Chat Wrap: Lee Morrison

Oct. 18, 2001

Moderator: (2:30 PM ET ) Let's welcome LeeMorrison to this chat room. He will start answering questions very shortly.

LeeMorrison: (2:35 PM ET ) Hi everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am here, and I will begin to answer your questions.

Sarah (Santa Cruz): Does all that heading affect your intelligence? Isn'tStanford hard?

LeeMorrison: (2:36 PM ET ) I am glad to say that heading has not affected my intelligence, as best I know, and yes Stanford is very difficult, but time management is the key.

Bas, Vacaville: How long have you been playing soccer?

LeeMorrison: (2:37 PM ET ) Bas, I have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old. I have two older brothers that would take me out and throw me around on the soccer field.

Tracey Grady: Hi,

My cousin is actually on the women's team at Stanford, (Hi Amy!!!) and I was wondering if you could explain how each team's success (men and women's) has influenced the other? You guys all just do so well!

LeeMorrison: (2:40 PM ET ) Tracey, I would have to say that each programhas the same ultimate goal, a national championship. And being here four yearsI have learned that there are huge bragging rights for what ever program has thebetter record at the end of the season or who ever goes further into the playoffs.It is friendly competition, but competition nonetheless. We both are very hardworking teams and try to use each others success as motivation to perform betterfor the next game. Thanks for question and I will tell Amy hello for you.

Kaleka (Honolulu): Hi, I'm a college-bound senior who has pretty good grades,is really involved in my local community (I manage a local youth women's soccerleague) and would like to go to one of the better soccer schools in the US. Howwould you compare yourself to Princeton or Harvard? And do you guys get to hangout with the women's teams on campus? I read something about Princeton, and Iwas wondering about your team.

LeeMorrison: (2:42 PM ET ) Well I think that Stanford is the best institution in the country. I believe the balance of academics and athletics are second to none. It is difficult to compare since I have been to neither campus nor had any interest to attend those schools. Yes we get to hang out with the women's teams, some of the women on the team are some of my best friends.

Susie Mulder- San Bernardino: Hey Lee! I saw the soccer commercial whenI was reading Taylor's tales. Great idea, by the way, on having a player diary.Anyway, who else appears in the video and what was the purpose of this?

LeeMorrison: (2:44 PM ET ) The soccer commercial was a way for the teamto get our games publicized and the word out to everyone that Friday nights thesoccer field is where to be. I believe that it has worked awesome and we are actuallyin the process of making another one, so keep your eyes out for it. Thanks forthe question

Derek- Santa Rosa: How is Coach Simon different than Bobby was? Any strategical changes, or practice routines?

LeeMorrison: (2:48 PM ET ) Derek, coach Simon and coach Clark are quite similar in their approach to the game. Our formation is the same, minus our central midfielders, but not a huge change at all. We are a lot more community service orientated now, then we were in the past, which the team has grown to love. Practices are the pretty much the same, we do a lot of preparation for the team that we are going to be playing against, and I would say that we do a lot more finishing at practice, which is the biggest difference in the two coaches. We practice shooting almost every day, when we did not with coach Clark.

Nick (Fresno): With so many of your teammates graduating last year, do you feel that you have had to take a leadership role this year?

LeeMorrison: (2:51 PM ET ) Losing so many unbelievable seniors last year was extremely difficult to replace. Yes I feel more leadership this year, but the rest of the seniors and our junior class have been great in setting the example of what to do. I think this years team is a lot deeper than any other team we have had in the past and I think that is what separates us from teams before. We have a great bunch of seniors that lead by example, and have been fortunate enough each year to have that example carried on. So we are doing fine and are going to keep going harder. Thanks for the question.

Kat @ Stanford: Leemo, The national championship could definitely be ours.What is it about this years team that makes it better/different/stand out fromlast years? What are your plans after this season?

LeeMorrison: (2:54 PM ET ) We are the deepest team that I have been part of in my four years. That is the biggest difference. We are still the hardest working team and the fittest team in the country I believe and that is what is going to help in our quest for the title. Other than that we need a little bit of luck as well, as every team needs. Hard work and believing we can win the whole thing are the tools we need. Thanks Kat

JCSD (Edinburgh): First off congratulations on another fantastic startto your season. I'm a big fan of yours and of Stanford soccer. I was wonderingyour thoughts on if having to defend such prolific attacking players in practiceduring the 1998 season has helped make you the favorite for the Herman trophy?Also, what was it like playing next to such a dominant defender and current RaithRovers international superstar in James Clark?

