Inside ASU Football

June 1, 2001

In this edition of ' Inside ASU Football,' I want to take a look at theissue of fan support and how it effects the game. I know that we, like mostteams, have a base group of fans that will come to the games no matter what.Further, there is another group of fans who want to support their team, butonly when they are winning on a consistent basis. What I would submit toall Sun Devil supporters are that you can play a much larger role in theoutcome of a game than you might think. Take the Oregon Ducks foe example,they pack Autzen stadium with a sellout (41,000) for every home game, andhave done so for several years. When opposing offenses have the ball, it isalmost impossible to hear yourself think, let alone consider the QBaudibling plays at the line of scrimmage. You can bet that this creates amajor advantage for the home team, it is a lot of fun for the fans, pumps upthe energy level of the home team, and is a major factor in why the Duckshave won a number of straight games at home. Now imagine what king ofintimidating force we could have at Sun Devil Stadium with 75,000 screamingfans behind us. This whole thing turns into a vicious cycle. Full/loudstadium = more wins = better recruiting and more revenue for the athleticdepartment = better facilities and equipment for all sports. The point is,Joe Fan can and does make a difference, so get your friends and neighborstogether and lets start this thing rolling from the get go on September 8th,2001 vs. San Diego State.

On a similar note, a fan recently sent me the following suggestions on 'howto be a fan.' This is just one man's opinion, (I added my thoughts in boldprint) but he makes some solid points. My thanks to Ron Walters of Tempe.

Go Devils!

Dirk Koetter

* Wear maroon - maroon is more intimidating than Gold and sincefootball is a contact sport - why not look mean? Also most people lookbetter in maroon than gold. (Maroon shirts with ASU in Gold would be ideal.(Our Alumni Association requests gold shirts.)

* Bring a gold towel with ASU in maroon - It's hot in Sun DevilStadium and you can wipe your brow...and don't forget to wave it when we dowell.

* Bring a noisemaker- Cowbells, horns, etc...something to raise hellwith...

* Come early and stay late! None of the traditional ASU come late -leave early stuff...why not enjoy the atmosphere pre game and post game...letthe traffic dump...(tailgate parties are fun and the food at stadium isgetting better.)

* Stand up on all kickoffs...its proper football etiquette and reallygood exercise.

* Cheer the loudest when we're on defense...make it so noisy that theother team can't hear the signals...stuff like Dee Fense! Dee Fense! Or ASU!ASU!

* Cheer loudest when we score, pick up a first down, or make a goodplay...but don't cheer loud when we're trying to call a play in the huddle orthe quarterback is barking's important to hear the play andpossible and possible audible. (This is very important.)

* Yes someone at Walt Disney did actually design Sparky the teammascot...

* Yes, it's ok to do the 'Wave' just not if we are losing...

* And last but not least - football is only a game and won or lose-the sun in Arizona will definitely come up in the morning-unless we lose tothe U of A!

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