Murphy's Law

July 5, 2001

Nick Murphy

Senior long snapper B.J. Miller has had to overcome tremendous adversityover the last year. As a junior college transfer in the summer of 2000 hewent to Camp Tontazona battling for a spot. As a new comer not a lot wasexpected of Miller. And at the end of camp, he was in the same position aswhen he arrived in Tempe. Let's face it, backup long snapper isn't the idealsituation in most people's mind. But B.J. stuck with it, worked hard, andnever gave up on himself, even after others had. By the time the OregonDucks came to Sun Devil Stadium last October, B.J. Miller was the starting longsnapper. 'It was one of the most exciting days of my life,' he recalls. 'Thestands were was a huge game for us.' After Miller's first snap ofthe game, his adrenaline had gotten the best of him. 'My legs were shakingso bad that by the time I got down to cover the kick, that they gave out and Ifell down,' he remembers, laughing.

However, the season wasn't all laughs for any of us, let alone B.J.. Forthose of you that remember the Stanford game, it was a special team'snightmare. Especially for the punt team. In the first half, B.J. sailed asnap over my head and out of the end zone for a safety. The staff made adecision to bench Miller. Later in the game, he got another chance. 'I'd belying if I said I didn't feel the pressure, but after that play I knew thatI'd be fine,' he says.

B.J. was fine, and finished out the season in good fashion. At theconclusion of spring ball, Miller seems to have matured both mentally andphysically. B.J. has already put on seven pounds this summer, but the realbattle may be psychological. 'Last year I was so overwhelmed by myenthusiasm that it was hard to settle down sometimes. My dream of playing major collegefootball had come true,' he recollects. 'Now I feel more comfortable, andalso a lot more confident.'

Miller is excited about the upcoming year, and can't wait for September8th when we finally get to start off theseason against SDSU. ' I love thenew staff! They have been great so far,' he says. ' I think that everyone isfinally on the same page, and that we will surprise a lot of teams thisyear.'

When asked about his football future B.J. responds, 'I just want to beconsistent this year, and whatever happens later, happens. I'm just having agreat time right now.'

Miller's major in school is Marketing, and he will receive his B.A. inMay of 2002. His hobbies include golf, going to the movies, and hanging outwith his friends. Another one of B.J.'s hobbies is to talk about how proudhe is of his hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. Those of you that know B.J.well, know exactly what I'm talking about!

There you have it! The first profile in the history of 'Murphy's Law,'and wouldn't you know it... it's focused on the second most important man ofthe field (besides the punter of course) the long snapper.

The strength staff has generously postponed our 'optional' summerworkouts for the week of July 2-9 due to the holiday, and the fact that mostof our bodies need some time to rest. Therefore, there will be no 'Murphy'sLaw' posted on the 9th. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday! I'm offto New York and Cape Cod for the week so I will catch ya'll on the 16th withanother edition of 'Murphy's Law.'

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