LeeMorrison: (2:56 PM ET ) What can I say except that James Clark taught me everything I know today. If it was not for him I would be no where today, I owe him a million thanks. As well as the great forwards we had back then, to teach me how to play against the best. Thanks for the question Jaime and I hope all is well in Scotland!

Jim from Pleasanton: Hi Lee, you see youths backing up a lot in defense even when the ball is in front of them. In what situations might a defender be advised to 'retreat' like funneling back, even though the ball is in front of them? Thanks.

LeeMorrison: (2:59 PM ET ) When to 'retreat' is a difficult decision.Obviously when the defense is numbers down you would definitely retreat towardsthe middle of the defense. Other than that I believe it is a decision that thedefender has to make at that moment. If he or she believes they can win the ball,then go for it, but if not in defense it is always better to play it safe andretreat and get numbers behind the ball and then try and step hard to win theball. I hope that helps and thanks for the question

Jason (Pacifica): I just wanted to say what a good job you are doing. How is the house going and who do you think will be your toughest test this year?

LeeMorrison: (3:02 PM ET ) Thanks for the support. The house is doinggreat and enjoy living there. I believe our toughest opponent will be our next.If we do not take the next game as the hardest and toughest game of the year,we can easily be beaten by anyone. The toughest opponent we will face this yearis the next opponent. That is the approach our team takes on each game. Thanksagain for the support and the question

Cartman (South Park, CO): What is it you have against Timmay?

LeeMorrison: (3:03 PM ET ) I have nothing against Timmay, he is a great character. YOU THE MAN Old DB!

Harry (Menlo Park): Lee:Congrats on the great season. How would you compare yourself with other defenders in the country? And how do you get psyched up for the games the night before and the day of the game?

LeeMorrison: (3:05 PM ET ) Well thank you for the kind words harry, Ilike to think that I am one of the better defenders in the country, but thereare many things I still need to work on to continue to grow as a player. I loveto play soccer and I hate being beat or giving up goals, so that is my motivationto every game. Thanks

Amy(valley park): Lee: It seems that a lot of your team is beat up andinjured. How will this play into postseason and what affect will it have overallon the team

LeeMorrison: (3:08 PM ET ) As with every season players get injurriedand hurt, but we do have some players hurting right now, but they are only minorthings, so I do not think right now they will hurt us in the playoffs. But onlytime will tell, thanks for the question

SAE: Lee:Why are you such a poor hasher? Can you expand on this?-the house

LeeMorrison: (3:08 PM ET ) Sorry guys about missing hashing, I will bethere in tomorrow for sure. You guys are the best!

Syd (Australia): Can you expand on the strength of the sophomores and redshirt freshmen? They seem to be some of the most talented players on the team.Thanks and good luck for rest of the season

LeeMorrison: (3:10 PM ET ) Obviously the team is not composed of just juniors and seniors, we greatly rely on our freshmen and sophomores to provide valuable minutes for us. They have been a great surprise on how they have contributed so much this year and years in the past. That is one of our biggest strengths as a team. Thanks Syd, see ya later mate!

Mike Frederic (Palo Alto): I come to some of your games and I was curiousas to why the attendance is not that large. Especially the Sunday games. I thoughtthe first game had a great atmosphere, but after that the games have been reallylacking in attendance. Will you be doing anything to counteract the lack of attendance?Thanks and good luck the rest of the way

LeeMorrison: (3:13 PM ET ) I think this years attendance for our games has been great. We love to see as many people out there as possible. We are in the process of making a second commercial to help advertise our games. If you did not get a chance to look at the first one, go to our website and you can view. We are putting up flyers and spreading the game by word of mouth. There is not much more we can do as a team. We love it for our fans to spread the word as well. Thanks and hope to see you out there tomorrow night and on Sunday.

Bob Newberry(Menlo Park): Lee: I notice that the girls and guys teams arealways at each others games. Is there a close relationship with the women's andmen's team. Does this make the program better having each team in the stands rootingfor each other. Or is it just a requirement that you guys come to each othersgames. Cause the women's game seems so slow compared to the men's. Good luck therest of the season

LeeMorrison: (3:16 PM ET ) The relationship is the very good between both teams. We are not required to be at the games, we are just fans of their program, we enjoy watching our women's team win and play well, as do they love to watch us win and play well. Both teams get along very well and support each other.

Clayton Peters(Your Roommate): Lee: Congrats so far in the season. Youseem to be really good at using your head and winning head balls. Can you tellme how you got so good at heading the ball. Also what do you think you greatestweakness on and off the field. I have heard you have a nickname on the team, canyou expand on that:) See yah at dinner

LeeMorrison: (3:18 PM ET ) You the man now dog, see you tonight at dinner.

