Murphy's Law

Aug. 27, 2001

By Nick Murphy

After only six days up at Tontozona let me be the first to say that Ilove Tempe! I think that all of us appreciate ASU a lot more after we spendtime isolated in the mountains of Tonto National Forest. Although we areglad to be home, we had a great camp. Those of you that made the trip up the hillsaw first hand the energy and attitude that oozed out of our team as campbegan. The best sign I saw was that as camp progressed and guys got sore andtired, we practiced with the same intensity with which we started.Championship teams do things like that. They do what they have to, when theyhave to, whether they want to or not.

We took a lot of strides as a team, and also created bonds that are onlypossible in a camp setting. Now, with less than two weeks until the seasonopener against San Diego State, we have started focusing on our normalin-season routine. Since the first college games were aired this pastweekend, the excitement for our own season to begin has been building. It'sdifficult for us to watch other teams play if we aren't playing that sameweek. It's like a pilot watching an air show without being able to showcasehis plane. It just doesn't seem right.

Thursday August 30th marks the last scrimmage we will have before theSDSU game, a week from this coming Saturday. Kickoff for the game (thescrimmage is closed) is scheduled for 7:00pm. You will all be there...right?That's what I thought!

If you have driven past the stadium recently you have noticed that it isstill a mess. We are waiting (somewhat patiently) for our new weight roomand locker room to be completed. Latest estimates place the completion datesomewhere between September 7th and September 21st. The latter seems mostlikely to me. Either way, for the home opener we will be taking the fieldfrom the North end zone, and the Aztecs will be coming from Wells FargoArena, through the main gates, and onto the field. For you longtime fans outthere, make sure you look for us entering from the wrong end.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for Sun Devil Stadium to befull on September 8th. It needs to be loud and insane. It should be everyfans' goal to do their part to make the Aztecs want to quit by the time thefirst series is over. It should be so loud, and so crazy, that they feel asthough they can taste defeat already. There are only 11 Sun Devils allowedon the field at a time. However, there are no restrictions on how many peoplewe can have in our stands, on our side. A full stadium gives a team energy,especially in the 4th quarter when the body starts slowing down. Let's makeSun Devil Stadium our 12th man. Not just for the opener, but for all sevenhome games this season. Attend each game with the same interest as you willthe U of A game. Because each game is equally important in our quest for theconference title...especially the Pac-10 games.

We are excited to get this season rolling, and I hope that each of youreading this decides to come share in the excitement of Sun Devil Football.On September 8th we open a new chapter in Arizona State athletics. The pastis behind us, and everyone needs to do their part to make this season asuccess. From fans to players, administrators to students, we can all make adifference. For new fans and returning fans alike, we welcome you with openarms to our family, and thank you for your support. Go Devils!

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