Murphy's Law

July 31, 2001

Nick Murphy

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    Sophomore Jeff Krohn is no stranger to pressure. Due to injuries and ashortage of quarterbacks, Jeff was given the opportunity to win the startingjob for the Sun Devils in 2000 as a redshirt freshman. He battled throughcriticism, bumps and bruises, and a major illness in route to leading theDevils to the top passing offense in the Pac-10 last season. Jeff threw forover 1,700 yards, with twice as many TD's as interceptions.

    With the 2001 season just weeks away, many questions await answering.Several people have been critical of the 'quarterback situation' at ASU.

    With a new scheme and a vertical passing attack among head coach Dirk Koetter'sarsenal, critics have questioned Krohn's ability to succeed. Citing againand again his perceived lack of arm strength.

    I sat down with the 6-foot-2 sophomore out of Phoenix Horizon HighSchool to discuss how he feels about the upcoming season as Camp T approaches.

    Murph - What should Sun Devil fans expect from this year's offense thatis different from 2000?

    - 'I can't say that. Other teams may read this board, but (the fans)will be happy.'

    Murph - How has the change in coaching, and in the system affected you?

    - 'I love the new coaches. They have done everything to expand myknowledge of the game. It is great (to have learned) two different offensesbecause it gives me different approaches to situations. The more youunderstand, the easier seeing things becomes. It has affected me in apositive way.'

    Murph - Where do you see yourself in the fight for the QB job asTontozona begins?

    - 'No comment, but I will work hard.'

    Murph - How valuable was the experience you gained last season, and whatdifference do you think it will have on your performance this year?

    - 'I think experience is more important than anything is. I thinkthat it has helped me a lot, and will continue (to do so). Live bulletsare much different than rubber ones, I guess you could say.'

    Murph - What's the one thing you have worked on improving the most thisoff-season?

    - 'Many people say I lack arm strength, so I worked on a lot of deepthrows. Does that make everyone happy?'

    Murph - How influential has your father been thus far in your career? Inwhat ways (if any) has he told of his experiences to help you handlecertain aspects of being a college quarterback?

    - 'My father is so important to me. We work out a lot, not only onthe game itself, but on mental aspects. Getting ready (mentally) for agame is sometimes more important than having (physical skills).'

    Murph - What have you done to try to gain weight this off-season?
    - 'To gain weight I have eaten more food than anyone on this earth.Frankly, I am sick of food, but I keep telling myself that the extraweight will help.'

    Murph - This spring you changed your number from 22 to 5. Why was that?Jeff - 'I changed my number as a suggestion from the coaches. They wantedme to have a number that fit the quarterback spot more. I don't reallycare about numbers, that's why I kept 22, so I gladly changed it to 5. Nobig thing.'

    Murph - Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    - 'I want to be doing one of three things. Either playing in the NFL(yeah... everyone laugh), coaching, or perusing my career as a race cardriver... preferably CART.'

    Krohn's hobbies include sailing, fishing, playing video games, andrecently, taking ultimate fighting classes. I can assure you that Jeff hasgained weight this off-season, and no matter where the quarterback dutiesmay fall, Jeff will assume his role to the best of his ability.

    Murph's Quick Kicks

    1) Camp Tontozona schedule....

  • Monday Aug. 13 and Tuesday Aug. 14 - practice times are 8:35am and4:00pm. Both days are 'no contact' days (no pads).

  • Wednesday Aug. 15 - practice is at 8:35am (no pads). No afternoonsession.

  • Thursday Aug. 16 and Friday Aug. 17 - practice times are 8:40am and4:00pm. Both days are full contact (pads).

  • Saturday Aug. 18 - Traditional scrimmage at 10:30am (pads).

    2) Just a friendly your season tickets TODAY if you haven'tdone so already!

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