Chat Wrap: Randy Fasani

Sept. 26, 2001

Moderator: (1:29 PM ET ) Let's welcome Randy Fasani to the chat room. He will begin answering questions shortly.

Greg Denham II: Congratulations, Randy!!How would you define a successful athelete?Thanks

Randy Fasani: (1:32 PM ET ) Hello Greg,
Well, to me a successful athlete starts both on and off the field. First, you must be extremely blessed and talented when it comes to physical ability. Second, one must having that burning competitive nature to be the best and never lose. However, off the field, one must prepare mentally in many aspects of the respective sport.

jonzFFC: What do you think is the best part of the SC Defense, the D-line or the secondary?

Randy Fasani: (1:36 PM ET ) Well Jon, USC brings to the table a strong defensive unit. They, of course, have great team speed, which leads into answering your question. The team speed comes mainly from their secondary. After watching film it's easy to see that their defensive backs have excellent all around speed. The coaching staff does a good job with mixing up their coverages as well. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the Trojan's secondary unit.

Rhett Reese (Los Angeles, CA): Randy, who was your boyhood idol, and which NFL quarterback's style does your game most closely resemble?

Randy Fasani: (1:39 PM ET ) Rhett,
I've always thought that Joe Montana is the greatest qb to ever play the game of football. He was quick, accurate, illusive, smart, and above all, the BEST! Now-a-days I would compare myself to the young guns like Culpepper, and McNabb. Nonetheless, they are successful on the pro level and I'm still trying to become a successful college qb.

Debbie, Loomis: What one person from your high school was most instrumental in preparing for Stanford?

Randy Fasani: (1:43 PM ET ) Debbie,

I will always love Del Oro high school. People wonder why I have so much pride in DO. The reason's an accumulation of many things. The teachers are awesome, and the coaches are by far the best. Honestly, I can't single out one person who most prepared me for Stanford. Although, the principa's secretary was, and still is, an important part of my life.

Brian Allen, Stanford: Hello Mr. Fasani, one quick question. How do you feel about having such great running backs in the backfield? Does it make your job easier?

Randy Fasani: (1:47 PM ET ) Brian,

As you know, Brian Allen, Kerry Carter, and Casey Moore are the best group of running backs in the country. However, let me give credit where credit is due. The offensive line opens the holes for those three guys to run through. The offensive line is doing a great job and they should get more attention from the media. The running backs and the offensive line have made my job much easier this season. Hopefully they get better and better as the season continues.

Marty: Hello Randy, Describe what you want to accomplish as a 'Team Player' and a 'Individual' this College Football Season at Stanford?

Randy Fasani: (1:50 PM ET ) Marty,

From a team standpoint, we want to win the national championship. That will always be our goal. My personal goal is to be the best qb in the country. Those may seem like difficult goals to accomplish, yet we believe in ourselves and our abilities.

Ron W: Tell me a little about all the green shirts people we see at the games-- who are they? and what is the sig. of lime green?

Randy Fasani: (1:55 PM ET ) Ron,

The green shirts all basically all my family, relatives, and close friends from all over California. A few years ago when I wasn't playing much, I became a little depressed. However, through those rough times, these same fans continued to support me. They always had faith in me. Later, my aunt and some other relatives (being the die hard fans they are) decided to start a fan club. It started as a joke but quickly became a huge catch. Everyone loved them. My teammates love them as well. It's nice to see some carzy, loyal fans at all the Stanford football games. I'm so fortunate to have the family I have. Thank God!

THEMEX/FFC: Randy, So have you cleared a spot off your mantle for the HEISMAN TROPHY? And do you feel your in the hunt for such a prestigious honor?

Randy Fasani: (1:58 PM ET ) The Heisman hasn't crossed my mind yet. Of course I want to be the best, but awards aren't the most important thing, wins are. It's only been two games...I started off well last season after two games, and remember what happened--injuries. So right now, I'm thanking God for giving me another chance, and asking God to keep me healthy for one more season.

Dan Beard: Randy, what do see as Stanford's bigest challenge to beating USC this weekend? Mahalo.

Randy Fasani: (2:02 PM ET ) Well Dan,
USC is a team full with athletes. I think our biggest challenge lies on the defensive side of the ball--can we stop the big play? During the ASU game, we allowed four big plays, which turned into four td's. If our defense does their job by not allowing big plays, which they are capable of doing, then the offense should be able to score, score, score. Stay safe bud.

Terry and Hunbun : I've heard since high school that you have been compared to John Elway. Do you feel your style of play is like Elway or more of a 'run and gun' type quarterback like Brett Favre?

Randy Fasani: (2:06 PM ET ) When Elway was at Stanford he played like Brett Favre does now. So, in a way, I do play like Favre and Elway. However, they are obviously better than me. Maybe someday (hopefully), I'll be able to play in the NFL and accomplish half of what they did and still are doing.

Chad P.: Congrats on a great season so far! What team are you looking most forward to playing this season?

Randy Fasani: (2:08 PM ET ) Chad,

Every game is important during a college football season. Any team can beat any team. The next game on the schedule is the most important game. Although I can't lie to you--I'm looking forward the Oregon Game!

a cal alum: why did your fan club chose lime green? so you could spot them easily?

