Quotes from Pac-10 Track & Field Championships

May 20, 2001

BERKELEY - Below are quotes from selected athletes from the second day of the Pac-10 Track & Field Championships Sunday at Edwards Stadium in Berkeley.

Women's Hammer Throw

Christina Tolson (UCLA)- first place

'I just wanted to do what got me here.'

On being the event's first multiple winner:

'(It feels) pretty good. It's good to know that I have the rest of the day just to kick it.'

Juliana Tudja (USC) - second place

'I still think that we can do better. I set a new school record and a personal best, so one week from now at the NCAAs, I hope I will improve.'

Jennifer Joyce (California) - third place

'I'm happy with it, but I think I can do better so I'm a little disappointed. I did some things today that I'm kind of happy about, so I'm looking forward to NCAAs.'

Women's 1500 Meters

Sally Glynn (Stanford) - first place

'Our teammates were seeded 1-2-3 going into the race and we were excited by that and wanted to see if we could go 1-2-3-4. We knew that there were a bunch of other girls that were in position to break that up. Lauren Fleshman really brought us through some good splits so we knew we were in a position to do that (finish 1-2-3-4). I was pretty excited with 300 to go because I knew all of our teammates were there.'

Ashley Couper (Stanford) - second place

'I'm really psyched. We really wanted this. We knew that Lauren (Fleshman) was going to able to take it out really hard and she totally did that. She took it out and really made us work for it. It was really awesome. We all worked together and communicated in subtle ways during the race.'

Lauren Fleshman (Stanford) - third place

'This says something really great about Stanford's program. When you have four runners totally work together like that throughout the race, all of us come out basically as four Pac-10 champions. It says a lot about the dynamics of our team. It was awesome out there.'

Men's High Hurdles

Arend Watkins (Washington State) - first place

'Tony (Galaviz) and I are from the same area and he beat me in the state finals, so this is payback for him today. My coach wanted me to relax and that was just what I was trying to do today. And to come away with a fast time.'

Micah Harris (Oregon) - second place

'I felt good. I felt strong over the first couple of hurdles. My final stage wasn't as strong as I would have liked it, but I'm going to get stronger in the next couple of weeks.'

Anthony Galaviz (Arizona State) - third place

'I had a bad reaction out of the start, so when I saw Arend (Watkins) get out on me, I just tried to get close. But I'm satisfied with my place.'

Women's 100 Meters

Brianna Glenn (Arizona) - first place

'It' always great to win a championship, especially in a conference at the level of the Pac-10. But it's too bad that Angela Williams and Shakeda Jones weren't in the race because that will take something away from it. I'm still very proud and pleased. '

Men's 100 Meters

Marcus Brunson (ASU) - first place

'Anytime you get a win, you've got to be happy. I've been chasing this for three years. It's good to see hard work pay off.'

Men's 1500 Meters

Gabe Jennings (Stanford) - first place

'My performance was awesome considering I've run 8 miles this week and I've been feeling sick. It feels good to be back and be out of the well, no doubt. It's spring, times are popping, and it's great to pull out of the well. I owe it to my teammates and coach big time. And having a teammate like Michael Stember makes it easy. I'm able to harness that energy. I couldn't ask for better teammates or a better coach.'

Women's Discuss

Chaniqua Ross (UCLA) - first place

'I was really technical today, just really trying to focus on my technique. I wanted to do something a little more special a little earlier in the competition. It had to come down to the last throw, but I came here and I did what I wanted to do, and that was to win the Pac-10's. It's the first time for me and that just feels really good.

Dana Lawson (California) - second place

'It was good. It was a good throw. Obviously, you wish you could always better it. I was shooting for a school record, but it was a good mark and I was pleased with my PR. I've been waiting (to get up on an awards podium) so I'm glad I finally got up there. I would have preferred it to be in shot, since that's my favorite event, but that was a tough competition yesterday. Today was a good competition and I was pleased to get up there. '

Andrea Thornton (WSU) - third place

'I was really pleased. I PR'd, so I was happy.'

Men's High Jump

Michael Ponikvar (Stanford) - first place

'(My performance) was alright. I didn't take advantage of opportunities. There were a lot of opportunities early on in the competition to seal the victory and I didn't do it. It was a tough day.'

Jason Boness (Oregon)- second place

'I came in to win, just like everyone else does. I'm the returning Pac-10 champion, but this year it got pretty tough. It's probably the toughest competition of any meet. I'm disappointed, but not as disappointed as I would be if I didn't jump high or if I lost to guys who weren't at a world-class level. Look out for the NCAA championships at home and the high jump, because we're coming.

Women's 400M Hurdles

Sheena Johnson (UCLA) - first place

'My steps were pretty good for the first 200 meters, and after that it was just racing. I think I chopped a couple of hurdles, but I don't think I hit any. It's really great to be a Pac-10 champ. I mean, coming in here as a freshman, I was in a final and I had a shot at it, so I'm happy with how I did today.

Men's 400M Hurdles

Eric Dudley (WSU) - first place

'I couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather conditions were perfect. It was warm and there was a light tail wind coming down the backstretch, perfect conditions for a 400 meter hurdle race. My kick at the end was nice. My legs were dead and my hamstrings were locking up, but it just comes down to who wants it.'

Ryan Wilson (USC) - third place

'To tell you the truth, I felt horrible out there today. I'm physically tired and my hamstrings are definitely tired since it's the end of the year. I did a little run through out of the blocks, and that made me feel a little better. I just tried to go out and run as strong as possible, because I knew I wasn't going to have as much in me as I did yesterday. When I got to hurdle 9, I felt good, but when I got to 10, I was just hoping I could maintain my form. That was the key for me, because the more you tense up the harder it is.'

