Jason Cooper's Chat Wrap

May 15, 2001

Jason Cooper at 1:00pm ET
Hi everybody. This is Jason. I'm here ready to answer your questions.

S Fields from clinitech.net at 1:00pm ET
What are your plans for summer baseball? Will you defend your title in Cape Cod in the Home Run Derby Contest?

Jason Cooper at 1:01pm ET
Hi B! Well, I am planning to return to Cape Cod this summer and hopefully get a chance to defend my home run derby title. But, you already knew that.

Jerry T. from clinitech.net at 1:02pm ET
You hit the ball harder and farther than anyone I have ever seen. How do you do it?

J Mack from clinitech.net at 1:02pm ET
I read in Baseball America that you will not punt for the Cardinal football team this fall. Is this still the plan?

Jason Cooper at 1:03pm ET
Well, that is still the plan thus far. I have decided to concentrate on baseball in the upcoming fall in order to get more prepared for the season. I will always miss football though, it wasn't easy to give up.

Jeff M. from clinitech.net at 1:03pm ET
How have the Stanford coaches helped your hitting?

Jason Cooper at 1:05pm ET
The Stanford coaches have helped change my whole approach to hitting for the better. They have helped me to shorten my swing and stride in an effort to make more contact.

Joe DiCaro from clinitech.net at 1:05pm ET
Who do you think has the best swing in Major League baseball today?

Jason Cooper at 1:08pm ET
Personally, I like watching players like JD Drew and Andruw Jones. i think their timing, balance and fluid swings are very influential in my approach to hitting. They don't really try to muscle up to hit the ball.

B. J. Garbe from [], at 1:09pm ET
How is your knee injury coming along?

Jason Cooper at 1:10pm ET
Hey buddy! Well, the knee is doing very well right now thanks. Should be out of the brace completely very soon. Congrats on a 3-4 night lastnight against Clearwater! See ya.

jess from [] at 1:10pm ET
how important was it for you guys to host the regionals - are you excited?

Jason Cooper at 1:15pm ET
Well Jess, hosting the regionals gives us a home advantage which is helpful because we don't have to travel or deal with tough crowds. Besides, there isn't a better facility in the country to watch or play baseball. Last year, I thought the regional at Sunken Diamond was just as exciting as the opener at the World Series.

Ryan Handley from clinitech.net at 1:15pm ET
Hey Jason, What is you favorite class at Stanford?

Jason Cooper at 1:17pm ET
Hey Ryan! Well, right now my favorite class at Stanford has been my Primate Evolution class, since of course I am an anthropology major! See you at Papa's in a few weeks buddy, and we can discuss some more interesting classes that I have taken. Take care.

wes from [] at 1:17pm ET
jason...what pro would you say you try to pattern yourself by both on and off the field?

Jason Cooper at 1:21pm ET
Well, I would say I try to pattern myself after someone like Andruw Jones, who plays hard all of the time regardless of the results. While I am certainly not at his level yet, I hope to be someday in the near future.

ZAP-Andy from stanford.edu at 1:23pm ET
Great to see you back in the field recently, Jason! What effect if any did not playing football have on your baseball success this season?

Doc from [] at 1:23pm ET
What were the factors in your decision to go to Stanford rather than signing with Philadelphia?

Jason Cooper at 1:28pm ET
First to respond to Andy's question: Thanks for the your support Andy! Well, not playing football this past fall has helped me to get to know my baseball teammates a little better than last year. Also, I was able to work out with the team a little more and get ready for the season before january like last year. Thanks Andy, see you at regionals!

In response to Doc's question: The factors that led to my decision to come to Stanford were both the academics and the baseball . I wanted to make sure that I had a chance at a good degree and also to improve my all around baseball skills before I entered pro ball. After being here for only 2 years, I am pleased at my decision and feel that I am well on my way to achieving both of my goals. thanks for the question!

Ardelle from bossig.com at 1:29pm ET
Jason - Any chance you would ever want to play closer to your hometown of Moses Lake, Washington? Your friends and family in the Tri-Cities have been watching your most recent successes and would love to have you play someday, for lets say the Mariners????

Jason Cooper at 1:31pm ET
Hi Ardelle! Well , I would love to play a little closer to home if that chance was possible, but unfortunately when the draft happens you have to go wherever they tell you. Still, with a host of teams in the washington area, I think it could be possible to play for the Everett Aquasox or the Yakima Bears or something like that. Besides, what could be better than having family and friends at every game?

