Washington vs. Idaho Postgame Quotes

Sept. 22, 2001

Washington head coach Rick Neuheisel

General Remarks: 'We are excited about our second win of the season. We are also excited to play football once again, considering the events of the past weeks. I thought it was a great crowd and the opening ceremonies were very meaningful. We played with a lack of discipline early on because I think we just over-emotional. We made a lot of silly mistakes that were not evident in our first game. We overcame that and the score got out of hand when our team took over with Roc Alexander's kickoff return. We had a blocked field goal that Chris Massey picked up and returned it for a touchdown and then Charles Frederick's punt return. Another unfortunate thing that happened in the game is that there were a number of injuries. I hate to see that happen, but unfortunately that is part of the game. Idaho suffered a separated shoulder to the quarterback, who is obviously a key player to the team. We lost Jerramy Stevens to a broken foot and Braxton Cleman to a broken clavicle. Willie Hurst was taken out of the game with a hamstring strain. The extent of his injury is unknown at this time. Our hope is that he will be available for next week. I asked my team to play for 60 minutes regardless of the score and to take advantage of the opportunity to play. As we have learned over the past several months with this program that things are not always guaranteed. I thought we played hard and Idaho played hard. I think we just had more speed and that is why the game got out of control. I am excited about being 2-0 and we are excited about conference play. We still have a lot of things to clean up, but I did see some improvement from week one.'

On Jerramy Stevens Injury: 'With his injury he will probably be out for about eight weeks, which is the majority of the season.'

On Cody Pickett: 'I think Cody Pickett played very well. I know there are a couple of plays he would like to have back. He plays within himself and makes good decisions. As long as we keep evolving at his pace, we are going to have a chance to be successful.'

On Charles Frederick: 'He ran up on short kick and actually fielded it fine, but knee as he was running forward, knocked it out of his arms. The nice part was how all the players responded. Rather than being angry and disappointed at having lost a chance at a possession and field position, there were a bunch of guys who patted him on the back, saying 'do not worry about it, you'll get it next time.' Lo and behold, the next time he made a play that was envisioned for him. I think he has got a great future here.'

On the Defense: 'We knew that we had to stop the running game. We did not think that we were going to get out manned, outside in terms of speed. So we wanted to make sure that we did a better job at tackling. That to me was the one thing that I found out. They did have some big plays in their running game as the game wore on. We lost a little bit of our discipline and gave up some big plays. They are a good team. For the most part, I thought our defense played inspired.'

On the Red Zone: 'Offense in the red zone got off to a sluggish start. We got down there and throw a touchdown pass and got called for holding. We got down there again and had a play that I think would have been a touchdown had Willie Hurst caught the ball. We got a little impatient and that impatience manifested into penalties.'

On Taylor Barton: 'I have said all along that Taylor Barton can play. He goes out and makes good decisions.'

Washington Player Quotes


(On injury): 'I just feel like it's a very unfortunate thing.'

(On how it happened): 'It happened on the second play of the game. I don't know if I misstepped or what. I tried to go a couple more series but it just didn't work out.'

(On will you try to come back this season): 'I can't even put it into perspective yet. We'll just have to wait and see.'


(On special teams giving him a lead/ letting him settle in to his second start): 'We knew we had to go out there and do our own thing, that's our job to put points on the board.'

(On the offensive line): 'I'm really confident in my offensive line, they gave me all kinds of time. I didn't get hit at all today. They did a great job.'


(On getting into the game): 'It felt really nice. I had a smile on my face and once I got that first play out of the way, it was like, 'okay, just get out there and play.''

(On his performance): 'I'm not big on giving myself grades. The main thing I do when I go out there is execute the offense and show my coaches and my teammates and the fans out there that I can execute this offense, and if Cody gets hurt people will not have to worry about the offense losing momentum.'


(On returning the blocked field goal for a touchdown): 'I saw the block and I just ran up there and picked it up. It was a perfect ball right into my hands and I just took it all the way for the touchdown.'


