Stacy Dragila Sets World Record At Peregrine Systems U.S. Open At Stanford

June 9, 2001

Stanford, Calif. - Stacy Dragila thrilled a standing-room-only crowd atStanford's Cobb Track & Angell Field Saturday night, twice breaking her ownworld record in the Visa women's pole vault. By the time she was finished,Dragila had jumped 4.81 meters / 15 feet, 9.25 inches, breaking the worldrecord she held entering the meet by more than five inches.

Dragila's existing world record of 4.70m/15-5 didn't last long. TheOlympic gold medalist and world champion cleared 4.71/15-5.5 on her firstattempt to inch up her record. From there it was no-holds barred as she wentfor 4.81. She brushed the bar but it stayed up on her second attempt. Shemissed three attempts at 4.88m/16-0, with her best attempt being her first.

'I just felt really good today,' Dragila said. 'I think I got a littleexcited. I was over the bar, then I hit it. 'I felt great off the ground today. Visually, I saw things the way I want to see them.'

A sell-out crowd of 5,375 saw plenty of impressive performances at themeet, an IAAF Grand Prix I event and the third stop on USA Track & Field'sGolden Spike Tour. Fans had to be turned away as the meet got under way, withthe facility at its capacity and fans standing eight deep along turn 1.

'I think it is wonderful,' said Marion Jones, who won the Verizon women's200 with a time of 22.70 seconds. 'This says a lot about fans and theirsupport for track and field. It was extraordinary.'

Other extraordinary performances included John Godina's winning throw of21.95m/72-0.25 in the men's shot put, the #2 throw in the world this year.The 2001 World Indoor Champion and Olympic bronze medalist had a stunningfive throws over 70 feet in the competition defeated a field that includedOlympic silver medalist Adam Nelson and 2000 IAAF Grand Prix Final championAndy Bloom.

Ryan Hall became the third-fastest high schooler ever in the Olympicdevelopment 1,500m with his fifth-place time of 3:42.70. Only Jim Ryun andAlan Webb have run faster.

Other winners at the Peregrine Systems U.S. Open included, TerrenceTrammell in the GMC Envoy men's 110m hurdles (13.36), Chris Williams in thePontiac Grand Prix men's 200m (20.52), Regina Jacobs in the adidas women's1,500m (4:04.85), William Chirchir in the Peregrine Systems men's mile, AmyAcuff in the women's high jump (1.94m/6-4.25), Raymond Yator in the 3,000msteeplechase (8:11.76), Jason Tunks in the men's discus throw (67.7m/222-1),Luke Kipkosgei in the men's 3000m, Natasha Danvers in the women's 400mhurdles, Derrick Peterson in the 800m (1:46.03) and Bronwyn Eagles in thewomen's hammer throw (67.21m/220-6).

Notes & Quotes, Peregrine Systems U.S. Open
Visa women's pole vault: Stacy Dragila won the competition at 4.51m/14-9.5,with Kellie Suttle second at 4.41m/14-5.5. Dragila cleared 4.61/15-1.5,4.71/15-5.5 and then 4.81/15-9.25. She cleared 4.51 and 4.81 on her secondattempts. She missed three attempts at 4.88/16-0.
DRAGILA: 'At 15-9, I felt really good. Sixteen feet is really close. I just felt really good today. The wind was at our backs.'
ON THE BIG CROWD AND SMALLER STADIUM: 'When you're in a huge stadium, you don't get to touch people's hands and look in people's eyes. This is much more personalized.'
ON BREAKING HER RECORD BY 11 CM: 'I don't think I'd be satisfied breaking it a centimeter at a time. I'm going to try to maximize what I can do every time I'm out there.'

Verizon women's 200m: Marion Jones got off to a fast start and held off a late charge by Juliet Campbell of Jamaica.
JONES: 'Overall, I felt very good.I had a good start. I have to work on some turnover in the next couple of weeks, but Trevor (Graham, her coach) and I are confident I'll run well atnationals.'

