Ask Coach Toledo

Sept. 18, 2001

Ari (Los Angeles)
I notice that a lot of teams in the East Coast run up the scores to get the media's attention. I also notice that we don't really do that. Is there any reason we don't do that? Is there a better way to get the respect from all the media in the East Coast?

Coach Toledo
'First of all, there's no real need to run up the score, particularly now that the BCS doesn't count that aspect heavily in the standings. Before, if you scored more points and ran it up, you would go up in the standings. There's no real need to do that now, and I'm not going to do it, particularly if I think a team is struggling.'

Donald Martin II (Alta Loma, CA)
How excited are you to have Kenyon Coleman back at full strength and back in the starting line-up? With him back, how good is this defense?

Coach Toledo
'I'm really excited to have him back. He was preseason All-American candidate last year, but he injured his knee against Michigan. He lost the whole season, but he was redshirted. He's stronger than ever, more mature, more experienced, and he's off to a great start. His leadership is something that can't be replaced.'

William B. Thomas (Reno, NV)
In your opinion, are the QB's of the future in Division-1 going to be the rollout types and is that your recruiting emphasis at UCLA? Thank you.

Coach Toledo
'I don't think that the emphasis of the future is rollout type quarterbacks. It's still going to be guys that can use your system and execute it to the best of their ability. I think the trend is more so in having the ability and mobility to escape and get away from pressure, and being able to run when called upon.'

Don Munoz (Aliso Viejo, CA)
Over the last few years, it seems that the defense tries go for the turnover first (i.e. going for the interception, trying to strip the ball out)...would you agree? And how has the defense address tackling for this season?

Coach Toledo
'You always want to try to get turnovers because they're a big part of the game. Sometimes defensive players are more concerned about getting the turnover than tackling the guy, but we really emphasize our players to get to the position you're supposed to be in. The first guy will tackle the opponent, and the second, third, or fourth guy will come in and try to strip the ball to cause a turnover.'

Reggie Jenkins (Columbus, OH)
How would you rate this Bruin team in comparison to your teams in 1997 & �98? I would think that this year�s team has as much experience as both of those teams. Would you agree?

Coach Toledo
'Well, obviously, those were really good football teams. They won the Championship (PAC-10) those two years, and one was in contention for the National Championship until the last game. I'd have to say that there are some strengths on this football team that we didn�t' have on those football teams, but then there are some things we had then that we don�t have now.'



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