(On his kickoff return for a touchdown): 'We watched film all week and we knew that we could get to the crease. When we were on the field I saw Jamaun Willis knocking them out, saw that it was wide open, and took it to the house.'

WIDE RECEIVER CHARLES FREDERICK(On returning punts): 'On the first one I was a little bit nervous, but after I made the mistake the team came up to me and told me not to worry and just move on to the next play. Everyone kept telling me to just catch the ball and go.'

Idaho head coach Tom Cable

General Remarks: 'That's a really, really good football team. We tried to hang in there for awhile but when you make little mistakes in the kicking game and give up that many points in that short of time it really takes the air out of your bubble. Unfortunately we could never get back into the game. They're a good football team. We are not at that level yet. We are not good enough yet to go into that arena but that's where we want to get to one day.They are a good football team. They are damn good.'

Special Teams: 'The field goal they blocked was a low kick. I'm not sure they blocked it. I think they might have hit one of our linemen in the back of the head. I couldn't see it but it looked like that on replay. Those are things you work on everyday. And for that too happen that's a shame. Kickoff return was a matter of kicking the ball where we needed to kick it. We had the coverage opposite where the ball was kicked and obviously that's not going to work.'

On Brian Pope: 'We have a competition every Thursday to decide who our kicker will be and neither one has really stepped up and taken the job. This week Brian won it. He had a bad low kick.'

On last year's game: 'I guess there are some similarities because last year they had 28 points off turnovers. Bottom line, we dug ourselves a hole and we couldn't get out because they are too good a team.'

On John Welsh: ' It's hard to say right now until they do an MRI but he's out right now. I don't think we can really say anything right now. He's definitely out for one game. They went and x-rayed it. There's nothing broken. It's pretty painful and obviously he couldn't play today. We've got to get him back and get him checked.'

On Events from September 11: 'I think we handled that as well as you can under the circumstances. I felt like we were ready to play. We just made four huge mistakes and were in too deep. And that's the point I made earlier, in order to play in this arena against this kind of team you have to be able match them hit for hit and play for play and we're not there yet.'

On Reggie Williams: 'I knew what they were getting he's a great player.'

Idaho Player Quotes


(On mood in lockerroom): 'It was quiet. We were hoping to come in here and win. To get beat like we did today hurts. We will have to look at the tape and just get better.'

(On shoulder injury): 'I got the ball off, tackled, and slammed right on it. Not sure how long I will be out. It feels a little tender, but I can move it pretty good. I thought I would be able to stay in, but we didn't want to take any chances.


(thoughts on the game): 'We made too many mistakes, especially our special teams. We got in a hole and just couldn't get out of it. Nothing surprised us about Washington. We came out to play better football than what we did. We just could not overcome our mistakes. They (Washington) are our rival. Every team knows coming in it is going to be a good game when you play them. We were out for blood and came up short.'

(mood on sideline after three special teams turnovers): 'We don't ever give up. I thought we fought until the end. Everyone still had faith in each other.'

(On Washington's offensive line): 'They are big guys and young. They played a good game and did a good job at protecting their quarterbacks. Our defense has to learn to beat their defense.'


(On the possibility of an upset): 'We knew that it would be rough coming in here and playing these guys. But turning the ball over five times in a game will not keep you in the game. I thought we played good defense and our offense got the ball rolling, but our turnovers just killed us. When your opponent scores 28 points on special teams, there is no hope.'

(On coming back to play after the national tragedies): 'During the national anthem we were kind of looking out at all the people and the guys on the other sideline and it was a good feeling. There was no hate between the teams at that moment. It sure is nice to be out playing football again and we just have to be thankful for that opportunity.'


(On the crowd): 'It was the biggest crowd that I have played in front of but it only impacted me a little bit. I was a little nervous going in but I just had to remember that there were 11 guys on the field and we were just there to play football.'


(On the play of the offensive line): 'We were out there just getting beat. We would bust some plays, but then make mistakes on the next. Our redzone offense was inconsistent and we couldn't convert on anything. We started off well but we just couldn't finish the job.'

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