Men's 800

Michael Stember (Stanford) - first place

'It was more like a mile pace, that first lap. I felt really comfortable- I think everyone did- and then I went for it with 300 and it paid off for me. I didn't go very hard. I just gradually wanted to spread out and finish the last 50 strong.'

'I had a lot of confidence once I felt it going out slow. Slow or fast, it's not going to matter at this point. This is a good gear-up for me for the NCAAs. I'm going to be doubling in the 1500 and the 800.'

'We did all we could today. I mean, you look at the women and the men going 1-4 in the mile, and now we just put 4 in the top 5. We couldn't ask for more.'

Gabe Jennings (Stanford) - third place

'I feel like the Cardinal has been flowing all day today. It's greater than I expected. Peak performances. Distance guys always step to the plate, but we have jumpers, throwers and sprinters as well. It's exciting to have a deep team for once.'

On the effect of his cold on his performance:

'All I can say is that 55 felt a lot harder than it should have in that first lap. But I can't worry about it.'

On running the 800 so soon after the 1500:

'I think any distance guys know it's pretty tough. I think I could have done better, but I did the best I could in that last 200 and I was able to harness Michael's energy. This guy (Michael Stember) has been a leader all season. I couldn't do it without him.'

Women's 200M

Brianna Glenn (Arizona) - first place

'A lot of times, I'm the underdog because I don't come from a school that is known for it's sprinters. Both the sprinters from both of those schools (USC and UCLA) are good sprinters. For a long time, I wasn't at their level, but now I am. It's good to be able to compete against them.'

'I wasn't sure (I'd won the race). A lot of times you know when it's close, but I wasn't sure today.'

Men's 200 M

Marcus Brunson (ASU) - first place

'I just wanted to run as relaxed as possible. I wasn't trying to come out and break any records. I saw Ja'Warren (Hooker) wasn't in the race so I figured I could come off of the straightaway and ease up a bit. When he wasn't in there, it threw my race pattern off, which is why I wanted to run as easy as possible and just try and get the win.'

On the relay disqualification:

'In the relay, they said we ran out of our zone. I really couldn't tell. It looked close, but while you're running, you really can't tell. I know if we did make the pass, it was right at the end. I don't know what happened. It was just one of those things.'

Women's 5,000 Meters

Kelly MacDonald (ASU) - first place

'I was definitely intimidated at the starting line (with all the Stanford runners there). I envy that. We had three people and all three of us agreed to go in there and try and take control.'

Sally Glynn (Stanford) - second place

'We're definitely having a good meet. I'm sure getting on the line with seven girls (from Stanford) is an intimidating factor. We just try to work together because we know we're competing against other good athletes.'

Men's Triple Jump

Vincent Ibia (Cal) - second place

'I'd say my performance today was average. I wasn't hitting the board today. I was a little behind on almost all my jumps. I could have done a lot better. I try to treat every meet the same, and preparing for the NCAA- it doesn't matter what event it is- I try to maintain the same level of focus for each. It's always nice to compete with people who are better than you. People who are at a higher level make you perform better.'

Men's Discus

Scott Moser (UCLA) - first place

'Today I did pretty well. I know I was expected to win. It was a much better experience than yesterday. The conditions were pretty much the same as yesterday. A little more wind would have been nice. It would have been nice to go one-two-three in the discus, but I'm happy that our guys got PR's. I'm happy that the three of us threw well, and got some points for UCLA. We didn't get all the points we wanted to, but we put on a great performance for the crowd. Throwing and having strong competition among teammates is a lot more fun than against anyone else. We've got to give a lot of thanks to our coach. He worked with us a lot yesterday, and got us prepared for today really well. He's getting to know us better and we're getting to know him better, so it's a learning process, and we're growing closer. It helps us to throw farther and improve.'

Women's Pole Vault

Tracy O'Hara (UCLA) - first place

'I started to pick up my performance at the end. I was hitting my marks on my first attempts and I knew I wanted to go for a new PR and a record, but I couldn't get the 14' 8.5. My last jump was really good, and my second jump I needed a bigger pole. I'm so ready to PR. I think my performance today has given me more confidence going into the NCAAs.'

Women's High Jump

Whitney Evans (WSU) - first place

'I definitely can't complain with the weather today, but I sure didn't jump as well as I would have liked. It was beautiful today, I have no complaints. I think the meet went really well this weekend. I competed in the heptathlon last week and there were a lot of problems with the timing system. There was good competition in the high jump. A lot of girls were close together. As far as preparing for the NCAA's, I'm happy that this is a good win. It helps me with my confidence. I have to train for the next two weeks. I'm competing in the heptathlon and the high jump, so I can't really just focus on the high jump, but I know I'll be ready.'

Women's Triple Jump

Tatyana Obuhova (USC) - first place

'Let's say (my performance) was enough to win. The conditions were much better today, because there was a bit of a tail wind. There was a lot of support from the crowd. Everyone was clapping, and it was very sunny, so I liked how today went. The USC team was very supportive and everybody is such good friends, so being a part of this team is a great feeling.

Men's 5000 Meters

Belota Asmerom, Cal - first place

'I was definitely a bit nervous today. I mean, just being at home and this meet being the Pac-10's. Also just knowing that I could win it made me a little nervous. I don't usually go into races knowing that I can win the race very often. Just knowing that, I felt like I had a little more pressure on me than usual. But I'm happy that I won, and I'm happy that I could do it here at Cal. It's just hard when we cant' get a lot of points for the team because everyone has gone through a lot of injuries this year. It's just not a good feeling.'

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