about enjoyable, but I knew that it was going to be a competitive field. He (Garrett Collier) and I go head-to-head all the time so we definitely step it up each time we go against each other. It definitely made it interesting.'

'I think it's safe to say that we both couldn't relax until basically it was all over.'

Garrett Collier (California) - third place'It was a good competition, a good way to finish off. I always look forward to competing against Nick (Welihozkiy) and vice versa so I'm pretty happy.'

On whether he thought his mark would hold up to take second in the competition:

'You never know in a competition. I just tried to throw as hard as I could.

Long Jump

Djeke Mambo (USC) - first place

'The delays in the events were not a big deal. Things were a little late, but you get used to it. But if the wind was legal, then that was my PR. When I hit it, I felt good. It was a little harder to jump earlier because the wind was changing all the time. I got lucky because I got some good wind on my third jump.'

Milton Little (Stanford) - third place

'Today's performance was the worst day I've had in about four weeks. If I go to the NCAA's, I hope to stay composed and stay focused. I need to stay focused and not worry about certain things. I wasn't as composed as I had been in the last couple of weeks. I need to not get as tight running. I don't think the weather had anything to do with my performance. It was just me. I wasn't coming off the board like I needed to.'

Shot Put

David Wood (ASU) - first place

'My performance today felt good today. I started out really bad today, but I slowly got better. The conditions today were excellent, but it just seemed that before the finals, no one got it together really good. It was just a great day. And I have to thank my coach for helping me out throughout the whole season.'

Scott Moses (UCLA) - second place

'I'm trying to uphold the UCLA tradition, and today would have been nice. We were supposed to go one-two, but I got second. I feel really happy to have the ability to be at such the top level, it's just today, we didn't put it together. It's great to be coached by one of the best in the world. He's able to analyze every aspect of the throw, and basically whatever he says goes. At the NCAA's, I think we're going to unload. It's the last meet of the year, and it's a lot more excitement, because it's not just Pac-10's, it's the best players from around the country.'

Nate DeSomber (California) - third place

'I PR'd by over three feet with my throw. This week I worked with lighter shots to work on my speed. I worked on getting my lift down and pushing strong. I just caught it at the right time, pushed my head back, gave it all I got and tried to get some points for the team. When I let it go, it felt a little different, but not that much different than my other throws. I just felt like I held onto the shot a little bit longer than usual, so I knew it was going to go a little bit further, but I had no idea it was going to go 61 (feet). My first reaction was did that go over the 55 or the 60 foot mark, and I wasn't quite sure, and when I saw that there was only two more lines in front of it, I got really excited. I was just going to walk away and not say anything, but I couldn't hold it in, I was so excited. It's been kind of a rough year for me, I haven't been doing that well in my meets, but that was the time to push hard and just do it. I was just trying to PR, because that's what you got to do at the Pac-10's.'

3000 Meter Steeplechase

Jesse Thomas (Stanford) - first place

'He (Jeremy Rasmussen) ran a really good race. He ran really smart. He hung off of me those last two laps and just made a really smart move. I feel bad for him, but I'm going to take whatever I can get. I just put myself in a position to win and it happened.'

Jeremy Rasmussen (ASU) - second place

'I'm a little disappointed, obviously. I fell on the last barrier. Other than that, though, I thought I ran a pretty good race. I tired to pull it out at the end, but I couldn't eke it out.'

'I always learn from my experiences, whether it's falling or doing whatever I did during the race, and it helps me through it. And I think I can take everything from this race and use it in future races.'

Jonathan Welsh (Washington State) - third place

'I expected to win today and I ended up in third. I knew I had to come back in the 10,000 (meters). I'm hoping to at least score some points (in the 10,000). I don't really expect anything more than that.'

Pole Vault

Denis Kholev (USC) - first place

'I'm pleased. I wish I would have gotten the Pac-10 record, but I have a couple of more meets and the NCAAs in two weeks, so I have another chance.'

On the weather conditions:

'They were bad. The wind was really blowing and a lot of people struggled. That affected a lot of people's performances. My coach says `fortune likes winners' so we were lucky.'

Bubba McLean (California) - second place

'It was a good, fun day. It was great. I had a lot of fun. There were good performances from all the other schools. It's a pleasure to compete with all of these fine gentlemen.'

'I want to thank the fans for coming out today. We never get this many people out here.'

Jared Drake (UCLA) - third place

'I feel really good (about my performance). I would have liked to have made that last bar to go to NCAAs.'


John Steigeler - first place

'I feel pretty good. On that last one, I was hoping the cross wind would pick it up a little and push it in, but what can you do.'

