Cardinal Capsule: Eric Heitmann

Sept. 7, 2001

Eric Heitmann

Sport: Football
Year: Senior
Height: 6-4
Events: Offensive Guard
Hometown: Katy, TX
High School: Katy HS
Major: Public Policy
Stanford Athletics Highlights: A Second Team All-Pac selection in 2000 and an honorable mention choice in 1999. Has played in all 34 games possible at Stanford, starting the last 23 in 1999 and 2000 ... One of only five true freshmen to earn a letter in 1998.

I don't really have a nickname, maybe Heit Dogg.

Favorite Food
Anything my Mom makes.

Favorite Music Artist
Pink Floyd.

Favorite Sports Team
Houston Texans.

Favorite Place To Hang Out
Probably the movie theatre.

Favorite Class
My Civilizations and Origins class that I took in my freshman year.

Favorite TV Show
The Simpsons.

Favorite Professional Athlete
Bruce Matthews.

One Word That Describes You

Best Vacation Or Trip You've Ever Taken
The Vegas trip with my dorm.

How Do You Prepare Before A Game?
Just sitting in a quiet room, concentrating and running a video tape in my mind of how I'm going to play the next day. I see myself versus the opponent.

If You Could Play Another Sport At Stanford, What Would It Be?
Golf. I'm horrible, but I wish I knew how to golf.

The Best Thing About Being A Student-Athlete At Stanford
The opportunities and the contacts that you make.

If You Could Have Dinner With A Famous Person, Who Would It Be?
Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Who's The Most Influential Person In Your Life?
All three of my brothers. They were always influencing my life with their decision making. They kind of shaped the person that I am now.

What Made You Choose To Attend Stanford?
It's an incredible University. It has the best athletic program in the country.

Earliest Football Memory
It would have to be Pop Warner. I only remember bad memories for some reason, but it would probably have to be making the All-Star team when I was in the fifth grade.

Favorite Pre-Game Meal
Hot wings and Ranch dressing. We don't eat that the day of the game, but we eat that the night before as our snack. I don't really have a choice. We eat mashed potatoes, steak, chicken and pasta. Steak and pasta are my favorite of these.

Favorite Field That You've Played On Or Would Most Like To Play On
Notre Dame.

The Stanford Football Team Will Be Fun To Watch This Year Because...
We're going to be more aggressive and physical than we've ever been.

What Do You Like Most About Sports?
The competition and competitive edge.

If You Could Add A Team To The Schedule, Who Would It Be?
Texas A&M.

Favorite Midnight Snack
Jack & The Box.

What Makes Stanford Stadium So Special?
It feels like home. It's a comfortable place to play in.

If You Had To Cook All Of Your Meals, What Would You Survive On?
Macaroni and cheese .. and Ramen noodles.

Favorite Website

What Is Your Most Prized Possession?
Rose Bowl ring.

If You Were Going On A Road Trip And Could Take Only One CD, Which One Would You Take?
80's Greatest Hits.

Opponent You Would Most Like To Beat

The Current Or Former Stanford Athlete That You Most Enjoy Watching Perform
Jon Ritchie.

Favorite Actor Or Actress
Russell Crowe.

If You Could Bring Anything From Your Hometown To Stanford, What Would You Bring?
My family.

What's One Moment In History You Wish You Could Have Seen?
The Revolutionary War.

What Do You See Yourself Doing 10 Years From Now?
I hope to be retired from the NFL.

If You Won $1 Million Dollars What Would You Do?
Invest it.

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