Little Jake from [] at 1:31pm ET
C'mon Coop...Andruw Jones? Don't try to fool everyone. Just tell them you have a picture of Russell Branyan in your locker. Keep things rollin' this weekend. Later.

Jason Cooper at 1:33pm ET
Look Jake, I love Russell Branyan, but just because he set the minor league strikeout record doesn't mean that he is my favorite. Well, actually he is. Thanks for the message Jake, and I'll see ya in Omaha!

Manny Curtis from stanford.edu at 1:34pm ET
What sort of extra excitement does holding an NCAA Regional at Sunken Diamond add to the first leg of the Road To Omaha?

Jason Cooper at 1:37pm ET
Well Chris, I think that hosting the regional gets us prepared for the kind of crowds and excitement we will see in Omaha. It gives us a chance to perform in a pressure situation, which I think this Stanford team has shown it can excel in. The regional also adds a kind of nervous energy to the team that gives you a small feeling of what it would be like to win the world series in Omaha.

EF Bowers from stanford.edu at 1:38pm ET
Hipolito Pichardo for Von Hays and cash?

Jason Cooper at 1:39pm ET
Yes, I will definitely do that trade EF. But, will you trade me the Doctor for GR and DL? Its a real steal.

James from [] at 1:39pm ET
Hello. So with a couple of games left, how does this washington st team look. And have they beat any of the top ranked teams.

Jason Cooper at 1:42pm ET
Hi James. I think the washington state team is pretty good from what I have heard. I know they have some very talented hitters that have been hitting the ball well as of late. I don't know who they have played lately, but I guess the USC/Wash. State game on Friday was one to watch.

Jeff Foster from [], at 1:43pm ET
Hi Jason! Really proud of your success this year! Where do you plan to play ball this summer? Hope to see you in Pullman!

Jason Cooper at 1:44pm ET
Thanks Jeff! Well, I plan to go back to Yarmouth-Dennis in the Cape league this summer, but I will definitely see you in Pullman this weekend.

Blake from [] at 1:44pm ET
How important is weight training in your offseason and inseason training? and how much time do you dedicate to hitting a day?

Jason Cooper at 1:47pm ET
Hi Blake. Weight training in the offseason and in season is very important in maintaining strength. I would say the offseason is used for heavier lifting where you can afford to work your muscles harder because you are not playing everyday. The inseason stuff is just to make sure that each player stays in shape during the stretch, and also it helps us to make sure we don't sleep in past 7 am. In terms of hitting, I think I probably use 2 hours a day most of the time, but i try to hit extra whenever I can. thanks!

Debbie Cooper from qosi.net at 1:47pm ET
I know your father has worked with you all your life on hitting. Do you feel he has had a major impact on your ability to hit the ball.

Jason Cooper at 1:49pm ET
Hi Mom. I would say that Dad has had the biggest effect on my hitting during my lifetime. if it wasn't through his tireless dedication and sleepless nights working with me on getting better, I wouldn't have the constant desire to get better and continue working on hitting. Thanks mom.

Lou Smith from mia.bellsouth.net at 1:49pm ET
Jason, did you have many choices for College and what was it that you liked about Stanford that helped you make the final decision. How was the recruiting process for you. Thanks...

Jason Cooper at 1:52pm ET
Lou, I actually was fortunate enough to have a few choices for college, but coming to stanford had always been a far off dream to me. When coach Marquess offered me a scholarship and when I got to see the campus and people for myself, I realized that this was where I needed to be to accomplish my athletic and academic goals. The recruiting process was great, although it was tough taking calls from coaches when I never expected them to call.

P.J Fisher from clinitech.net at 1:52pm ET
Hope to see you at WSU next week. How is school going?

Jason Cooper at 1:54pm ET
Hey Fish, Well school is going well although i am ready to get to finals and the baseball postseason. I will definitely be seeing you in Pullman, hopefully you will remember to bring BOF.

Nat from NH from east.hillside.residences.colby.edu at 1:54pm ET
What do you think of your frosh teammate, Sammy Fuld?

Jason Cooper at 1:57pm ET
Nat, I think Sam is one of the most respected guys on the team. He is a guy who leads by example, someone you provides a team with a lot of different options in terms of speed, power, defense and range in the outfield. Off the field, he's just a heck of a nice guy. Still, he spends a little too much time studying at the library with Jeremy Guthrie.

Jason Cooper at 1:59pm ET
Well thanks for letting me answer your questions, i wish I had more time to get to them all. Hope to see you all at the Washington State series or regionals!

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