Christian Banken (Arizona) - second place

'I'm really happy about today. I'm coming off of an injury. I've been injured for two months now and I'm finally healthy again and I threw it pretty far. I'm looking forward to the NCAAs.'

Bryan Jones (Washington State) - third place

'I feel pretty good. I was injured most of the season, and then I came out today and had a pretty good throw, so I'm happy about that.'

10,000 meters

David Bazzi (Washington) - first place

'I felt great. We're racing tomorrow so I just tried to keep it easy for a while. But there are a lot of great runners out here so I wanted to make sure I put a move down with a couple of miles to go and see where I was. I just felt great and went with it.'

'(The conditions) were absolutely amazing, pretty perfect. I couldn't really ask for more than this.'

Women's Events

Shot Put

Christina Tolson (UCLA) - first place

'I'm very happy with my performance today. I PR'd by an inch, but it's a PR none the less. This performance helped me build a slight cushion, but I'm going to go in there (to the NCAA's) just like any other meet. I'm going to continue what I've been doing as far as training and just go out there and do my best. (At the NCAA's), I'm going to go out there and do what I know I'm capable of doing. '

About the tradition of UCLA throwers:

'Because of the tradition of the program, there is definitely a pressure to succeed, but it's a good pressure. It's a necessity to uphold the UCLA tradition.'

Cynthia Ademiluyi (USC) - second place

'I'm pleased with my performance today. I did come into the meet a little nervous, and I guess those feelings helped me focus and concentrate and perform how I did today.

Jillian Camarena (Stanford) - third place

'(Today's performance) was definitely exciting because it was a PR for me. I'm ready to throw. My coach was telling me that my technique still has a couple of glitches, so that makes me really excited about how I can do once I work out those things.'

Dana Lawson (California) - fifth place

'My mark was good. It's a good consistent mark for myself. It's still an automatic qualifying mark. The frustrating thing is that my placing wasn't as good as I would have liked. I do have to realize that the four girls ahead of me all had PRs. It was frustrating in the sense that I didn't like my placing and I should have done better, I could have done better. I had it all lined up on the last throw and then I got ahead of myself and that just didn't work.'


Inga Stasiluyionyte (USC) - first place

'It was okay but I am more concerned with NCAAs.'

Sarah Malone (Oregon) - second place

'I'm a little disappointed with the throw that I had. I was hoping to go at least 170 this weekend.'

Megan Spriesterbach (Washington) - third place

'It was a really stiff competition, but I'm glad I could score for my team. Since high school at state, Pac-10s, or whatever, I have had a history of finishing either fourth or fifth, so it was nice to get that third-place finish. '

3000 Meter Steeplechase

Kelly MacDonald (ASU) - first place

'It was good. It was weird because I didn't hear any splits so I didn't really have any concept of how fast I was running. I just tried to keep my composure and keep it honest.'

On being the first Pac-10 champion:

'It feels good, like anything else, just to start out on a good note, and I know in the years to come, ASU will have some good runners.'

Long Jump

Agneta Rosenblad (WASH)- first place

'I am very happy with my performance, It was a little bit above my expectations so I am very happy. I hope to carry this performance on for the NCAA's . I wasn't sure I was going before today because I wasn't on the list but with my jump today I am going to be there'.

On her Personal Best today at the Pac-10's

' It was the atmosphere here today that helped me get my personal record. It was the Pac-10 Championships and once I knew I was in first place I knew I could just go for it. I knew I wanted to go to nationals'.

Stephanie Jones (USC)-second place

'I feel pretty good, but I didn't jump as well as I wanted to. I didn't qualify for NCAA's, but I am glad I came in second and scored some points for my team'.

On triple jump tomorrow

'I am looking forward to tomorrow's triple jump. This is only my second time doing the triple jump so I am just going to go out there and have some fun and see how things go.'

Brianna Glenn- (ARIZ) -third-place

' I am pretty disappointed because it wasn't one of my best days. I think it was my worst jump this season and that's not something you want to come and do at the Pac-10's but there are different circumstances and so I am trying to just look forward to tomorrow and put this behind me.'

On preparing for her races (100m and 200m) tomorrow

'Hopefully I can get my hamstring feeling better. I am going to do treatment on it tonight so I can feel prepared to run. Things are a little different in the 100m now then I thought it would be, but I still need to go out there and run a good race, and I am looking forward to the 200m with a lot of good competition.

10,000 Meters

Anna Aoki (WASH) - first place

'The conditions were awesome. Everything was great. I was a little worried that it would be about 95 degrees. I was pleased with this track and my competitors. It was just a perfect day and I couldn't ask for anything better.'

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