Chat Wrap: Tara VanDerveer

Oct. 18, 2001

Moderator: Coach TaraVanDerveer will be joining us very shortly. Feel free to submit your questions now.

TaraVanDerveer: Good Morning! I'm happy to answer questions about Stanford basketball!

Ken (Sunnyvale): Would you list the positions (1-5) of the freshmen and comment on their expected contribution this year? Thanks!

TaraVanDerveer: Kelley is a guard (1 or 2)
Azella a forward (3 or 4)
T'nea is a post (4 or 5) and Seb is a guard forward 1,2,or 3)
All are doing REALLY WELL!

Michelle Sam Francisco: Do you think that Lindsey will make the WNBA, ifso what do you think that she has to do to get there?

TaraVanDerveer: Yes I do! Lindsey is very talented and is working very hard.

Los Angeles: Congrats on the 5-year contract extension! You have so many possible line-up combinations. Will you platoon entire groups of players, or will you substitute selectively? How will you find enough minutes to play all of the talented wing players (Lauren, Enjoli, Lindsey, Azella, Katie, Seb, etc.)?

TaraVanDerveer: I am excited about my new contract - thank you. You are right. Things will be very competitive on the wing for us. Defense, rebounding and making good decisions will really influence playing time!

Tony (St. Louis): Tara, what do you think it will take to get your team back to the championship game? Good luck with the upcoming season!

TaraVanDerveer: Hi Tony - the number one priority for our team is to be healthy and then the sky is the limit!

Sue (New York): I am sure that you are a fan of the WNBA. Any thoughts of coaching at the next level? Do you have a favorite team?

TaraVanDerveer:Hi Sue - I enjoy coaching at Stanford and can't imagine a better job! I didreally enjoy my experience with the Olympic team and the pro players however.My favorite WNBA team is the Minnesota Lynx where my sister Heidi coaches!

Pac-10 Fan: Hi I was really impressed with the young stars in the Pac-10last year, most notably Nicole Powell, Giuliana Mendiola, Ebony Hoffman, BetsyBoardman and Andrea Lalum. The Pac-10 hasn't been as successful as it has in thepast, do you think this is the year where the Pac-10 will reach national prominence,especially after doing so well last year with many freshmen being leaders on theirteams? How good of a freshmen class do you think the Pac-10 had last year, andhow did it rank with other freshmen classes?

TaraVanDerveer: Pac 10 Fan! The Pac Ten is loaded with great young players. We are very excited about the upcoming season and inaugural tournament. You'll enjoy seeing our new freshmen too!

SakiBomb25, Palo Alto: Do you know if Ann Strother has passed admissionsyet? I thought that Stanford was passed up because we were not one of the campusesthat she chose for her paid trips. Did you know that she was coming or were yousurprised that she came to Stanford unofficially? How did it go, to your knowledge?Who was her host? As for recruits, next year do you think you will target someposts, like Lauren Ervin and Liz Podominick or go for guards like Katie Gearlds?As for this year, do you think Stanford has a chance to tapped the likes of UConnand Vandy? With King back in the line-up, Powell going back to her natural position,and the emergence (and hopefully consistency) of Lindsay Yamasaki and Cori Enghusen,we should have the talent to compete. Also, do you think that the freshmen willmake a big impact? With so many seniors, it might be hard for them to find playingtime, except of Suminski. Also, what position does Perryman play? Is she a forwardor center? Is she a 'project' or is she already a gamer?

TaraVanDerveer: Hi SakiBomb25,
I can answer part of your question about our team. Yes I think we can play with ANYONE with EVERYONE healthy! We are off to a great start. The USA Basketball experience for Lindsey, Cori and Nicole will be beneficial for our team too!
PS. Perryman is no project! Thanks for your support

David: Tell us about the incoming class of freshmen and their strengths.

TaraVanDerveer: Hi David,
Our freshman class is doing very well.
Kelley is a very poised guard - excellent fundamentals and court sense. Shoots well, handles the ball and works very hard on defense.
Seb is a very talented guard forward who is excellent passer, shooter and tough kid!
T'Nae is a 'go to ' post - she scores on the block and facing up. She is verystrong and physical.
Azella is an aggressive rebounder, scorer and defender. She is very versatile!
All are very hard workers and from super high school programs.

Sarah Newsome, Memphis: Hi Coach,

I'm an incoming freshmen playing basketball this year and I was wondering what advice you could give me on as far as conditioning and getting in game shape? Thanks, and I hope you have a great season.

TaraVanDerveer: Hi Sarah,
Conditioning is really important. I would recommend doing basketball drills thatincorporate running, shooting, dribbling so you are working on your skills andconditioning at the same time!

Nick: What kind of players do you look for when you recruit?

TaraVanDerveer: Hi Nick, We look for the combination of basketball and academic talent!

Jordan(Falls City): How do you feel about your teams odds in the tough Pac-10 this year. Give a rundown of your top 3.

TaraVanDerveer: Hi Jordan, I think our team has a great chance in the Pac 10 and the best thing is the excellent competition will get us ready for the NCAA Tournament. The one thing you can count on in the Pac 10 is surprises so I wouldn't count any team out!

Andrea, Orange County, CA: How has Chelsea been doing lately, will compete for some minutes??

TaraVanDerveer:Hi Anderea, Chelsea is working really hard. She is very talented and we areexpecting great things from her thins season!

Joey Montepiedra (Vancouver, WA) : I think that your current team has major talent to go all the way to the Final Four, led my Cori, Lindsey, and Nicole, who gained very valuable experience with USA National Teams over the summer.

With a probable starting line-up consisting of 6'2 Powell (SF),6'2 Donaphin (PF), 6'7 Enghusen (C), 6'1 Yamasaki (SG), and 5'6 King (PG), and supported by a very deep bench spearheaded by seniors 6'0 St Clair (SF)and 6'0 Izidor (SG), sophomores6'3 Trotter (C) and 6'2 Bonner (SF/PF), and super freshmen 6'1 Perryman (SF) and 5'9 Suminski (PG), this team should also easily win both PAC-10 regular and tournament titles.

Good luck to you and your team!

TaraVanDerveer: Hi Joey!
I hope you are right! We are very excited about our season so I hope you have a chance to watch us play!

Anne (Mountain View): I see that Jamie Carey is on the women's basketball poster. Does that mean she's going to be playing this year?

TaraVanDerveer: Hi Anne- Jamie is on our poster because she will always be a part of our program!

Tina, Pheonix: Who do you think some early nominess for Pac-10 Player of the Year are?

TaraVanDerveer: Hi Tina, The Pac 10 has so many very talented players - I hope the player that does the best has a Stanford uniform on!

TaraVanDerveer: Thank you for your questions and suport of our team ans players. We are VERY excited about our team and season. Come out and cheer for the Cardinal!

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