Chat Wrap: Luke Powell

Oct. 31, 2001

LukePowell: Good morning! I finally got out of bed and now I'm ready to answer some questions.

Rhett Reese (Los Angeles): Luke, congratulations on leading the nation in punt returning. What three pieces of advice would you give a young player learning to return punts?

LukePowell: Thank you. I'd have to attribute much of my success to the execution of my teammates. I rarely have to make 3 or 4 guys miss. However, I think a punt returner has to have confidence. You can't be scared to get hit. Be a little cocky out there. But, going back to the first point, don't be too cocky and think you can do it on your own. Follow the scheme or you will get hit, very hard.

Anne (San Marino, CA): Luke, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!! I have been a huge fan of yours since the beginning of last year. I was wondering how you feel being compared to the also amazing Troy Walters.

LukePowell: Well thank you Anne. That is a very nice compliment and so is the comparison to Troy. I don't mind it so much. Troy is in the NFL. If I can duplicate his career, I'll be very happy. Eventually, I want to establish a name for myself though.

Mr. Watkins(Murfreesboro): Luke, congratulations on having a good year.I remember watching you play at Smyrna and I thought you were a heck of an athlete,and you still are. My question to you is, what are the chances of winning thePac-10? I hope you win. You played against my son, who played at Riverdale High.

LukePowell: It's always nice to know that people in SEC country are still keepingup with me. But to answer your question, we have a very good chance of winningthe PAC-10 Of course, since we lost to Washington State, we'll need some helpfrom other teams. We can't worry about that. All we can do is prepare and wineach week. As for playing against Riverdale, I still wish we would have won mysenior year. That game still hurts.

Brandon Michael: Luke, whas up? I just wanted to say hi and say keep upthe good work. Put it on Washington this week.....and maybe if yall win out youcan get a shot @ my huskers. lol! your bro, b

LukePowell: What's up B? Thanks for keeping up with me. Tell everyone I said hello. And maybe your Huskers will have a shot at us. Who would you be cheering for?

Jason Oliver Smyrna TN: Hey Luke, its Jason O. Just wanted to say hi and to congratulate you on all of your success. Good luck in next week's game.

LukePowell: J.O., thanks a lot. I know you're waiting for our matchup with theIrish.

RJ (Colorado Springs): Luke, AWESOME game against UCLA!!! You guys looked great. How does it feel to finally get the recognition Stanford deserves? (6th in BCS standings). Good luck against Washington!!!

LukePowell: We're excited about being so high in the BCS. If we keep winning, we'll get the recognition we deserve. Even without all the media hype, we're still confident in our abilities. Games are played on the field, not on paper. If that was the case, we'd be 2-4 or 3-3 this year.

Donna (Atlanta): Luk-e! On a serious note, now that you're leading the nation in punt returns, it appears no one will kick the ball to you. How does the team handle that? Go Cardinal! You guys can do it! Keep the faith! Love ya-Auntie

LukePowell: Hello Donna. I don't think teams fear me that much to intentionally kick away from me. But, if they do, we usually get good field position due to a short punt, which is just as good as a punt return. Talk to you later. Go back to work.

Kelly Donoghue (Los Angeles): Good job Luke on a great season. Good luck this weekend up in Washington. Go Cardinal!!!

LukePowell: Thanks Kelly. When are you coming back up? It's weird not having you around the office.

RJ (Colorado Springs): Luke, with all the seniors that are leaving this year (Fasani, Williams, Wells, etc)., how good do you think this team will be next year?

LukePowell: We do have a lot of seniors this year, but this program is not trying to be a 'one-hit wonder.' We want and will keep this thing rolling. We'll just find young guys to step up. We'll be just fine. Trust me.

COACH CARTER,SMYRNA,TN.: Hey Luke, congratulations on the great year and all the AAA Bulldogs are pulling for you. Good luck and God Bless.

LukePowell: Hello Coach. Tell all the Dawgs I'm pulling for them also. And tell them to keep those grades up!

Stanley (Smyrna TN): Hey Luke, Jason just called me and said you were on here. I just wanted to ask you, what do attribute your success as a punt returner to in this football season. Good luck on your way to a BCS Bowl Bid. Go easy on the IRISH. Stanley

LukePowell: Hello Mr. Oliver. My punt return success is due to one main aspect: great blocking. I can't take much credit, but thanks anyway. See you when I come home.

Classic (Wisconsin): What's harder at Stanford: academics or athletics?

LukePowell: They are both equally challenging. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be here. No other school can compete.

Anne (Mountain View): Luke, with such a great season going, do you find your fellow students more enthusiastic about the team? Do random people recognize you on campus now? Good luck this weekend!

LukePowell: It does seem like there's a little more 'buzz' around campus. It's funny. My freshman and sophomore years, people were asking me,'Do you know Troy or Willie or Deronni.' And now, people are asking the freshmen on the team if they know me. Hard to believe.

Jonnie (Austin): Luke, Who is the toughest cornerback on your team to go against: Carter, Fernandez, or Taylor?

LukePowell: To be honest, I always have the most trouble against Ruben Carter. We've been battling now for 3 years. I think we've earned each other's respect. Sometimes it seems like he knows the route before I even come off the ball! He's one of the most underrated corners in the league.

Phil, Seattle: Luke, how do you think your next game against the Huskies compares to last week against UCLA?

LukePowell: It's going to be tougher playing in Seattle, probably even tougher than Eugene. We can't worry about the crowd or the referees or the weather, just our own execution and game plan.

ValleyBoy: Luke, you are one of my favorite players. I love the catches in the clutch. How difficult was it making the transition from being a quarterback in high school to receiver at Stanford?GO CARDINAL!

LukePowell: It was more difficult than expected. Luckily, I had two of the bestWRs in school history here to help me (Deronni and Troy). I still have a lot tolearn.

Justin Vero (Hendersonvlle Tn): Luke, just wanted to say that its been entertaining watching you on TV. I had fun playing linebacker against you in 98. Good Luck!

LukePowell: Thanks and good luck to you. You guys ended my high school career! We should've won that game also.

Dave (Tahoe): Do you consider the Stanford- Washington game to be the most important game of the week as far as national rankings are concerned? Great play this year, by the way.

LukePowell: I don't understand why this isn't the most important game. I think College Game Day should be there. Whoever wins this game has the lead in the conference and will jump right into the BCS top eight.

Denny Garman: Luke, the team looks outstanding. I went to high school withCoy Wire and I'm one of his best friend from home. Please tell him I said helloand good luck. I knew Stanford would be knocking off the big dogs all year long.Keep winning and get to the Rose Bowl.

LukePowell: Coy is one of the biggest reasons we are in the position we're in. He's a great leader and not a bad linebacker either. Well thanks again. I have to go to class now. Yes, we do go to class. Thanks for submitting your questions and God Bless!
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