GMC Enovy men's 100m hurdles: Terrence Trammell got out well and held offDawane Wallace, avenging his loss to Wallace last week at the adidas OregonTrack Classic. His time of 13.36 was Trammell's fastest of the year, and was.06 ahead of Wallace.
TRAMMELL: 'I am happy to get the victory. I've been having a tough couple of weeks - I'm training hard and have come into a couple of meets fatigued. I'm happy that today I was a little fatigued but I was able to get the win. It's a season's best time, so I'm happy with that.'WALLACE: 'It's just like it was in college - a back and forth battle between me and Terrence. (Wallace ran for Tennessee, Trammell for South Carolina. Both are Southeast Conference schools.) I think as far as consistency goes, this has been my best year.'

Pontiac Grand Prix men's 200m: Chris Williams came from behind to defeat Olympic 4x100m gold medalist Jon Drummond and former world indoor champion Kevin Little.WILLIAMS: 'I won and I'm happy. This race set me up for my (Jamaican) trials.'LITTLE: 'Today my start, my turn and my finish all improved.'DRUMMOND: 'I'm very pleased with my performance. I'm feeling strong. I'm working on my foot speed.'

Adidas women's 1,500m: Regina Jacobs ran a strong race to defeat a field that included Olympic finalist Marla Runyan.
JACOBS: 'This feels like my first real race (of the outdoor season). I have to be cautious and not be crazy. not trying to go all the time and run tough. Two weeks before Prefontaine(May 27), my left Achilles heel began to be a problem and it's still a problem. It's always tight and sore.'
RUNYAN: 'This race was a quick tough one. It was a good run. I'm going to focus on doing a strong 5,000 (at the GMC Envoy Outdoor Championships.'

Peregrine Systems men's mile. William Chirchir ran a virtual time trial,burying an impressive field.

Men's shot put: Five of John Godina's six throws exceeded 70 feet. Combinedwith a second-place finish in the men's discus, he had an amazing night.
GODINA: 'This has got to be the best overall series (of his career). I'm a littledisappointed I dropped one under 70 feet. I wish I would have taken a74-footer. This is probably my best (shot-discus double) for one day. I'vebeen training really well and I knew I was ready to throw far. I feel likeI'm getting rewarded for hard work. I've really been working hard.'
NELSON: 'It's great to feed off John Godina's energy. This is really the start of myseason. This is only my second outdoor competition. I think I can competevery well in the future.'

Women's hammer throw.
WINNER BRONWYN EAGLES: 'I just wanted to get 66 (meters) or better. I'm going back to Australia until mid-July to train for the world championships.'

Men's 3,000m steeplechase. In a well-paced race, Raymond Yator of Kenya ranaway from the field.

Men's 3,000m. American record holder Bob Kennedy broke away with a lead packof three midway through the race, run at 7:30 pace. Olympic Trials 5,000mchampion Adam Goucher used a blazing last lap and final 200m of 27.6 secondsto nip Kennedy for second behind Luke Kipkosgei of Kenya.
GOUCHER: 'The big finish wasn't part of my plan. I was coming from behind, but you always wantto finish hard. I was right there, right where I wanted to be, so I keptgoing after it.'
KENNEDY: 'I was pleased with the race. This is the healthiest I've been in years. I'm trying to do the right things to prepare. I should be peaking in August.'

Men's 800m: Derrick Peterson used a late surge to overtake Otukile Lekote ofBotswana, winning with a time of 1:46.03 to the NCAA champion Lekote's1:46.05.

Women's 400m hurdles.: Natasha Danvers of Great Britain dominated a fieldthat included 1996 Olympic bronze medalist Tonja Buford-Bailey, who finishedsecond.
BUFORD-BAILEY: 'Before the race, I couldn't find my motivation. My coach said justgo out there and run your race. It was a windy race and I knew I had to fightthat. With 200 to go, we hit the wind. I felt a girl on my side and that wasmy motivation.'

1. Marion Jones, USA 22.70 w:0.0, 2. Juliet Campbell, JAMAICA 22.97 w:0.0,3. Tania Woods, USA 23.55 w:0.0, 4. Inger Miller, USA 23.60 w:0.0, 5. FaliOgunkoya, NIGERIA 23.60 w:0.0, 6. Lilliana Allen, MEXICO 23.61 w:0.0, 7.LaKeisha Backus, USA 24.04 w:0.0.

