Murphy's Law

June 12, 2001

The Inside Scoop!

I guess you could say a lot has happened since the last time you heard froman ASU football student-athlete on this website. In this first installmentof Murphy's Law you'll learn a little about me, a lot about what we have beenup to since Spring ball ended in April, and what to expect next season. I'dfirst like to thank you for logging on, and for your interest in Sun DevilFootball. Last season, Brian Forth wrote this article and he did a greatjob.

However, I'd like to make you aware of what you can expect from me over theSummer months and during the course of the 2001 football season. This is aweekly column that will be posted on each Monday.

As a player, I offer a unique perspective that may be different than whatyou are used to reading about ASU football. I will use the terms 'we,''our,' and 'us' in reference to the football student-athletes and the Arizona StateSun Devil Football program. I am extremely passionate about Sun Devilfootball because it is a huge part of my life. I expect that if you readthis column regularly, you are either a hard-core Devils fan yourself, or one ofmy friends reading because I asked you to. There will be a link to an emailaddress so you, the fans, can reach me with any questions, comments, ortopics you would like to see addressed in Murphy's Law. I want this columnto be somewhat interactive. I want to write about what you want to know. Soplease, take the time to send me an email if you have any fresh ideas.

A Little About Me - My name is Nick Murphy and I am a senior punter fromScottsdale. The 2001 season will be my third at ASU. I graduated from DesertMountain High School in 1998 and then attended Scottsdale Community Collegefor one year before signing to become a Sun Devil. I have started all 22regular season games and two Aloha bowls since 1999. My major isBroadcasting, with a minor in Sociology and I will be graduating in Decemberafter the season ends. As I said... only a little about me.

New Coaches - Obviously, Spring football was our first opportunity to get towork with Coach Koetter and his staff on the field. From players'perspective we couldn't have been happier with the way everyone adjusted. The coacheswere great to us, and we responded well to their leadership. Coach Koetter,for those of you that haven't met him yet, is a driven, quiet, hard-working,no-nonsense kind of coach. He is not big on speeches or pep talks, andappears to be content blending in with the staff as just another footballcoach rather than the man. This approach has earned him all of our respectbecause when Coach Koetter talks, ears perk up. Its almost a strain to hearhim sometimes in the break after practice, but everyone always wants to hearwhat he has to say. From day one the staff has expected us to work hard anddo our best to learn the new system. As a team, we have worked harder sinceJanuary than in the last two off-seasons combined. The sense in the lockerroom and on the field is that we all believe in this staff and trust whatthey say. For the first time in my ASU career, everyone is on the samepage.

Spring/Summer Workouts - They suck! Hands down, the hardest thing I've everdone in a weight room. We started doing sets of 12 repetitions, which ishigh (usually during season we do reps of 3-5). We have just completed the secondcycle of these workouts. From now through Camp T, the weight in terms ofpounds will be higher, but the reps per set will be lower. During this phasethere will be more focus on explosion and power type of strength needed toplay football. The good news is most everyone is as strong as they have everbeen. Personally, I am in the best shape of my life, and I think you couldfind at least 20-25 other guys that would say the same thing. Coach Kenn(our strength and conditioning coach), who everyone simply refers to as 'House,'is another no-nonsense type guy. You do not want to cross that man if he'sin a bad mood. He's tough, but he's fair. We all respect House a lot, and hemakes the lifting and running as fun as it can be. The Summer conditioningprogram is, by NCAA rules, 'optional.' Those of you that know anything aboutcollege football, know what 'optional' really means. It means, be thereeveryday, get better, and work with your team if you are serious about yourteammates and about winning. For the first time in my 2 years here, we have100% participation from the scholarship players. Most of the walk-ons havealso decided to stay and work with us. I really commend them for that! It isadvantageous for scholarship players to stay for the summer, not only forthe football conditioning but also so we can take summer school. Obviously mostof us take advantage of that. The walk-ons may take classes, but they haveto pay for the classes they take. Basically, the non-scholarship players aregiving up the opportunity to go home for the summer and work and workout ontheir own, to be in Tempe with the team working towards next season. I thinkthat's awesome. They are just as big a part of our team as the 'stars' are.We will all continue workouts everyday, some days twice a day, until theweek before Camp T, with the exception being that we get the week of the 4th ofJuly off also.

Our expectations - Rose Bowl. That says it all. 'Fans' may snicker when theyread that, but I believe we can do it. I wouldn't just say that if I didn`ttruly expect it to happen. Guys like Levi Jones, Scott Peters, TommieTownsend, Donnie O'Neal, Willie Daniel, and myself will never have anotherchance. There is no next year. In my two years at ASU I have 12 wins and 12losses. Both our `99 team and certainly last year's squad were better thanthat. For some reason we haven't been able to put it together. That stopsnow. No excuses. No feeling sorry for ourselves. No more .500 football.Period.

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