Chat Wrap: Trey Freeman

Oct. 4, 2001

Trey Freeman: (12:02 PM ET ) Hello I'm here to answer any questions

Chick Hodge (Mercer Island, WA): Troy -- Congratulations on the strong start. Do you expect the team's performance to drop off now that classes have started and there is less time for football? What is the weekly time commitment to football when classes are in session? During midterms?

Trey Freeman: (12:06 PM ET ) When classes start performance always drops off some, but once you become adjusted to your classes we expect our performance to pick back up. We want to become a better team every week. Our time commitment is the same reguardless of classes.

Athens, Georgia: Do you think Stanford should get more praise for actually playing a hard schedule, unlike the other ivy league schools?

Trey Freeman: (12:07 PM ET ) Yes we should get more praise, because we are a D-1 school and they are D-!AA.

Derrick Potter, Chandler, AZ.: Hi Trey,What is your opinion on teams like USC, Oregon St. and I beleive Oregon getting so much pre-season hype which we now know was over ratted hype. Stanford, and my school Washington State never get any positive pub. How is Toledo in the top 25 and the Cougars aren't? How do you plan on playing the potent WSU offense?Thanks

Trey Freeman: (12:10 PM ET ) USC amd OSU are both good teams that have gotten off to bad starts, but people should not take them for granted, because if they to they will beat you. If WSU wins over the weekend they will be in the top 25. We plan to play WSU hard an tough just as we would any other team

Denise (office): Trey: why do you think that Stanford's defense is always overlooked? Is it motivating always having to prove yourself?

Trey Freeman: (12:14 PM ET ) I think our defense is always over looked, becaue our offence is so good. Everybody always sees our offence putting up high numbers, and that is all they see. It is ver y motivating when people tell you that you are not good.

Aswan - Los Angeles: Trey, I've noticed that you've dropped weight this season -- you're looking quite chislled. What was your off-season regimen and has it helped significantly in your performance this season?

Trey Freeman: (12:17 PM ET ) Over winter break last year when we did not go to a bowl game I went on a diet. I lost the weight by only eating smoothies and using the stairmaster for 90 mins a day. I believe that the weight loss has helped me become quicker and has given me more endurance.

Terry (Valencia): You guys have had a great start! What do yo think of your chances in the Pac 10 this year?

Trey Freeman: (12:19 PM ET ) If we can stay focused on our goals I believe that we have a shot at the Pac-10 title. We have an extremely tough next 4 games so keeping our focus is really important.

Martinez (Vegas): Congratulations on a great start. What team in the Pac Ten is most threatening?

Trey Freeman: (12:23 PM ET ) I believe that every team in the Pac-10 has a chance to beat any other team , because the conference is so balanced, so to me every team we face is the most threatening.

Marshall (San Jose): I'm 32, but have been going to the farm well before your time...I'm a huge NCAA fan stuck in a non NCAA area...why did you pick Stan. over a ACC/SEC schools? I've seen strong starts from the cardinal in the past, how is this start NOT going to end up like the rest? Is top 10 viable? thnx good luck big fella! mcm

Trey Freeman: (12:28 PM ET ) I picked Stanford, because it was the only school that offered big time college football and great accademics. This team is different from other Stanford teams of the past, but we can not predict the future. We can only play our hardest every week and believe we will win. If we play our hardest anything is viable.

Barry: What exactly is your mascot?

Trey Freeman: (12:28 PM ET ) Our mascot is a tree

Mark: Many people say that West coast foot ball is overated, not just this year, every year. Being from the East coast and playing on the West coast, what are your thoughts?

Trey Freeman: (12:32 PM ET ) People should be saying the exact opposite. West coast football is underated. Being from the east, I can say that people there do not care about west coast football. The games out west come on so late that most east coast people do not get a chance to see us play.

Devon(Philly): I just wanna know how hard the classes are there?

Trey Freeman: (12:34 PM ET ) The classes here at Stanford are tough, if you do not stay on top of your work, so I try not to fall behind.

Matt (Los Angeles): What techniques do you suggest for fighting off the double and triple teams? I am a high school nose guard. Also, what do you think is the most important role the nose guard plays defensively?

