Tyrone Willingham Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 16, 2001

On keeping the team's focus after Saturday's loss:
'As a team, it's fairly simple. We lost one football game, and if that's the only game we lose then it's not a bad season. The truth is though, is that we really have to focus and concentrate because Oregon has a heck of a football team. They are very good, very explosive offensively and probably the most balanced team we have faced this year.'

On traveling to play in a hostile environment in conference play:
'They haven't lost at home in a while, but they have been beaten at home and fortunately sometime in that past we were one of those teams to beat them at home. So, they can be beat. If you play better than Oregon, you win and if you don't...'

Talking about adjusting from last week to the next:
'The number one thing is eliminating mistakes. There are always going to be mistakes in a football game- there isn't one team that doesn't make any. Washington State definitely made some mistakes last weekend. You have to make fewer mistakes than your opponent and not make critical mistakes that turn into points. If we do make a mistake, then someone has to step up and rectify that mistake.'

On Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington:
'I don't know if you stop a quarterback with his talent, skill and ability to be successful. There are things we hope we can do to slow him down, but the first thing to remember is that it's not just Joey Harrington. If it was just him, it would be a real simple process. You have to focus on the team and the structure and all the things they have put in place that make them a good football team. They have a great quarterback and two running backs that are great players. Their wide receivers are outstanding players who are also very good at making plays.'

On the success of running back Brian Allen so far this season:
'Brian Allen, in my formula of looking at players, hits right on the mark. The first thing you like for a player to be is tough and he is a tough young man, in terms of intelligence and how he anticipates plays during a football game. What he's really added to his package, in my opinion, is the ability to become more instinctive. Each year he's continued to grow and he looks more faster and explosive this year than any other. I think it's the experience, the maturity, and the learning of how to play the game that he's advanced on each year.'

Talking about the artificial turf surface at Oregon:
'Obviously, it's different. Having not been on it, I can't tell you of any similarities compared to other fields that we've played on. They made a very conscious decision based on price, durability and we'll see how it works out. We're not going up there anticipating any problems. The only thing you can do is prepare, and let's go up there and play the game.'

On not having played Oregon in a few years:
'It becomes a little less familiar because you don't have the year-to-year. We've seen them play last year, but you just don't go as intensely in terms of your preparation.'

Talking about the TE position in Oregon's offense:
I look at the tight end as being a very timely element of their offensive attack. They use the right moment to integrate him into their system and in a lot of cases, it's made for big plays. I've seen that more over the years from watching them compared to just what they're doing right now.'

On the label of an 'instinctive' runner used to describe Brian Allen:
'I think 'instinctive' means you know how to utilize all the resources around you as a runner. I think Brian, along with many high school runners when they come in to college football, run fast and run hard especially if they have speed. But that's not the real essence of a great running back. A great running back understands speed, but also understands tempo and placement. Placement of offensive linemen, placement of receivers, and awareness. I think he's continued to grow and this season you're seeing a real growth in Brian Allen.'

Talking about the different styles of Stanford running backs, Kerry Carter and Brian Allen, and whether or not it has become an advantage:
'I think it always does, because now you have to adjust. That's the game of football. When you start making your opponent have to adjust , hopefully now you have the advantage.'

Comparing Oregon's offense and defense:
'I don't know if there is a certain weakness but the strength of their football team has really been their offense which has kept their defense off the field. I think that's really a great thing to have when your offense can put up points and your defense doesn't have to play a great deal. They've got great coaches over there and I think their defense will play real well.'

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