Tyrone Willingham Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 30, 2001

Talking about why Washington has been so successful in the fourth quarter:
'I don't think it's been a coincidence that they've been able to come back like they have in the fourth quarter. They're doing exactly what it takes to win, and that's making plays in the fourth quarter. They have profited from their system and have done good job of outplaying their opponent in all areas.'

On the idea that last week's UCLA game may serve as preparation for this week:
'We were fortunate to create some good situations for ourselves in the first half, but also created some bad situations for ourselves in the second half. Any time you play that caliber of football team, it is always a test. We knew they were noted for their third quarter scoring, and they had the talent to be very explosive. But I don't know if it serves as true preparation, because we just played a great football team and now we have to play another one.'

Talking about Washington's strength at wide receiver:
'I think right now their most dominant feature on their offense is their wide receivers. The guys that have been there are a potent receiving group. You throw in the ability of their quarterback and everything else just comes together.'

On having to travel to Husky Stadium:
'I think the rest of the country has realized that this is one of the most difficult places in the nation to play. I believe there was a poll taken last summer or last year that included them as one of the top 10 toughest places to play. It is a very difficult place to go play and they have great confidence there, so we will have to play our best game to get a victory.'

On the subject of parity among Pac-10 schools:
'As you know, I'm usually very careful about the word 'parity' because I think sometimes it gives off the wrong connotation. I would say that there has been a lot of excellence in the conference this year, and that excellence extends from top to bottom. There a lot of good football teams in the Pac-10 and I think that's always good for the conference. Unfortunately, it may hurt in the long run or the national perspective, but at the same time it is good for the conference and for the people that love Pac-10 football.'

On the emergence of running back Brian Allen:
'In Brian's case, we knew that when we recruited him that he was a tremendous worker and a very tough young man that placed very high standards on himself. With that being said, it is no wonder that over the course of the year he has continued to improve and get better. Given the opportunity, he will continue to improve throughout the year and get better because that's just his makeup. He enjoys playing the game, he's smart and he becomes more instinctive each day. He continues to work had and I don't see any limits to his success and I expect him to continue to grow.'

On the performance of quarterback Chris Lewis:
'It's always important to get off to a great start because you can settle yourself in and feel good about what you're doing. This is going to be a growing and learning process with him because he's just starting to get his playing time. I'm very pleased with what he's done, both in the past and in the future, but I do recognize that he's going to continue to grow and eventually get even better.'

On what advice he will give his players about Washington:
'What we are impressing on them about Washington is you don't want to fall asleep and forget that this is and has been one of the top teams in the conference for some time. When you look at their program over the years, they are one of the first teams you think about as far as having had success in the conference. So we want to make sure-and we're very fortunate to have the success that we've had- that we understand that that we are facing one of the greatest football teams and maybe the best football team in the conference.'

Talking about Washington's recent success against Stanford:
'They play and have played a better football game than we've played. What we have to do is simply play better than Washington.'

On whether or not this is the best team he has coached while at Stanford:
'I think it's far too early to really think about that. I think you judge teams by what they have accomplished, and we still have five games to play and there are no midseason awards that I am aware of. So, we've done really nothing yet and still have a lot of work to do.'

On the possibility of this week's game being a 'let down':
'I don't think we're talking about that, I think we know we have to raise up because Washington is a very good football team. I have two focuses in that there is an internal focus and an external focus. Internally, we know and respect Washington and the kind of football team they have but on the outside, I think you can get lost in the fact that you've just knocked off two top-5 teams. I don't think our players or our coaching staff have gotten lost in that fact though.'

On the impact of wide receiver Teyo Johnson:
'Honestly, I don't know if you can ever gauge how much impact a player is going to have. If you know Teyo Johnson and have known him from the time that I have, you knew that somewhere along the line he was going to be a player but it was just a matter of finding the right spot for him. I like his skill level, his leadership potential and his energy level out on the field. These are things that do have an impact and potentially make great players.'

On the chemistry of the senior-dominated offensive line:
'I've always said that there is a common thread between the group. It starts with the way that these young men are brought into this university. They have to work very hard to get here and do a lot of things right in a lot of different areas. That helps build a common bond of respect- not just as football players but as both people and students. I think once you have that, you have one of the building blocks of a foundation of developing groups that can do very well and succeed.'

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