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Sept. 27, 2001

Due to the tragedy that happened a few weeks ago, our Pac-10 opener against Stanford and Cal were cancelled. The games haven't been given a definite rescheduling date, but they are talking about thanksgiving weekend. It was a hard week to get through with school and practice. The day that it happened, our team gathered in a circle with a moment of silence and prayer, but then had to turn our focus to practice. It seems that with this great tragedy has come a new perspective of what is really important. As we are traveling to California this weekend we would ask for your thoughts and prayers for travel mercies.

Our team was so pumped up and excited to start off our pac-10 season at home. We came out with a bang Friday night. It all started with our really cool new introduction with lights and music. The excitement seemed to feed off of both the players and the fans, it was great!!! We ended up beating the Oregon Ducks in 3 games and were so excited about our strong start to the season. Here comes the DOWN of the weekend! We really weren't sure what happened Saturday night, but we just didn't seem to come out with the same fire and intensity as we did Friday night against Oregon. The first game we came out pretty strong, but as the match went on we just died, so to speak. The match went to five games and the Beavers came away with the win.

We are headed off on Thursday to LA to face USC and UCLA. We will be traveling this weekend by bus to avoid airports and other stressors. USC and UCLA are two of the top teams in the nation, so we have our work cut out for us. We have had specific things that we have been focusing on in practice after last weekend, and are hoping to perfect them going into this coming weekend. USC is always a tough team to face at home because their fans are basically on the court and it is no bigger than a small high schools gym. Aside from their obnoxious fans and their rude comments add in an overbearing, loud band, and it seems to always be an interesting match.

What is the grossest thing that you have ever eaten???
-'I don't think I've ever eaten anything gross, I guess beets.'

Did you ever have any nicknames when you were younger???
- Bambi, Twiggy, Woody (from toy story), Bones, Kimmie

What is your favorite color???
- blue

What is your favorite TV show???
- 'Friends'

What is your favorite kind of music, station, group???
- country music
- KMLE 108 (The Camel)
- Tim McGraw

What do you want to do when you get out of college???
- have a professional career (doing something in therapeutic recreation), get married, have a family

What do you look forward to in your busy week???
- time where I can relax and sleep.

What is your favorite kind of cereal, snack and kind of food???
- Lucky Charms, nachos, Italian food

We had two birthdays this month. Our manager Amy Bowler celebrated her 21st birthday in the middle of the month. NATALIE HARRIS celebrated her 20th birthday Monday the 24th. We have a tradition for our birthday girls. To celebrate birthdays, we have a little singing dance and everybody has to have a bite of the good luck cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!:)

This past week we received an email regarding rally scoring and the way it affects past records. With the new scoring, the individual stats will have an affect because there is always a point being scored. Therefore, you can not get stuck with neither team scoring, while adding to your stats. For example, last year you could rotate around 5 times and never score a single point, but you are earning stats with each side out even though you aren't scoring. Hope this answers your question... Don't forget you can email us with any questions having to do with anything. From school, to specific players, to practice, feel free to email us at

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