Chat Wrap: Marcia Wallis

Sept. 20, 2001

Moderator: Let's welcome Marcia Wallis to this chat room. She will be begin answering questions shortly. *Stanford will play Fresno State this Friday at home at 7:30 pm, PT.

Marcia Wallis: Hi this is Marcia Wallis. I will start answering your questions...

John Reid Los Altos, CA: I'm doing a preview on your club for the Palo Alto Daily News which is running tomorrow.Stanford hasn't been to a Final Four since 1993. Why do you think you can get there in 2001?

Marcia Wallis: I think that we are a young and talented team that will be a force to be reconked with. I think that the team that we have now has a new level of competetiveness and confidence that we did not have before. As a team we expect to get there and i know that we have the ablility to do so.

John Reid: You played under two different coaches in two years. Has that been a hard adjustment and what is the difference between Andy Nelson and Steve Sampson?

Marcia Wallis: Do you mean Steve Swanson? It has been hard but good as well. All coaches and players improve over the years. With steve as a player I felt that he knew his way around and had a confidence that was felt through the the whole team. Andy Nelson is still learning but has ambition and desire that has been pushing and motivating the team. There are alway problems but our team is trying to come together and make it a group effort to solve them rather than the players and coaches doing it independantly

Jenny (Boston): At what age did you realize that you would be able to play Division I soccer? Any plans on playing professionally?

Marcia Wallis: I think that once I got started in the ODP program I realized that I could go to a good college and play. However, I think that it is important to realize that a lot of players start later. I think that at any age you can train hard and improve. As long as you have good work ethics and determination I feel that you can find a school to play for.

kiki: Marcia, I hear you have a woman cousin Keri Walsh who played volleybll in the Olympics, a woman cousin that was all american at pepperdine, plus yourself. Sound like the women in your family are very talented - are there any men in your family that are gifted with the same athletic talents

Marcia Wallis: But of course! The men in my family rock. My father played for Santa Clara soccer and both of my grandfathers were in the hall of fame there for football. As well, my brother who is by far the biggest stud in the family is back at Brown as we speak tearing it up in golf!

J.J. (Palo Alto): Congratulations on a great start to the season. You were on the road with the first road trip but you won an award as the first weeks Pac-10 female athlete of the week. Nice publicity, but the showed Marcie Ward's picture on the screen. Tell us about your scoring partnership with Marcie and any funny stories about how people mix you two up.

Marcia Wallis: Well as you can expect with two names so close there are going to be mix ups. I still do not think that Andy has our names in order.

Biff- Universal City, CA: I was wondering if it is tougher being a student athlete at such a prestigious school?

Marcia Wallis: It is definitly very hard to keep up with everthing and I have heard stories about life being easier at other schools, but Stanford is all i know. It is hard but for the most part the teaches and the other students are willing to help and understand how much the athletics help the schools prestige...yeah Sears Cup seven years and running...

Greg (Los Altos): You have already played in two overtime matches this year. What is a player's mindset in overtime? Score, Score, Score or Defense?

Marcia Wallis: In the games that we have won in over time our mind set was definitely to come out and knock the other team onto there heels. As a team we have been training very hard and we all know that we have it in us to keep going hard. We therefore want to test the other team.

Amber (LA): Marcia- Congrats on the 3-0 start. How do you plan to continue your team's success?

Marcia Wallis: thanks Amber, well our team is trying to focus on preformance rather than result. we kno that we have the talant and ability to beat anyone, so now we are trying to channel our energy twords being able to preform better evertime.

Aly (Atlanta): How did you begin playing soccer and at what age?

Marcia Wallis: I started playing in the backyard w/ my dad and my brother. My dad had played in college so he got us started as soon as we could walk.

Brooke (Chicago): Marcia, what is your favorite song or CD to listen to before the game?

Marcia Wallis: Our team has a warmup tape of everyone's favorite song. I like to listen to that as well as watch people get excited when they hear their song

Elmer (Fresno): Hey marcia, how's it going. I noticed that you girls will be playing fresno state on friday. Have you had much time to scout them and what are your thoughts on the game?

Marcia Wallis: We have not seen them play but I am sure that they will give us a great game. Fresno is a team that always comes out and plays hard and never quits.

Horace- Sparks, Nev.: Can we expect any new wrinkles in the game plan as the team will be playing in front of the home crowd for the first time this weekend?

Marcia Wallis: Just a pumped up team. We are all excited to show our own fans how hard we have been working. Playing in front of a home crowd is pay off for all the sprints we have been doing.

Rita (San Jose): What surprises should Stanford fans look forward to seeing this season with your team?

Marcia Wallis: Fans should get excited to see a lot of great games. Pac 10 has some of the toughest teams in the country, USLA, UW, and CAL... the games will demand a lot from the players and the fans

Romario (Sao Paolo): Do you particpate in any post goal celebratory acts?

Marcia Wallis: Not really. When I score I really do not know what to do with myself. I just run around and scream like a crazy woman.

Jimmy (Los Altos): How is the golf game? When you graduate is it going to be WUSA or LPGA?

Marcia Wallis: Golf is good. Where I am going to go is a hard question. I am am hoping to playing both. I am hoping to go to graduate school while playing WUSA and then trying to attack my golf game head on. I am too attached to both sports and I do not think that I could just let either one of them go.

Greg (Irvine): You have been able to score many points each season at Stanford . . . does the Stanford style of play cater to goal scorers?

Marcia Wallis: Stanford is a good program and wins a lot of games. So for me being a forward it easy to rack up the points. So to answer the question if winning is a style of play, then Stanford makes it easy to score points.

Jared (Cincinnati): How have the recent terrorist attacks impacted the Stanford team as a whole and you individually? Has it been difficult to focus on soccer?

Marcia Wallis: Luckly for me I did not lose anyone in the terrist attack. But Brittney, a midfielder on the team, did lose someone dear to her. Our coaches allowed her to go home and attend to the family. But the rest of the team has come together and try to use soccer to get our minds off the terrible tragedy. As the country has come together, we as a team have tried to come together on the field. We have try to push each other and challenge each other in a time when it is easy to be distracted.

Lauren (Minneapolis): What is the best part about your soccer game?

Marcia Wallis: I would have to say that I am very competitive and that I have a lot of confidence on the field. I try and control everything that I attitude, my work ethics, and how well I prepared

Missy in San Jose: Marcia, have you won any major golf tournaments this summer? W&W

Marcia Wallis: Hi Missy at W&W! Yes, I won the California state Ametur golf tournment and qualified for the US ametur.

Marcia Wallis: Thanks for all your questions and I am sorry that I could not get to them all as I am off to practice! Hope to see or hear many of you in the crowd this weekend at our tourmnament as we plan on beating Fresno and Dayton! thanks again:)
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