1. Regina Jacobs, USA 4:04.85, 2. Marla Runyan, USA 4:06.31, 3. MardreaHyman, JAMAICA 4:07.74, 4. Shayne Culpepper, USA 4:08.15, 5. Sarah Schwald,USA 4:08.36, 6. Lyudmila Vasilyeva, RUSSIA 4:08.98, 7. Sinead Delahunty,IRELAND 4:12.02, 8. Kathy Butler, CANADA 4:12.08, 9. Leah Pells, CANADA4:12.28, 10. Elva Dryer, USA 4:15.13, 11. Amy Rudolph, USA 4:16.32, 12.Malindi Elmore, CANADA 4:20.68, - Lauren Fleshman, USA DNF, - Sally Glynn,USA DNF.

1. Natasha Danvers, GREAT BRITAIN 55.37, 2. Tonja Buford-Bailey, USA 56.05,3. Tanisha Mills, USA 56.14, 4. Ryan Tolbert, USA 56.58, 5. Yvonne Harrison,USA 56.61, 6. Lade Akinremi, NIGERIA 56.71, 7. Karlene Haughton, CANADA56.76, 8. Sandra Farmer-Patrick, USA 58.28.

1. Amy Acuff, USA 1.94m (6-04.25), 2. Nicole Forrester, CANADA 1.90m (6-02.75), 3. Karol Damon, USA 1.90m (6-02.75), 4. Erin Aldrich, USA 1.85m(6-00.75), 5. Tracye Lawyer, USA 1.75m (5-08.75), - Candace Clifford, USA NH.

1. Stacy Dragila, USA 4.81m (15-09.25), 2. Kellie Suttle, USA 4.41m(14-05.50), 3. Mary Sauer, USA 4.31m (14-01.75), 4. Melissa Mueller, USA4.31m (14-01.75), 5. Jill Starkey, USA 4.21m (13-09.75), 6. KathleenDonoghue, USA 3.91m (12-10), 7. Shannon Pierson, USA 3.91m (12-10).

1. Lieja Koeman, NETHERLANDS 17.93m (58-10), 2. Connie Price-Smith, USA17.93m (58-10), 3. Seilala Sua, USA 17.67m (57-11.75), 4. Kristin Heaston,USA 16.79m (55-01), 5. Jillian Camarena, USA 15.93m (52-03.25), 6. ValentinaFedyushina, AUSTRIA 15.57m (51-01), 7. Stephanie Brown, USA 15.36m(50-04.75), 8. Dana Lawson, USA 15.10m (49-06.50).

1. Bronwyn Eagles, AUSTRALIA 67.21m (220-06), 2. Lisa Misipeka, AMERICANSAMOA 65.65m (215-05), 3. Dawn Ellerbe, USA 65.42m (214-07), 4. MelissaPrice, USA 62.71m (205-09), 5. Karen DiMarco, AUSTRALIA 60.57m (198-09), 6.Bethany Hart, USA 56.97m (186-11), 7. Carrie Soong, USA 55.57m (182-04).

1. Christopher Williams, JAMAICA 20.52 w:0.5, 2. Kevin Little, USA 20.56w:0.5, 3. Jon Drummond, USA 20.68 w:0.5, 4. Ricardo Williams, JAMAICA 20.93w:0.5, 5. Bryan Howard, USA 21.14 w:0.5, 6. Jeff Laynes, USA 21.20 w:0.5, 7.Gerald Williams, USA 21.56 w:0.5, - Kaaron Conwright, USA DNF w:NWI.

1. Derrick Peterson, USA 1:46.03, 2. Otukile Lekote, BOTSWANA 1:46.05, 3.Khadevis Robinson, USA 1:46.26, 4. David Krummenacker, USA 1:46.46, 5. DavidKiptoo, KENYA 1:46.83, 6. Jess Strutzel, USA 1:47.05, 7. Zach Whitmarsh,CANADA 1:47.72, 8. Daniel Caulfield, IRELAND 1:48.33, 9. James McIlroy, GREATBRITAIN 1:49.47, 10. Trinity Gray, USA 1:49.49, - Sammy Langat, KENYA DNF.