Trey Freeman: (12:39 PM ET ) One of the most important things a nose tackle must do is keep his feet moving. If you do not keep them moving the double teams will drive you off the ball. A nose must also have low pad level, because taking on double teams is all about leverage. The most important role of a nose tackle is to occupy blockers so the linebackers can make plays, and to be tough against the run.

Greg (Palo Alto): Do you feel that the Oregon teams could have been somewhat of one year wonders, and that the California teams will take control of the PAC-10 again?

Trey Freeman: (12:40 PM ET ) you never know what can happen in the pac-10 so saying the oregon schools will not be good is not wise.

Valley Boy -Mountain View: Trey,

In the games ahead, which O-line will be the toughest to get a good rush against?

Trey Freeman: (12:42 PM ET ) It is really hard to say this early in the season who has the best o-line, so each week I tell myself this is the best line I have faced, so there are no suprises.

Murphy: Hey Trey do you think the bcs is setup up for those 'certain teams to meet in the championship every year are equal for all schools? Should we go to a tournament?

Trey Freeman: (12:45 PM ET ) I believe that the BCS is a good formula. It tries to be as unbias as it can. I am not in favor of a tournament, because our season is long enough as it is.

Kendric O'neal Memphis TN: How can I get recruited by Stanford

Trey Freeman: (12:48 PM ET ) You have to work very hard on and off the field. You have to get good grades and play as hard as you can on the football field. If you do these things you will have a chance at Stanford, and even if you do not, you will be suited to go to another very good school.

Dorean: McLean, VA: Trey-Congrats on the 3-0 start. Since this is your first year starting, I was wondering what you have learned from some of the former great defensive linemen you played with (Howard, Currie, Kass)

Trey Freeman: (12:51 PM ET ) waz up!
I have learned so many things from you guys that I can't list them all here, but one thing I learned from all of you guys was determination in all aspects of life.

Onder Pulat: Deshaun Foster, RANK him in what you think is the TOUGHEST running backs you have faced in the PAC-10 last year.

Trey Freeman: (12:53 PM ET ) Foster is definitely one of the toughest backs in the nation. He has great size and good speed.

Cardinal (Clark, NJ): What are stanford's chance of a bowl birth this year? Where would you have to finish in the pac 10?

Trey Freeman: (12:55 PM ET ) I believe that we have a good chance at a bowl game , but we want more than just any bowl. to get into a bowl you have to have a winning record (6-5) .

Jeff - Blacksburg: Not too long ago the PAC-10 was considered a weak conference. Now, with Oregon undefeated, and UCLA and Washington beating OSU and Michigan, the conference is considered to be among the strongest. What do you think contirbuted to the turnaround?

Trey Freeman: (12:58 PM ET ) A few years ago when the pac 10 was considered weak, many teams had very young rosters, but now these same teams have a large majority of seniors starting.

Murphy : With the NFL 16 games per seanson and a tourn what is the difference?

Trey Freeman: (1:00 PM ET ) We are not the NFL. College basketball does not play an NBA schedule. College athletes have different responsibilities than NFL players so we cannot be expected to do what they do.

Dan Gough (Lacey, WA): Trey,

What's your impression of the Washington Huskies. I think they have a good chance to bring da trees back down to earth.

Trey Freeman: (1:02 PM ET ) U-dub is a very good team, they have a lot of playmakers so we will have to bring our A game if we want to win.

Trent :LA: Hey Trey were you on the team that played the badgers in the Rose Bowl?

Trey Freeman: (1:02 PM ET ) Yes

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: I personally think the pac 10 is overrated this year, the badgers went into Eugene short handed w/o quarterback Brooks Bollinger and almost pulled off the upset,what is you take on the big ten or the pac 10's strength

Trey Freeman: (1:06 PM ET ) Well the Pac-10 has 5 teams still without a loss. What does the big-10 have? Almost does not matter OU still won the game and your team lost. The big-10 has some really tough teams and is still one of the best conferences in the nation.

Trey Freeman: (1:08 PM ET ) Thanks for all your questions, sorry I could not answer them all. Hope to see some of you at our games.
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