Murphy's Law

July 23, 2001

By Nick Murphy

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    It's almost here. And with Camp T right around the corner, many of us arestarting to get the 'summer workout blues.' Since I last wrote about thesummer conditioning program, our workouts have changed slightly. They arestill every bit as demanding. However, the focus has shifted from gettingstronger and faster, to preparing to play football games. We are stillsqueezing seven workouts into five days each week, but now the program ismore position specific.

    No more 300-yard shuttles. No more 12 repetitions per set in the weightroom.

    The running has become based on quickness and changing of direction, ratherthan on endurance and track-type speed. A typical Monday now includes thesame warm ups and strides as in June, but is now followed by three agilitystations and positional running. The quarterbacks for example, are attachedto a bungee cord type device, and work on their pass drops and scramblingwith resistance from the cord. Receivers are running pattern type routeswitha specific duration. Everything is timed, and everything has a set pace itshould be performed at.In the weight room, the weight has become heavier, as the reps have becomelighter. Instead of doing 5 sets of 12 repetitions, we are now lifting 12sets of 3-4 reps each. There is renewed focus on the explosion and speedwithwhich the weight is moved as we get closer to the season. This is due to thefact that we must transfer weight quickly with a great deal of force inorderto do things like make tackles, and come off of blockers.

    For me personally, I know that I am getting sick of lifting and runningeveryday on a practice field with no immediate competition to prepare for. Iam tired of punting without the full line in front of me, and a defensecoming after the ball. It's becoming a little disinteresting to wake up at7am to go run virtually the same workout I ran last week.

    I'm craving Camp T to get here quickly, and I would start the season tonightif I could. I know that we are all in shape, mentally and physically, andthat we are ready to get it on with SDSU. I cannot wait for the chills thatrace through my body when we come out of that tunnel on to Frank Kush Field.

    I long to feel that 'bring it on' attitude that comes naturally on Saturdaynights. I cannot wait to be out there in front of 70,000 people, all inGOLD,screaming and partying like there's no tomorrow. I can't wait to celebratethat first win of 2001 on September 8th with my teammates and our fans. Iguess what I have is the 'summer workout blues.'It's the feeling players get when we know that we have worked harder thananyone else in the country. It's that feeling deep within us that says withinnate honesty, 'I'm ready.' The 'summer workout blues' come from the pit ofeach competitors heart. The feeling oozes through our veins as we get closerto camp, and anxiously awaits the moment when it will be called on to erupt.

    This is time of the year when the purest, rawest, and most honest emotionscome to the forefront. The time when everyone knows who's ready and who'snot, who prepared. and who took time off. This is what college football isall about.

    Murph's Quick Kicks
    In order to respond to the emails that I receive each week, I just invented'Murph's Quick Kicks.' I will use this section of the article to answer andrespond to questions that fans ask constantly each week.

    #1 - Yes...Jeff Krohn is trying to gain weight, and he's doing great!

    #2 - The football office phone number is 480-965-3429. Please directquestionsabout future walk-on opportunities, etc. to those nice ladies. Thanks!

    #3 - Thanks to all the Alumni support we get from all around the country. Ihave learned a lot from all of your emails. Keep it up!

    #4 - Two corrections to last week's article... Apparently there are now 117DIteams in football, not 114. Also, The Sporting News has ASU ranked #37 intheir pre-season prediction.

    #5 - A personal touch.... Hi to the reader(s) in Australia. Wish you weregoing to be here to watch! Love u!

    Nick can be reached via email at

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