2001 Football Update Update

Sept. 1, 2001

As training camp comes to an end, Stanford University head coach Tyrone Willingham talksabout how far his squad has come, and how far it still needs to go before taking on BostonCollege next Saturday.

On his impressions of training camp:
'It's been good so far. What we haven't done is reach a level of consistency that I would loveto have our players to be at. There are often a variety of reasons for that, the first being thatwhen we go through our camp, we work everyone. Therefore, their familiarity with theplayer and the communication that takes place can sometimes be just a little bit off so wedon't get the consistency from that standpoint. Some of it is just our execution, wheremaybe we are not executing as well as we'd like to. The biggest thing staring us in the face isthat we need to get consistent.'

On the most difficult aspects of training camp:
'Training camp really is a difficult process. It's not an easy thing to go through two-a-dayswhen you have to get up early in the morning and you're not in bed the night before untillate. You're also trying to be intense about your studying and intense about your practicing.That's probably the most important thing, just taking yourself and taking your football teamthrough that process and yet trying to ensure that when you come out at the end of iteverything is on target.'

On holding training camp at Stanford:
'Well, I think we're blessed with great facilities. I think the things that we need to put ourcamp on are all right here. I don't think we have to move anything to get that processstarted, and it's best to have as few distractions as possible. So if we can have those righthere, it works well for us.'

On the primary objectives of training camp:
'There are always two things I believe are important in terms of going into camp. The first isthat you seek to build a team, and that means to me every spot on the field. We want tobuild our running backs, we want to build our quarterbacks, we want to build our widereceivers. Even though these things may already exist, you want to build these things for theseason and put these in place. Then at some point you change and you become being ateam, as opposed to building a team. Hopefully we're starting to make a smooth transitiontoward being a football team and being prepared to play our first game.'

On Boston College:
My first thoughts about Boston College relate to stereotypical phrases that we often throwaround when we talk about teams. The first is that they say there is an 'east coast bias'toward teams on the East Coast. Well, there is also what I'd call a 'west coast ignorance'that we don't quite know that much about Boston College from a fan and media standpoint.But this is a very good football team. This is a team that's gone to back-to-back bowl gamesand has been one of the top four teams in a very difficult Big East conference that hasVirginia Tech and Miami (Fla.). There schedule always has some big names and they are agood program that's well -coached, understands how to win and plays great football. This isa very experienced football team that we are ready to face on Sept. 8.'



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