Dirk Koetter's Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 22, 2001

Quoting Arizona State Head Football CoachDirk Koetter

Opening Statement
'I want to give congratulations to the Diamondbacks and the Cardinals for their wins. Obviously the World Series in Phoenix is awesome. Congrats to Jake (Plummer) for the Cardinals win as well.'

'I'd like to thank the fans for their effort last week. I don't count how many people were there, but I know they were loud when they needed to be loud. The students and the rest of the crowd were awesome. They helped our team out. Keep it up.'

'It was a team win, and a much needed team win. We needed everybody to help. That was the most positive thing about it from a coaching standpoint. The defense helped, special teams helped, the offense helped. You can't understand, I can't make it clear enough, when everybody contributes to a win how positive it feels in the locker room. For all the players, it makes all their hard work pay off.'

'I think that has a direct correlation to how we practiced last week. We had our best three days of practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all three strung together. It just is gratifying because what you tell the players finally pays off.'

'I think the biggest key is that we had chances to fold up and we didn't. We outscored them 21 to nothing in the fourth quarter, and for all intents and purposes, our defense shut them out in the second half. We gave them the one touchdown when we fumbled the snap on the 20 yard line, and that's totally on the offense.'

'I thought we played with the most emotion and the most enthusiasm that we've shown all year. We did make plenty of mistakes that we can learn from, but when we made mistakes, we made them going full speed. That's how it has to be.'

'I think by far, the most impressive thing about (Washington) is that of their five wins, four of those are come from behind wins in the fourth quarter. The Michigan game, the Cal game, the USC game and the Arizona game are all games that went down to the wire. Either team could have won, but somehow Washington found a way. That's exactly what we are trying to get done in our program. If you check the Pac-10, there are no easy ones. They're all good, and you have to hang in there in the fourth quarter and find a way to get it done. Washington is one of the best, if not the best at that.'

'I think this last game against Oregon State will give our players the confidence to know that we can find a way in the fourth quarter as well. In that respect it should be a great match up.'

How do you determine who to use as the featured back?
'For most of the season it's been fairly easy because health has been an issue. This was the first week where Delvon (Flowers) has practiced all week. Mike Williams has been the most consistent guy as far as coming to practice every day and knowing what you're going to get. Mike Williams was actually hurt last week with bruised ribs and didn't practice. I've said all along that we would like to get into more of a featured back where one guy carries the ball somewhere around 20 plus times. I think Delvon with Tom Pace coming in for him is a good plan. Mike and Tom play so many of our special teams. It's a good problem to have. I think if you look around the league, the best teams have a 1-2 punch a tailback. I'm glad we have to worry about those problems.'

Does the improved running game help take the pressure off the passing game?'When you can't run the ball, there is a ton of pressure on the quarterback. Many times this season, Jeff (Krohn) has answered the call. I thought Jeff's timing and his rhythm was off a little bit on Saturday. I don't know that it was because of his ankle, because he was fine in practice all week and felt great. He made one tremendous throw for the first touchdown to Shaun McDonald. That is as nice a throw and catch as you're going to see. But we've missed a lot of things in the passing game...so to be able to run the ball and take the pressure off Jeff is huge. I think the confidence gained from being able to run the ball will carry over and do nothing but help us.'

Delvon Flowers
'Delvon has really gained confidence in himself. We said many times in the off-season about how hard Delvon worked and improved his strength. Delvon is a big strong guy and he broke way more tackles in this game than he has in previous games. I think that's just him getting confidence in his knee, confidence in his speed, and confidence in where the blocks are going to be. I'm very pleased with Delvon's ability to make the safety miss. We can't block them all.'

Clock Management
'I think you always have to be ready to do a good job managing the clock, no matter if you're playing Washington or Idaho State. Clock management is important no matter who you are playing. We practice a lot of clock management situations on Thursday and Friday, but until you actually get there you don't know what they could be exactly.'

Increased Enthusiasm vs. Oregon State
'We noticed in the USC game that we weren't playing with the kind of emotion and enthusiasm that we needed to. We tried to stress that as much as we could last week...The players have to come through and back it up and they did. I think also the crowd had to come through. As the players made plays and showed some enthusiasm, I think that carried over to the crowd and that helped us a lot.'

'If you could have been in the locker room after the game I think you would know how important that game was to our players. I've never seen those guys that happy, and I was very happy for them.'

ASU's offensive line
'I think every coach I've talked to in the Pac-10 has commented about our offensive line. I think we definitely have one of the two or three top offensive lines in the Pac-10. We should be, because we're starting four seniors up there who have played a lot of football. You have some really good football players, Scott Peters, Levi Jones, Kyle Kosier, Travis Scott, Marquis Muldrow, those guys are playing well. We've thrown a lot at them from a scheme standpoint and those guys have picked it up.'

Defensive Improvement
'I think the biggest thing with our defense has been that they have played with more reckless abandon. We made more plays on the ball...I just thought we rallied to the ball we tackled better, Brent Guy made nice adjustments as the game wore on.'

'I thought our defense totally shut Oregon State down in the second half. We were close on several turnovers. There were two or three interceptions I thought we could have had that we didn't. But easily our best defensive effort of the year, and hopefully we can build on that for Washington.'

Game Balls for Oregon State
Offense-Delvon Flowers
Defense- Al Williams
Special Teams- Willie Daniel
Special Game Ball- Justin Taplin

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