Ask Coach Toledo

Oct. 16, 2001

Matthew Bartos (Goleta, CA)
First of all, you are doing a heck of a job Coach. I am proud of you and the team. My question is, what is the most rewarding part of your job and the most frustrating?

'I'd say one of the most rewarding things about my job is to see players come here as young men, improve, and then leave as adults. Just to see them grow, mature and see them get better at things that we have taught them. I think the most frustrating part is when you think you have something and you don't. You work hard and you're confident everything is going well and then all of the sudden something bad happens - something off the field for example. The things that distract us from what we are trying to do are what bothers me most.'

John Aumer
Needless to say, in addition to excellent performances from a lot of guys each week it also looks like the coaching staff is doing a great job of getting the team prepared to play. Will the staff do anything different this week for a night game?

'Yeah, we probably won't put eye black on. But seriously, we won't do anything different just because it's a night game. We will do everything just like we've done in the past.'

Brandon August (Berkeley, CA)
Do you think DeShaun finally had his breakout game? Should we expect more of what we saw against Washington?

'I think the big thing is that DeShaun wanted to make a statement and I think he did a good job of doing that nationally. He ran with power, speed and he was physical. If anybody watched the game, they realized that he is the best back in the country.'

Nickolas Robert
Coach, once again you are off to a fast recruiting start. In your opinion, what is your number one remaining priority?

'There are several things. We obviously want to get players at all positions, but the quarterback position is something we are looking into extensively because we need that for the future. I'd say receiver is a little bit of a need too. We have a lot of verbal commitments, but they don't mean that much until they sign. We'll see. But we are doing very well right now in terms of recruiting.'

William B. Thomas (Reno, NV)
In regards to scheduling, do you feel good about scheduling games for UCLA or should that always be the job of the Director of Athletics and the administration?

'Let's put it this way, the schedule is set until about 2009 and by that point I'll be retired. I don't have much say in it. I play who they schedule and will continue to do so until then. I like good competition. I don't want to play the Division-I AA schools, I want the big time schools. And when you win those games, then it says something about your program.'



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