Coach Mackovic Press Conference Quotes - 8/31

Aug. 31, 2001

Anthony Banks: 'Tony Banks got his grade finally posted. He finished his class, he got it done and then got the grade posted. He is now going to work out and serve a two game suspension for putting the team and himself in that position. He will be able to practice but will not be able to play for the next two games.'

Injuries: 'Fata has a dislocated elbow. The guy held him on that play. He grabbed his arm and it was a weird thing. He was going to make the play and the guy grabbed him and grabbed this part of his arm. He's going to be out about six weeks. He'll be able to practice some on a limited basis after the swelling and discomfort go down. On the other side Austin Uku is making nice improvement and we hope to have him back in practice on Monday. So there's a chance we can have him back next week. (There are a) Couple of guys with some sprains and bruises. Darren Sefranek made it through the game in a good fashion, Young Thompson made it through in good fashion.'

After Looking at the game tapes: 'I had a chance to look at the game tapes today and Charlie Dickey describes it adequately or correctly that we were blocking ghosts. Our guys were blocking people they should not have blocked in our pass protection and we made some adjustments in the second half (to correct that). In the first half Jason (Johnson) was really under duress and we made some adjustments and switched our pass protection a little bit. Went to a couple of things differently in the second half to tighten it up a little bit.'

On Clarence Farmer: 'Clarence Farmer really ran hard. I'd describe his running as like a 'raging bull' because that's really the way he is when he gets the ball. He just goes. I thought we were going to spring him for the touchdown on that one counter play that went down to the five.'

On Brandon Marshall's Touchdown Reception: 'That's one of the things we get with our offense is that easy touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall. We play so many different formations, we're moving. They (SDSU) had what they thought was going to be a goal line offense and so they stacked it and he nobody went out and covered the wide receiver because a lot of times we'd be right in our goal line offense. They saw the tightends going in the game and once they saw that I guess someone assumed it was going to more of a goal line attack, because that's what we use in our tightend offense and we didn't use that. 'Jason just saw it. We had another play on and in fact he almost pulled out of it too soon. He just couldn't wait to get the ball.'

On Jason Johnson's Throwing: 'He did a really nice job. He took a lot of hits early and pressures and they came after him a lot and he just stayed in there. He threw the ball away a couple of times. The only interception he had was on a tipped ball. He'll learn a lot from the (game) tape.'

On being back on the field as a coach: 'I was thinking it was nice. It was good to be back on the field. I had a nice talk with (SDSU Head Coach) Ted Tolner before the game and it was nice to be out there. But not as a spectator. I didn't want to come back as a spectator, that was important to me. I wanted to come back as an active participant.'

On Johnson's completion percentage: 'If he continues at that pace (66% completion percentage) he'll have a dynamite year. To be a championship level quarterback at the college level, 60 percent and above is about what you're going to have to be.'

On Special Teams: 'Special teams are the hardest things to perfect. The other thing about special teams is you can do all sorts of crazy things they can blitz tow guys over here, they can loop them around the can rush two guys on one side and nobody cover. That's what makes special teams so hard is most times teams don't worry about the unusual things that can happen to them. Now did we play on someone snapping the ball over the head of the punter? No. And our punter didn't really understand the rule that if you kick the ball while it's in the field of play they get the ball. All Remy was thinking was 'Coaches told me in the ball goes over my head make sure they can't get it. We'll take a safety before we give them a touchdown.' What I told him was that as a specialist you have to know all the rules that pertain to you part of the game. If you're a kicker you have to know all the rules about kicking.'

On Bobby Wade's punt return 'I think that punt return is indicative of Bobby Wade. He handled the ball just the way he should. In other words the ball is short, you get in front of it and if it comes right to you, you get it. Don't just let the ball dribble down to the five-yard line. So its there, he's in front of it and he handled it the way he should have handled it. We had a great wall on the left. We had it set up, he knew right where he was going. Another great thing about Bobby is he knows and does go right to the wall.'

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