Chat Wrap: Tank Williams

Oct. 10, 2001

Tank Williams: (3:42 PM ET ) Hi, I am here and ready to answer your questions

YCF (Sunnyvale): What does a team do during a bye week? Are there less practices to give the team a break, or are there more to help prevent rust.

Good luck against WSU

Tank Williams: (3:44 PM ET ) During the bye week, the coaches are usually off recruiting so it gives the team a time to recover from injury and get a head start on the approaching opponent. They are not as challenging as your regular game week practices.

Rhett Reese (Los Angeles): How would you compare the skills required to play safety, cornerback, or wide receiver? Which of the three positions demands the most athleticism?

Tank Williams: (3:48 PM ET ) I believe that one must be pretty gifted to play either of the three postitions. One has to be fairly quick and have good ball skills. The cornerbacks are usually a lot quicker than the safeties because they have to battle the wide receivers on a regulary basis in one on one coverage. The safeties usually assist a lot with the run game and give the corners extra help in the passing game. The receivers have to be pretty nifty and precise in their route running to be successful l on a regular basis.

Valley Boy (Mountain View): Tank,

Love your style of play! My question- what kind of culture shock did you encounter coming from MS to Northern CA? What advice would you give to recruits who live a long plane ride away from the Farm?

Thanks and Go Cardinal!

Tank Williams: (3:52 PM ET ) I must say that it was a huge difference between life in Mississippi and California. Everything in Mississippi is so laid back so it took some time to adjust to the fast paced life of California. The advice that I would give to recruits on the other side of the country is that it is worth the plane ride. Stanford offers an athlete the opportunity to receive one of the best educations in the country and participate in one of the best athletic programs as well. I'm definitely glad that I chose to come to school here.

Girls in the Office: We are all aware of your ability to knock someone into next season, but do you enjoy your role as a fierce hitter? And, if so, which area of the field do you prefer (blitzing, across the middle, or over the top)?

Tank Williams: (3:55 PM ET ) I must say that I prefer any part of the field that will allow me to lay a good lick on someone. I like playing up close to the ball at times so I can have an affect on the run game, but I really enjoy playing in the middle of the field, which allows you to get a lot of hard pops on unsuspecting receivers.

Cardinal Fan (Los Angeles): Hi Tank, how have you improved over the last three years? Here's to an undefeated season!

Tank Williams: (4:00 PM ET ) I beleive the one thing that has helped me improve more and more each year is experience. My first year out on the field, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I wasn't able to read offenses as much because I didn't know the defensive scheme as well as I do now. Now that I have a good grasp of the system, I can go out each week and play more confidently because I don't have to think as much. It is more reading and reacting. Thanks for the support.

A.J. ATWATER (Baltimore, MD): I've heard (from different sources) rumors that Stanford and South Carolina are discussing a four-game series for 2003-2006...any corroboration to this and how do you feel about the concept?

Tank Williams: (4:02 PM ET ) Actually I haven't heard anything about our two teams playing down the road, but I would definitely encourage it. I always wanted to play games closer to home so a lot of my family and friends could see me play and playing those teams SEC would allow that to happen.

Lauren G (Los Gatos): Congratulations on a great beginning! What kind of changes were made this year that has enabled our defense to be so successful at stopping the first down? Thanks, and good luck. I'm looking forward to watching you play this weekend!

Tank Williams: (4:06 PM ET ) I believe one of the keys to our defense being so successful on first downs has been the play of our front four. Those guys have done a tremendous job of limiting the first down runs of our opponents, which put opposing offenses in a lot of second and longs. That is very advantageous to a defense because it makes the opposing offense one dimensional.

phoenix: What NFL team are you interested in?

Tank Williams: (4:07 PM ET ) I am interested in any nfl team that would draft me. I have dreamed of playing professional ball since I was six so just having that opportunity with any team would be a dream come true.

