Cal to Remodel Stadium Atop Fault And Make It Earthquake Safe

June 27, 2001

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) - California's football stadium, which sits atop amajor fault line, is getting a $100 million remodeling to make it earthquakesafe.

The 75,000-seat Memorial Stadium is built on the active Hayward Fault, whichis about 70 miles long and runs through major East Bay cities. Some seismicexperts say it is the one most likely to produce the next devastating U.S.quake.

The stadium, which resembles a concrete version of the Roman Colosseum, ishome to Cal's football team. The only other campus building to sit on the faultwas a dining hall, which was torn down.

The $100 million is 100 times greater than the cost of building the stadiumin 1923. Much of the money will also pay for non-earthquake related upgrades.

The university will raise money through donations to the athletic program.The project will be completed in phases over seven years, without interruptingthe football schedule, vice chancellor Edward Denton said.

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