Jefferson (Pleasanton, Calif.): Hey lee, how are things going. How do you see next week's game against Washington shaping up? I'm a former Husky alum living in wonderful Pleasanton and will come out to Maloney for that game.

LeeMorrison: (3:20 PM ET ) Washington is very good team and if we do not come ready to play they can certainly beat us. I think we will definitely be ready for Washington, but right now we are preparing for CAL. We try to take one game at a time and with that in mind I think we will be ready for Washington. We want to win the pac-10 and they are on of the teams that we must beat to do so.

Chadwick (Sperrey, Iowa): What do you attribute to your consecutive games played streak? Has it been tough to maintain a high level of play?

LeeMorrison: (3:22 PM ET ) I have always just loved to play, I guess beingin shape and stretching a lot has allowed me to remain somewhat injury free andbe able to put on the field. But ultimately I owe it to the coaches for puttingme out there. I have enjoyed everyone and will continue to do so. I just try andplay the best I possibly can each and every game, and that has not been tough,but staying mentally focused every game is the real challenge and that is verydifficult, but something I believe our team does very well. Thanks for the question

Brett (Palo Alto): I've noticed that a lot of you gus get to play in the game... what effect does this have on the team individuals, both good and bad?

LeeMorrison: (3:25 PM ET ) I think that is a tribute to our team, we havealways believed that the team is not just the eleven players that start, but ourteam is players 1 through 28. The fact that so many player s get on the fieldis the best compliment to the handwork of everyone on our team. Players get hurtso the next person needs to be ready to go at the drop of hat, and the more experiencethat he gets the better. Thanks Brett, see you at the game on Friday night

Se�or Dr. Harold Deuceman, : Lee, how are you and the rest of the D able to squeeze out so many tight games? You know, the games that could flop one way or the other. How do you stay so focussed and disciplined for the full 90? Thanks.

LeeMorrison: (3:28 PM ET ) I think that our D is the best in the country. We work so well together and it feels like we know each other so well. We have been playing with each other for two years know and a lot of our success as a D is fighting for each other. Staying focused for 90 minutes is not tough, because as a D we hate to get scored on and we hate when teams think they can beat us, so that is our motivation. Our D is also very good at scoring and assisting. Thanks Harold Deuceman, hope to see you at the game on Friday.

David (Rancho Palos Verdes): What impact has Stanford's head coaching change had and do you think the team's style or approach to play has changed any since last year?

LeeMorrison: (3:31 PM ET ) The impact has been great, we were very sad to see Coach Clark go, but we all were very excited to see Coach Simon come in. He has been great so far, and the team and his family have gotten along very well. The transition has been a smooth one. Our approach has not changed in the fact that we still think we are the best team in the country and that we want to win the national championship. Each year that is always the end goal, hopefully this year, my last, is the year that trophy comes to the Farm. Thanks for question.

Edwin (Stanford): Let me start off by saying how much of a fan I am of Stanford Soccer. I've convinced my parents to drive 110 miles from my hometown to catch a home game. Of the remaining home games, which would you say will be the most exciting?

LeeMorrison: (3:33 PM ET ) I think either the game against Washington or UCLA would be a good one to come and watch. That is awesome and we love to see you out there, make sure that you mention to someone how far you have come and we can hopefully get you out on the field. Thanks Edwin and hope to see you soon!

Kwame Harris (Delaware): Lee, why is it that soccer seems to be more popularat Stanford than football? Do you attribute this to the teams recent success?Thanks for your time!

LeeMorrison: (3:36 PM ET ) Kwame, how is it going, we are all just as popular, come on buddy, our success helps us get more fans, as does yours. Congrats on a great season so far, keep kicking some butt.

Lancs (Sacramento): Hey, Lee what's it like to chop it up out there inthe rucks, where's the contact with the boys. Drop a line.

LeeMorrison: (3:37 PM ET ) What is going on Lancs, how have you been? The Kings (NBA) are going to be awesome this year, hope all is well and talk to you soon.

Tom (CA): What is your major? What are your plans after college?

LeeMorrison: (3:39 PM ET ) Tom, I am a International Relations major and I would love to play professionally after college. I have always dreamed of playing in the professional ranks and I hope that dream will become a reality.... thanks for the question Tom

LeeMorrison: (3:40 PM ET ) Sorry I could not answer all your questions, but I have class. I hope to see all of you at our game on Friday night at 7:30 against CAL. thanks again and I would be more than willing to answer any questions at our game. Thanks
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