Sam Clancy Chat Wrap-Up

Oct. 12, 2001

Sam Clancy: (3:19 PM ET ) Hello everyone!! I'm ready for your questions!!!!

Tim ( TEXAS ): Sam, what do you think your chances are to make it back to the Elite Eight, and also what has been your focus for improving your game this summer.

Sam Clancy: (3:21 PM ET ) I think our chances are good. We haven't started practice yet but we are even better than last year with the new guys coming in. All of them can contribute. Our chances are great.

As far as me, I worked on shooting and extending my range and my three point skills. I just fine tuned some of my game also. I also plan to get more rebounds.

The Fonz(Beverly Hills): Sam, how's Jerry Dupree fitting in with the team? It must be good to have another big man to join you down low.

Sam Clancy: (3:22 PM ET ) First, he's not really a big big guy. He's more like a small forward. His athleticism is great. He can really play. Having him is great. We as a team hang out together and we try to show them around. He will play a lot of minutes this year.

Jeremy, Los Angeles: Fight On Sam! What was the biggest lesson you learned from your experience in the NBA camps?

Sam Clancy: (3:24 PM ET ) I just learned what I need to do io improve my NBA stock . increasing my range, putting the ball on the floor, rebounding. I rebounded well at the camp. I got that info from lots of teams and decided to come back and become a more complete player.

Stone (ST. Louis): You gotta post this...I never get on! What personal goals do you have for this upcoming season?

Sam Clancy: (3:26 PM ET ) Just basically to become more of a team leader and get my teammates involved as much as possible. Last year we kind of lacked that for a certain part of the season. Coach got on us about it so Im taking that on myself.

Michael, Marin: Sam - How does your stamina feel coming off a summer of intense hoops including the camps?

Sam Clancy: (3:27 PM ET ) I would say right now I'm not in game shape because we haven't practiced much but I think I have an edge on other guys because I've been playing non-stop all year. I only took a few weeks off because I didn't want to burn myself out. I just relaxed during that time and got my legs back.

Mike, Minneapolis: Sam you're a stud, can you do me a favor and nasty dunk all over Dan Gadzuric for me. peace

Sam Clancy: (3:28 PM ET ) Of course, it would be my pleasure!

Ross (New York): Sam - Who do you see as your competition for PAC-10 Player of the Year?

Sam Clancy: (3:29 PM ET ) I would say Casey Jacobsen from Stanford, he is a great player. Jason Kapono from UCLA also.

Mike (A Fool from Westwood High): How badly do you think UCLA is going to kick your ass this year, Sam?

Sam Clancy: (3:32 PM ET ) We'll just wait and see .. we have something for them.

Devin (Tucson, Az): Sam, how do you feel about the new PAC-10 tournament?

Sam Clancy: (3:35 PM ET ) I'm excited to have it. I've always wanted it and now we have it. I'm excited. It's just like the NCAA's, anything can happen. And it's in our back yard at the Staples Center so I can't wait.

Brando Lute (OH): You are know as a strong, physical player. So I was wondering... how much do you bench?

Sam Clancy: (3:36 PM ET ) Actually, I don't know. We haven't maxed out. I would say around 275, I'm not that strong. I have long arms so it's hard for me to bench.

Marshall, Oakland: I know its off the subject but A's or Yankees??

Sam Clancy: (3:37 PM ET ) Indians.

Bruin Rudy: What will you miss this season in not having Trepagnier?

Sam Clancy: (3:39 PM ET ) We will miss his athleticism on defense. He was like Top 5 in the country in steals. And he played the lanes so well. We will miss that the most.

Thanks for the questions .. I appreciate your concern for the team and we'll see you soon!!!

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