Chat Wrap: Ruben Carter

Sept. 19, 2001

Moderator: We would like to welcome Ruben Carter to this chat room. Hewill be joining us shortly!

Ruben Carter: Good morning chat room. This is Ruben Carter. Thanks for having me.

Stanford Jay: What is the most distinguishing characteristic of coach Willingham? His integrity perhaps?

Ruben Carter: Coach Willingham has many characteristics that make him a great coach, person, and role model. In my opinion, there is not one single most distinguishing characteristic. But his integrity is well known,

Sara (White River): do you think your gonna win the pac 10

Ruben Carter: I think we have a strong team with great leaders. We are going to have an exciting season. Winning the pac 10 is one of our goals.

Stanford_Kyle: Which wide receiver on our team do you like matching up against the least in practice?

Ruben Carter: Good question...

Stanford Jay: Who is the biggest stud on the Cardinal defense?

Ruben Carter: I don't know if there is one 'stud' on the defense.
We've all been play together for a while and that's what makes the defense special.

Joe (Allen): Mr. Carter, how are you even allowed to be here right now?Shouldn't you be in class?

Ruben Carter: Classes haven't started yet.

Mike: How would you describe this year's Stanford defense, compared to the defense in the last few years?

Ruben Carter: I think our defense has great leadership. We have a kind of bond that makes us a dangerous defense.

Paula: Boxers or Briefs?

Ruben Carter: Boxers...

Shawn - Bowling Green, Ohio: Hey Ruben - have you found that as you have displayed your excellent coverage skills that opposing teams are throwing less in your direction, or do they still think they have a shot at beating you?

Ruben Carter: I think that because of my size teams believe that they have an advantage and they try to challenge me to cover their recievers. But I enjoy the competition.

Jamie: What is your favorite thing about the'farm?'

Ruben Carter: The nice weather...and the great dorm food...

James Columbus, OH : what is the biggest change between this years teamand last years?

Ruben Carter: This years team is older with more experience. We have great leadership and talented younger players who are ready to step up and make this team great

cubbiebears: What professional (former or current) do you most model yourself after?

RubenCarter: My favorite player was Eric Dickerson. I remember when he use to weargoggles under his helmet. I use to wear a pair my soph. year in High School

Jon (Sunnyvale, Ca.): Ruben, I have enjoyed watching you over the pastfew years. What are your thoughts on having to play SJSU in December after playingemotional games against Cal and Notre Dame?

Ruben Carter: I'm excited that the SJSU game will be our last. They are our bay area rival and we will have necessary energy to play that game.

Atlanta: Do you think that your size is a disadvantage against the taller receivers?

RubenCarter: I see my size as an advantage because many taller receivers underestimate my ability. And that is where I have the advantage.

Dan Austin, TX: Ruben, What swayed you in your decision to attend Stanford over another school? What other schools were you looking at?

RubenCarter: The people that I met here had the biggest impact in my decision tocome to Stanford. They made me feel comfortable...I felt like I was about to bea part of something special. Coming from the Midwest, I was basically lookingat all of the big ten schools. But, growing up Notre Dame was the school I wantedto play for.

RubenCarter: Thank you all for your questions. I'm sorry that I couldn't answerthem all. Hope to see you at the games. Thanks
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