Q & A: Tyrone Willingham

Oct. 22, 2001

Question: Do you assign someone to assume the role of the opponent and chart your own offensive tendencies so as to predict what play will be called? Because it is obvious from the stands that WSU knew the likely play on many occasions, especially the over-use of the short pass to the side or sideline or the run whenever there is an incompletion on first down.

WSU did an outstanding job of anticipating the likely play on a few occasions. We would like to eliminate as many of those as possible. We keep an active record of our plays and calls as well as their defenses based on hash, field position, formation and down and distance. We are constantly trying to improve our knowledge of self scouting to be better in order to eliminate any advantage our opponent may have gained. Please remember that our team scored 39 points and gained 439 yards in total offense, so there were some good things that occurred just not to our Stanford Standard. Thank you and we will continue to try to improve.

Question: Execution was lacking against Washington State and it cost you dearly. What do you do, aside from repetition, improve upon execution?

First, we believe that there were many good things that happened during our Washington State game. Yes, we did have execution problems, and repetition works as well as trying to better select plays and position our young men in better positions. We will also stress the positive things we performed during the game: gaining 25 first downs, rushing for 219 yards, holding WSU to 114 yards rushing and holding WSU 130 yards under total offense average. But our bottom line is that we did not win and that is our standard. Thank you and we will continue to work to improve.

Question: Does the win against Oregon make the loss against Washington State even harder to swallow?

No! WSU is a good football team, and I believe others will come to see that fact. Yet regardless of the quality of their team, I believe we had the capacity to have played and coached better in order to get the win.

Question: Congrats on showing daring and will to win in play calling at Oregon. You and your offensive coaches showed guts and determination, and the result was victory. Instead of becoming conservative, you pushed for win. We are very proud. Keep up the great work- you have a special team.

Thank You!

Question: What is the status of Randy Fasani? Since UCLA is probably the hardest remaining game for Stanford to win anyway (with or without Fasani), do you plan on sitting him in favor of Chris Lewis?

Randy suffered a knee injury, and on Tuesday I will have enough information to release his status. There was probably someone who said, before our WSU game, that Oregon, UCLA and Washington were our most difficult games. They all are the most difficult games, or we could e-mail the score in and not play. Our rule is to play our best player at any and all positions.

Question: I go to every the gostanford football chats every Wednesday. I love them. It is great to be able to interact with the players, and get to see a side of them that we, as fans, usually do not get to. Coach Willingham, would you consider doing an on-line chat? Congratulations on having a very good year so far!

No, thank you, on the online chat. It is difficult enough for me to get all that I need to finish done now.

Question: If Stanford finishes the season with only one loss, what Bowl and Ranking do you think we would be in-line for?

If we could finish the season with one loss that would be great. We have some very intense competition ahead. The bowls would take care of themselves and I would not have to ponder.

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