Chat Wrap: Eric Heitmann

Oct. 24, 2001

StanFan: Since Fasani is out for four weeks, do you feel like there will be a bigger need from the offensive line to preform? Good luck against UCLA.

EricHeitmann: (12:03 PM ET ) As an offensive lineman we take pride in playing with mental and physical consistency. We know that we have to be able to run the ball effectively especially this week, with Randy's absence, but we are fortunate that Chris is also a every talented young quarterback.

Denise (Office): Eric: Very few people know that offensive lineman are 'the reason'. That is, the true continuity of any offensive scheme. However, they receive very little praise. What kind of player does it take to play in the trench? How long does it take for a line to trust each other?

EricHeitmann: (12:07 PM ET ) The coaches always say that it 'starts up front.' If we are not doing our job in the trenches then our offensive scheme will not work. A very durable player is needed to play up front, we sustain nicks and bruises week in and week out, but we still keep coming back for more.

Brian Allen: Eric, one quick question...How did you get so darn big? Your arms are so huge.

EricHeitmann: (12:09 PM ET ) Well Brian, I think that it is part genetics and a lot of working out.

Erik DeMarco (Boston): Eric -

Who has had the toughest D-Line you've faced this year?

EricHeitmann: (12:10 PM ET ) Every team we have faced this year has had their strengths on the D-line. This upcoming week however, we face a very physical and experienced group of lineman that have been adept at stopping the run game. It will be a great challenge for the cardinal offensive line.

Kenny -Houston: Eric,Let me first just say congradulations on all of your success. I watched you come out as a high school senior from Katy and prayed that you would attend ATM. Speaking of which what was your deciding factor in attending Stanford over the Aggies? Any regrets? What has been the biggest adjustment for you as a college lineman? Good luck against UCLA and the rest of the season.

EricHeitmann: (12:16 PM ET ) Growing up I had always been an aggie fan, but the opportunity to attend Stanford University was something that I could not have passed on. This is the only university in the country with the combination of academic excellence and athletic success. At the college level, the speed of the game was a huge adjustment for me my freshman year.

Jasper: Mr. Heitmann,What has been your most memorable moment thus far as a member of the Stanford Football Team?

EricHeitmann: (12:18 PM ET ) I can honestly say that the recent win over Oregon has to rank very high among the great memories. It really felt great to silence the roar of the crowd and come away with a win at Autzen Stadium.

Tom Staub, Upland : This is possibly the strongest conference in NCAA history. Do players on your team talk about that?

EricHeitmann: (12:22 PM ET ) We knew coming into this season that the depth of experience in this conference was unlike any year that I have played in the Pac-10. There are so many great teams competing for the title. We have to be on top of our game every week in order to come away with victories.

Jeff Cronshagen (Mountain View): Eric, congratulations on the season and all of your personal accolades thus far. You guys are dominating this year. Two questions: How are the new OL coaches and how have they been instrumental in the offenses success this year? Also, how do you think this year's OLine stacks up against the '99 Rose Bowl/Pac 10 Champ line? Good luck this weekend! Smash a Bruin for me.

EricHeitmann: (12:25 PM ET ) Jeff, the new o-line coaches this year have been amazing. They are so much fun to play for and they really are able to motivate us to play aggressive each week. The 99 Rose Bowl offensive line was truly amazing, I guess only time will tell if we can stack up, but we have 6 more games to prove it.

Lauren G. (Los Gatos): Hi Eric. Congratulations on a fantastic season so far. My first question is...what do you think is the strongest part of your game? And if you could play for any NFL team...who would it be? Thanks, and good luck against the Bruins!!!!

EricHeitmann: (12:29 PM ET ) Thanks Lauren, I think that pass protection has always been a strong part of my game, but I am always trying to improve on every phase to make myself a more solid all-around player. I actually haven't given much thought to which NFL team that I would like to play for, but it would be nice to get drafted by the Houston Texans and compete close to home.

Michael (Nashville): What is harder to deal with a d-line stunt or a line backer blitzing?

EricHeitmann: (12:31 PM ET ) Well to tell you the truth, both stunts can be very difficult to pick up. Every one on the whole o-line has to be working on the same page in order to successfully pass off either stunt. Linebacker blitzes are more dangerous because they have the best chance of sacking the quarterback.

Erica (across the hall): Hi Eric! I know you're an incredible pianist, what type of music do you like to play? are you making yourself available to play at weddings? If so, I'll highly recommend you. :-)

EricHeitmann: (12:35 PM ET ) Hi Erica,
I enjoy playing all types of music on the piano, and have done so since I have been 4 years old. Right now however, the piano has taken a back seat to my football responsibilities. I have played wedding before, but only for close friends and relatives.

Brad K. (Kent): Hi Eric. I know your where asked earlier about the toughest D-Line you faced. Who is probably the best Defensive player that you've gone against? Good luck against UCLA!

EricHeitmann: (12:38 PM ET ) Brad, that is a very tough question. There are so many extremely talented players that I have faced over the years. I would say that the toughest player that I had to compete against was Casey Hampton from the University of Texas. I have never played against anyone with the lethal combination of quickness and strength.

Steve (Palo Alto): Hi Eric! I think you guys are doing a great job. I will be in my usual seat on the 40 to watch you beat UCLA. How difficult is it for the O line to adjust to a totally different style QB this week.

EricHeitmann: (12:40 PM ET ) Well honestly it should not be that difficult for us. We have gotten a lot of practice reps with Chris at quarterback. He is a great leader and he controls the huddle well. We feel very confident with Chris running the offense.

Jasper: Mr. Heitmann, I realize that a lot of student football players struggle with balancing their athletics with their academics. Yet, you have chosen to tackle one of Stanford's most intensive and mentally demanding majors, public policy. What is your secret for success both on and off the field?

EricHeitmann: (12:45 PM ET ) Well Jasper, I like to take everything one day at a time. That kind of philosophy has really helped me in all of my athletic and academic endeavors. This way I can always focus on what is in front of me and it helps me stay more on track in the long run.

EricHeitmann: (12:47 PM ET ) Thank you so much for all of your great questions. I look forward to seeing all of you out this week for the UCLA game.
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