1. William Chirchir, KENYA 3:52.86, 2. Kevin Sullivan, CANADA 3:56.21, 3.Martin Keino, KENYA 3:56.98, 4. James Karanu, KENYA 3:58.14, 5. MichaelStember, USA 3:59.20, 6. Daniel Zegeye, ETHIOPIA 3:59.85, 7. Ibrahim Aden,USA 4:00.74, 8. Jonathon Riley, USA 4:01.29, 9. Rob Mitchell, USA 4:02.52,10. Gabriel Jennings, USA 4:05.08, 11. Seneca Lassiter, USA 4:07.86, - DavidKiptoo, KENYA DNF, - Jeremy Huffman, USA DNF, - Graham Hood, CANADA DNF.

Final MEN'S 3,000 METER RUN
1. Luke Kipkosgei, KENYA 7:38.72, 2. Adam Goucher, USA 7:40.34, 3. Bob Kennedy, USA 7:40.64, 4. Ben Maiyo, KENYA 7:41.83, 5. Daniel Gachara, KENYA7:45.40, 6. Alan Culpepper, USA 7:47.30, 7. Abdi Abdirahman, USA 7:47.63, 8.Matthew Lane, USA 7:48.02, 9. Albert Chepkirui, KENYA 7:48.90, 10. JamesGetanda, KENYA 7:55.34, 11. Nick MacFalls, USA 7:58.81, 12. Brent Hauser, USA8:03.81, 13. Nick Rogers, USA 8:10.57, - Andrew Walker, IRELAND DNF, - BradHauser, USA DNF, - Edwin Maranga, KENYA DNF.

1. Terrence Trammell, USA 13.36 w:2.0, 2. Dawane Wallace, USA 13.42 w:2.0,3. Dominique Arnold, USA 13.48 w:2.0, 4. Terry Reese, USA 13.54 w:2.0, 5.Adrian Woodley, CANADA 13.65 w:2.0, 6. Eugene Swift, USA 13.67 w:2.0, 7.Deworski Odom, USA 13.92 w:2.0, 8. Rod Jett, USA 13.95 w:2.0.

1. Raymond Yator, KENYA 8:11.76, 2. Stephen Cherono, KENYA 8:25.98, 3. JoelBourgeois, CANADA 8:28.58, 4. Ray Hughes, USA 8:34.87, 5. Clint Wells, USA8:35.66, 6. Greg Jimmerson, USA 8:36.57, 7. Tom Reese, USA 8:42.21, 8. JesseThomas, USA 8:45.54, 9. Trent Bryson, USA 8:49.60, 10. Fred Carter, USA8:54.03, 11. Billy Herman, USA 8:54.78, - Jason Gibbons, USA DNF.

1. John Godina, USA 21.95m (72-00.25), 2. Adam Nelson, USA 20.81m(68-03.25), 3. John Davis, USA 20.53m (67-04.25), 4. Andy Bloom, USA 19.53m(64-01), 5.Tonyo Sylvester, USA 18.80m (61-08.25), 6. Jason Tunks, CANADA17.76m (58-03.25), - Kevin Toth, USA FOUL.

1. Jason Tunks, CANADA 67.70m (222-01), 2. John Godina, USA 67.06m (220-0),3. Vassili Kaptyukh, BELARUS 66.00m (216-06), 4. Andy Bloom, USA 65.11m(213-07), 5. Adam Setliff, USA 64.71m (212-04), 6. Aleksander Tammert,ESTONIA 64.35m (211-01), 7. Doug Reynolds, USA 63.19m (207-04), 8. NickPetrucci, USA 62.39m (204-08), 9. Robert Weir, GREAT BRITAIN 60.67m (199-0).

1. Nicole Teter, Reebok Aggies 2:01.92, 2. Liz Diaz, Unattached 2:06.19, 3.Lena Nilsson, UCLA 2:07.03, 4. Christie Engesser-Cesar, Unattached 2:07.59,5.Ashley Couper, Unattached 2:07.75, 6. Jennifer Peck, NIKE Farm Team 2:09.21,7. Ruth Nanyinza, South Plains College 2:11.52, 8. Latisha Croom-Staten,Unattached 2:11.97, 9. Vicky Fleschner, Unattached 2:12.04, 10. SamanthaRead, NIKE Farm Team 2:12.09.

