Dirk Koetter's Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 15, 2001

Quoting Arizona State Head Football CoachDirk Koetter
October 15, 2001

Opening Statement
'Thanks for coming, and congratulations to the Diamondbacks on a great win last night. We watched a little while we were breaking the film down and it's awesome for them.'

'As far as our weekend, there is no easy way to sugarcoat it. As I said after the game, we got our butts kicked. We got out-coached and we got out-played. No one feels worse about that than I do, I can assure you. Or the coaching staff or the players.'

'We're well aware of what happened. We made too many mistakes in all phases. As bleak as that looks, there's always players in the system who are playing well and getting better. Terrell Suggs had a fantastic game. RJ Oliver played his best game and is getting better at corner. Lamar Baker, our other freshman corner competed very hard. Kurt Wallin probably had his best game, and I thought both our free safeties played pretty well.'

'On the offensive side of the ball, even though we were very disappointed in our performance overall, Shaun McDonald continued to make plays and did a nice job. Scott Peters probably had his best game of the season. As did Marquis Muldrow up front. Mike Karney and the running backs did a nice job.'

'At this point, we can't pout about it, we can't make excuses for where we're at. There's no cavalry coming to save us, the only people who are going to save us are ourselves. If we go in the tank and feel sorry for ourselves, it's going to be more of the same, nothing is going to change. I don't think we did that, and I don't think we will do that. All we can do is continue working hard and realize that we have to fight through this, we have to make plays, and we have to be a lot more consistent for the full four quarters.'

'(Oregon State) is off to a little bit of a slow start, but their last six quarters have been their best. They were way down to Washington State at halftime, played a lot better in the second half, and had a chance to tie that game up in the fourth quarter. Then they dominated Arizona last week. They played easily their best game of the season.'

'We need to worry a lot more about what's going on in our program and our execution than what's going on at Oregon State. We need to just take care of our own business and that's really the only way we can handle it at this point.'

Linebacker play
'I think the linebackers are a reflection of several positions on our team. They're not playing as consistent as we'd like them too. Mason Unck, from an attitude standpoint and a leadership standpoint, might have been the best guy we had out there. Mason was the best guy on the field, he was positive, played well on special teams, but as far as linebacker, Mason did not play very well. Solo (Bates) probably played better, longer than he has all year. So far this year he has started the games well and sort of wore down in the second half. He probably had his best game, as far as being able to endure.'

'The guy who has improved the most is Josh Amobi. Josh has come the furthest of any of those guys. He is playing on all of our special teams, he's also playing somewhere in the 35-40 snap range at linebacker. We actually had a plan to play Josh a little bit more, and play some three linebacker sets against SC, but SC didn't really run the ball on us that great until the last drive in the fourth quarter.'

Jeff Krohn's Status
'Jeff (Krohn)'s injury right now appears to be much better than it did after the game Saturday. They did an MRI on Jeff's foot yesterday, and they originally thought he was just going to miss one series, get his ankle taped, and then get back in there. But what he couldn't do was, he couldn't get on his toes, he couldn't push off. The MRI was negative, Jeff was off of crutches yesterday, walking with a slight limp... I think he may be able to go as soon as tomorrow.'

Quarterback situation
'As far as the quarterback position in general, I'm going to wait until tomorrow when I see exactly what the status of Jeff is before we make any definitive depth chart statements. Jeff's status will affect the rest of them.'

'Matt Cooper does not have an attitude problem, his attitude is fine. He did not play as well as he wants too, he did not play as well as we wanted him too. Matt has played excellent in practice, and when Jeff went out I had to make a decision to stay with our game plan, which is all out attack, or are we going to go conservative. Based on how Matt has played in practice, I decided to stay with our game plan. It didn't work out so good, but I don't have the option of going back and changing it right now. So, we did not play well at quarterback, and most of our problems on offense were due to us not playing well at quarterback. We can make all the excuses for it we want too, but the bottom line is we didn't get it done. No one feels worse about that than Matt, and no one feels worse about it than I do, because I am the one responsible for it.'

Travis Scott getting ejected vs. USC
'Travis Scott was ejected for fighting, and that carries with it a suspension. Travis will be ineligible for the first half, he was ejected in the second half of the SC game, and he will miss the first half of the Oregon State game. I did not see what happened in the game, and it does not show up on film...I don't know what provoked Travis to do it, but that behavior is totally unacceptable and he is going to have to pay the price for it.'

On returning home
'We're certainly excited to be playing at home, because we have played a lot better at home than on the road. I know our fans are disappointed at where we're at and how we played in the Pac-10, but as I said going into the year, I'd like the fans to take the viewpoint of coming to the game, and being a factor in helping us win. That's the only way we're going to build this thing. It's a two-way street. I'm the first to admit that I have to coach better, and we have to play better. We will take any help we can get, and we'd like to make it as loud as we could for both Oregon State and Washington. From that standpoint, we're glad to be coming back.'

On OSU's Ken Simonton
'I voted Ken Simonton first team All-American last year, I think he is just fantastic. It seems like several running backs around the country have been up and down based on last year. Obviously (UCLA's) DeShaun Foster is having a fantastic year, if not a Heisman Trophy type year. For whatever reason, Ken Simonton has gotten off to a slow start...I still think Ken Simonton is one of the best football players in the country, and they have not been able to run the ball as well, and I'm not sure that's all on him. They also have an excellent back-up in Patrick McCall.'

What needs to be improved the most - offense, defense or special teams
'I would say offensively, our lack of production, 17 points isn't going to get it done.'

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