Chat Wrap: Brian Allen

Sept. 5, 2001

If you missed Allen's Sept. 5 chat, an edited transcript follows:

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Moderator: We would like to welcome Brian Allen to the site. He will start answering question in a few minutes.

Shannon Mountian View: Hi Brian,What do you think about Teyo being wide reciver. I see you on Saturday and I hope to meet you.

Brian Allen: Thanks Shannon for your question. I believe that Teyo Johnson will help us a lot this year. He is a big and physically reciever, so he should be a great impact.

Chris Adamson (LA): Yo BA,are you going to get the starting nod, and how much will you have to split time with the other backs?

Brian Allen: Wassup Chris. The starter for Saturday vs BC is still a Coaching decision. But we will be splitting time. The back that is making the most plays or helping are team win will get the majority of plays and reps during the game.

Santa Monica: Brian,What do you think it is going to take for the Cardinal to make it ot the Rose Bowl this year? And what are our chances?

Brian Allen: This Pac-10 is a loaded conference. We have 40 returners coming back, so where going to shoot for the top. It will not be easy, but were determined to be the best.

Drew Currie (Mountain View): Hey Brian. Long time no see! How is BC's defensive front looking?

Brian Allen: Drew, the defensive front for BC is good. They have big players and the can move real well. We should match up against them pretty well and I know that my front five is ready for the challenge. Thanks for the question.

Debbie from Pediatrics: Brian, what advice can you give to Mom's about getting their children into a good college?

Brian Allen: Hello Debbie,
Just keep being a role model for your children. They will listen to you and by following your example they will be able to attend any good college.

Tom Kelly: Do you anticipate an agressive (passing vs running) Stanford offense?

Brian Allen: We should be very balanced (passing vs running) this Saturday. Were going to play Stanford style of offense, so yes it should be aggressive.

Brock (Eugene): Hey Brian, good luck on the upcoming season. Do you think you will be catching the ball out of the backfield more this year?

Brian Allen: We have a different offense this year. We are more of a west coast offense, so everyone should be getting the ball.

Scott: How well do you think Fasani will perform this year?

Brian Allen: Randy Fasani is our leader. I expect for him to have a good year and for him to lead our team offensively this year.

Pablo in (Boston): Obviously, you are getting ready for Boston College and their defense. BC held WVa to just 62 yards rushing for their number one running back. How do you think you will fare against BC's defensive line?

Also, as a running back, what is your impression of BC's running back, Green?

Brian Allen: BC has a very good defense. It will be a challenge to run the ball against them, but my offensive line is up for the challenge. With a balanced attack, I believe we will do well against their defense.

Mike (Princeton): Brian, what do you bring to the table as a back as opposed to Kerry,Casey, Justin, Brandon or JR?

Brian Allen: I bring a different style to the backfield. Kerry is the power runner and I'm the speed, explosive back. It should be a good combination this year.

Jeff: Who will be our best pass rushers this year?

Brian Allen: I believe that Trey Freeman, Matt Leonard, Marcus Hoover, and Austin Lee will do a great job this year for us. They and the rest of the team have been working hard this summer and are looking forward to this weekend vs BC.

Brian Allen: Sorry I couldn't get to all your questions. Thanks for submitting and make sure you follow the Stanford Cardinal this season.

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