1. Clare Taylor, Asics 4:13.73, 2. Nicole Jefferson, Unattached 4:16.21, 3.Janet Trujillo, NIKE International 4:17.99, 4. Maurica Carlucci, Unattached4:18.35, 5. Mindy Leffler, Club Northwest 4:20.54, 6. Marie Davis, NIKE4:20.88, 7. Annette Peters, Asics 4:21.70, 8. Lindsay Hyatt, Unattached4:22.78, 9. Katie Hotchkiss, Unattached 4:34.90, 10. Aeron Genet, Reebok Aggies 4:37.04.

1. Mesert Defar, ETHIOPIA 15:24.83, 2. Una English, IRELAND 15:29.68, 3.Adriana Fernandez, MEXICO 15:43.73, 4. Sarah Hann, Unattached 15:54.72, 5.Kelly Cordell, Asics 15:57.48, 6. Katie McGregor, adidas 15:58.61, 7. SarahToland, Colorado Elite/NIKE 15:59.96, 8. Kristin Harper, Fila Track West16:20.00, 9. Tamara Lave, Unattached 16:24.84, - Kim Fitchen, NIKE Farm TeamDNF, - Laura Turner, Unattached DNF, - Erin Sullivan, Unattached DNF.

1. Mike Schroer, Unattached 1:49.80, 2. Jason Owen, Minnesota 1:50.00, 3.Ryan Chaney, Unattached 1:51.87, 4. Josephat Keino, Unattached 1:52.89, 5. EvanMacleod, NIKE Farm Team 1:53.28, 6. Busayo Ojumu, Unattached 1:54.38.

Final MEN'S 1,500 METER RUN O/D
1. Charlie Gruber, Lawrence TC 3:41.48, 2. Jason Lunn, NIKE Farm Team3:41.65, 3. Mike Miller, Unattached 3:42.44, 4. Matt Holthaus, NYAC 3:42.58, 5. RyanHall, Unattached 3:42.70, 6. Scott Anderson, Unattached 3:43.00, 7. DrewGriffin, Unattached 3:43.97, 8. Christian Hesch, Unattached 3:44.00, 9. AndyTate, Kansas 3:44.96, 10. Brendan Rogers, adidas 3:45.53, 11. Chris Greer,Unattached 3:45.76, 12. John Collin, Unattached 3:46.97, 13. Ryan Andrus,Unattached 3:48.11, 14. Chris Bennett, NIKE Farm Team 3:48.56, 15. SteveLoughlin, Unattached 3:49.52, 16. Eric Logsdon, Unattached 3:49.66, 17. GaryHamer, Saucony 3:49.89, 18. Jon Clemens, US Navy 3:49.91, 19. Dave Cullum,NIKE Farm Team 3:50.87, 20. Chris Emme, Unattached 3:51.74, 21. JasonHartmann, Unattached 3:52.40, 22. Ian Dobson, Unattached 3:54.69, 23. PhilipWest, Unattached 3:57.65, - Billy Herman, USA DNF.

Final MEN'S 5,000 METER RUN O/D1. Chris Graff, Unattached 13:51.20, 2. Weldon Johnson, Letsrun.com13:54.10, 3. Sean Forund, Unattached 13:57.22, 4. Jason Rexing, NIKE FarmTeam 14:00.16, 5. Craig Kirkwood, NEW ZEALAND 14:02.41, 6. Sam Mwape, SouthPlains College 14:03.50, 7. Jeff Simonich, adidas 14:10.19, 8. Andrew Hill,Unattached 14:22.16, 9. Tom McGlynn, NIKE Farm Team 14:27.63, 10. AdamTenforde, Unattached 14:31.45, 11. Brock Tessman, Ric Rojas Running 14:33.07,- Nate Bowen, Unattached DNF, - Nigel Adkin, AUSTRALIA DNF, - Chris Caton,NYAC DNF, - Brad Hauser, USA DNF, - Peter Gilmore, NIKE Farm Team DNF.

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