Jody from Stanford: Hi, Tank, and congratulations on your academic and athletic successes. How come you're taking Greek art this quarter? Isn't it a little remote from political science and football?

Tank Williams: (4:09 PM ET ) I'm taking greek art because I took a greek myth class two summers ago that I found very interesting. I thought it would give me another opportunity to learn about a fascinating culture and learn from an extremely passionate and enthusiastic professor.

Mark-SJC: Your team has a number of unbeaten ranked teams to play against (UW, Oregon, WSU, UCLA) which team are you most weary of? Which team do you know you can beat? Why?

Tank Williams: (4:15 PM ET ) We have four very challenging games ahead of us against four very good teams. I think all four of these teams are very good at what they do and it will take good game planning and execution to defeat all four. The key for us is to play one game at a time. We must not look ahead, because each team is very capable of beating us. We must go out and play our game each week and if we do that, we will be successful in the few weeks.

Comin' to Reunion (NYC): Looks like WSU is coming in with big passing numbers in tow. How will the Cardinal secondary play WSU differently than others to eliminate the threat? I'm looking forward to seeing you guys live rather than on late night TV! Good luck.

Tank Williams: (4:18 PM ET ) I beleive the key to eliminating the threat of WSU's big play offense is execution. They have many weapons on offense and when they get going, they are hard to stop. The key for our defense is to play within our scheme and don't have any mental errors. If we play our game, I feel that we can compete with anybody. It is going to be a challenge, but I feel we can be successful as long as we play sound football.

Shannon Meier Mountian view: Hi Tank,What has been your greatest moment at Stanford. Have you had a chance to speek with Willie Howard since he got dratted. Your also really cute.

Tank Williams: (4:22 PM ET ) I beleive my greatest moment at Stanford has to be playing in the Rose Bowl. I remember watching the game with my dad when I was a little boy so being able to play in the game was a wonderful experience. I talked to Willie a couple of days ago and he is doing well with the Vikings and keeping an eye on our teams' progress as well.

Webfoot (Eugene): Hey Tank- How do you think you will fare in the unfriendly confines of Autzen Stadium? How do you plan to defend against Joey Harrington and the attacking offense that UofO has?

Tank Williams: (4:26 PM ET ) Autzen stadium is a very tough place to play. Oregon's fans give a lot of support to their team, which makes it tougher on their opponents to operate. You add that element with a good football team and it makes the game pretty tough. We must go in there and just concentrate on the goal at hand and that is winning the game. We must block out the fans and just play sound football. If we can accomplish that, then we have a good chance against a high powered offense.

Card fan: What do you do in your free time? Do you think you'll ever coach?

Tank Williams: (4:29 PM ET ) I like to hang out with my friends and play video games during my free time. I recently bought a playstation 2 so a lot of my free hours are dedicated to playing college football and gran turismo. Other than that I just surf the net and talk to family back home. And I have thought about coaching, but I'm not sure if I would ever pursue it. My dad was my coach for many years so that is what sparked my interest, but you never know.

Mountain View: Tank, what's your feeling on how Tyrone is shaping up the offense? Is he most concerned with establishing a strong air attack or is he trying to build a running game?

Tank Williams: (4:33 PM ET ) I believe Coach Willingham has focused and succeeded with building a balanced offensive attack. I believe we have one of the best back fields in the pac ten and we have very explosive receivers to go along with an experience offensive line. The offense has really gelled and have been playing well the past few games. They really throw other teams off with their balance which makes them hard to defend.

Carey and Elsa from Southern California: How are the female fans in Palo Alto? Do you get support from that community?

Tank Williams: (4:35 PM ET ) All of our Palo Alto fans have been great and the teams really enjoys the excitement of the surrounding communtity. We hope it just continues to grow as we head down the long stretch of the season.

Tank Williams: (4:36 PM ET ) I have to go now. Thank you for all of your questions and support. Hope to see you and hear you all at many of our games. Go Cardinal!

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