Randy Fasani: (2:12 PM ET ) Lime Green...wouldn't you choose lime green if you wanted to be spotted or get attention. They want me to be able to see them. Them want to get attention on national TV, and the also want to gain attention for the Fasani Fan Club. Ultimately, that helps me with a little exposure. Basically they are my marketing department in a weird way. Funny, huh. My family is a fun, outgoing group. They just want to have fun, and support me. I love them.

Josh Fried (Palo Alto): Aren't you married? How does married life affect football season?

Randy Fasani: (2:14 PM ET ) Yes, I 'm married to my beautiful wife, Monica. I love being married, especially during the football season. I have a shoulder to rest on after games and practice, and I also have someone to celebrate with. She's the love of my life. Maried life is great!

ME-97, San Francisco: Randy - what are you and Coach Diedrick consciously trying to do to keep you out of injury-risk situations this season?

Randy Fasani: (2:17 PM ET ) There's really nothing we can do. I'm approaching every game as if I'm healthy. In actuality, the knee brace has already prevented some minor injuries, and the rest of my body is feeling fine. Once I think about staying healthy on the field then I'm not going have the spontaneous scrambling edge. If it's meant to be then I'll stay healthy.

Christina (Branner Hall): Boxers or Briefs?

Randy Fasani: (2:20 PM ET ) briefs!

Josh Fried (Palo Alto): Randy: Can you keep passing with such efficiency all season (you're 4th in the nation right now!)?

Randy Fasani: (2:24 PM ET ) My passing efficiency is really high right now, and that's only because my offensive line is giving me time to throw while the receivers make the catches and make unbelievable plays to get into the endzone. Hopefully my touchdown to interception ratio will stay impressive throughout the whole season. I just need to stay healthy and good things will happen.

scott (Stanford): Why do you think that Luke Powell is so effective while being so small? Go Card!!

Randy Fasani: (2:27 PM ET ) Scott,

Luke is just like Troy Walters. They are fast, quick, shifty, and hard workers--when you combine those physical assets it's easy to see why Luke succeeds on the field. It's almost impossible to tackle Luke with one man.

Helen (Group Comm prof): Randy, does anything from your experiences in my classroom help you play football?

Randy Fasani: (2:31 PM ET ) Hi Helen,
Group Comm taught me to understand individuals for who they actually are. After taking your class it's easier for me to communicate with different types of people. One more thing, I'm a better listener. Listening helps with coaches, my teammates, and in my marriage. Thanks Helen.

Dirty Byrd: Yo, I'm sure you miss my expertise on special teams, huh?

Randy Fasani: (2:32 PM ET ) Jeff Byrd,

Nice to hear from you buddy. I still have the two play playbook that you willed me...that was hillarious!

John (Mt Carmel, PA): Congrats on your 2-0 start. How good do you think Nick Sebes will become? Starting off a college career by scoring touchdowns on each of his first two receptions is impressive ... do you think he can keep it up?

Randy Fasani: (2:36 PM ET ) John,
Nick is going to be a great wide receiver. He's living the dream life for a college football player right now. His first two catches in college were both for touchdowns. With a little more experience, and one more year underneath his belt, he'll become solid performer at wide out.

ME97H (San Francisco): Randy, How would you rate yourself as a QB compared to the other Pac-10 QBs?

Randy Fasani: (2:41 PM ET ) Personally, I think I'm the best qb in the Pac-10. As an athlete, you should always think you are the best or else you'll be questioning yourself when you play against the Joey Harrington and Carson Palmer's of the Pac-10 and across the country. I haven't received much attention or hype, but that's okay. I only played healthy in two games last season, and before that (for three years) I didn't get a chance to truly show my skills out on the field. Coaches have favorites, and their favorites are going to play. Now I'm the favorite, and I'm thankful to play. Hopefully, when the season is over the NFL scouts will believe in me and my ability to play in the next level. Sorry, for rambling a little.

Bill, Loomis: I understand you only got one B in high school. What have your learned from receiving that B that has helped you at Stanford/life (if anything?).

Randy Fasani: (2:43 PM ET ) Bill,

I got a B in Chemistry at Del Oro. I learned to not take science classes at Stanford. I majored in communication. Science doen't have anything to do with the comm. major.

Dave (Sacramento): What was your biggest challenge from being a high school superstar to a college freshman? How is the transition?

Randy Fasani: (2:51 PM ET ) I hate sitting on the sidelines. I'm a competitor, and competitors want to compete. That's why I volunteered to play defense, tight end, and special teams. High School is completely different than college. The playing time shocked me. I always thought the coaches would have played me, but they chose not to. However, to answer your question, I think the biggest difference is how politcal college football has become. High school football is all about fun and winning. College football deels with lives of important people (coaches), money, thousands of fans, and many more aspects that cause football to become political.

bill, loomis: did you realize that i, bill, was your chemistry teacher??!!

Randy Fasani: (2:54 PM ET ) yes, Mr. Kurnett, I did
have a great day...and hold your chin up high for preventing me from getting valedictorian...thanks

Randy Fasani: (2:56 PM ET ) Thanks everyone for all of your questions. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to answer all of them. I have a lunch date with my wife. Keep supporting Stanford football! Go Cardinal!
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