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Oct. 8, 2001

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    First of all, let me start by saying that I'm happy to announce that this week the policemen, the firemen, the sheriffs and the highway patrolmen will be given two complimentary tickets to come to our football game. I think that's the least we can do for their efforts. We look forward to having as many of them come to our game as we can. I know some of them have to stay out there and help us to. They can't all be at the stadium.

    Anyway, the Washington game. (Washington) is a top-10 team. They are the defending Pac-10 Champions. They have one of the nation's longest winning streaks. They've had numerous come-from-behind victories and if you look at their football team offensively, they have some excellent skilled athletes. I was impressed this week watching their backup quarterback (Taylor) Barton come in and do a great job. Defensively, they are very athletic and they are very aggressive. Special team wise, they have an excellent punter and an all-league caliber kicker. I think he kicked a 56-yarder against us two years ago out here when we beat them in overtime. But they are an excellent football team and we'll talk more about them in a second.

    Injury update, Cody Joyce is very doubtful right now because of the concussion. Matt Stanley is very doubtful because of the high-ankle sprain. And Chris Kluwe is out. Everyone else will begin practice and we'll see how they go from there.

    The captain this week will be Ryan Nece, along with the other three that are yearly captains.

    Are there any questions?

    Is there anything significant about having Ryan as the captain this week?
    No, I just think he's playing extremely well and we as a coaching staff sat down this morning and decided that he'd be the guy.

    Is your approach offensively any different because the defense is so good?
    Yeah, I think that's probably fair to say. First of all, there are a lot of things that go into a game plan and a lot of things that go into a philosophy and that type of thing. But defensively, we are playing extremely well and that always gives you a chance to win the game. Offensively, we have an excellent running back so we want to give him the football. So we want to run the football and that's always kind of been my thing anyway. You have to be able to run the football efficiently. We make some big plays off our play-action pass game. If you can make the run game go, they have to commit eight or nine guys to the box, now you have single coverage and you can come up with some big pass plays. That's not to say that we are not going to throw the football. You know me well enough and you know that I am not conservative. I run reverses and swinging gates and I've done all kinds of things. I'm not a conservative person. I hope I'm smart enough to utilize my talent that I have available to me. If I didn't give it to DeShaun Foster I'd probably be second-guessed. We did score 41 points against Kansas. We did score 38 points against Oregon State. In the other two games, the Alabama game was a hard-fought game and if you look at Ohio State, I think everybody realizes that Ohio State has an excellent defense and we fumbled seven times in that game. That took away a lot of possessions and a lot of snaps which in turn prohibited us from scoring more points.

    Is Tab (Perry) cleared for this weekend?
    He is going to run around today. He's not going to have any contact today, but he is going to run around. As it gets later in the week, we will do more with him.

    Is that the same with Robert (Thomas)?
    Yes, he isn't going to have much contact.

    What is your evaluation of Reggie Williams and how do you defend a guy like that?
    First of all, it got down last year to Washington and us. He is a great football player. I mean, he is a guy with unbelievable size and speed. He can go up there and get that football. He is a great football player. He is a bigger Freddie Mitchell is what he is. I would've loved to have him. We didn't get him. It got down to him making a decision and we lost him. But I tell you what, I don't know how you stop him. You can double-cover him, but they have some other receivers that are doing a pretty good job too. Of course they can run the ball extremely well. So I think it's hard to stop him. I just think you have to be very competitive and stay all over him and make it difficult. At times you might have to double-cover him if you can.

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