Ask Coach Horstmeyer

Nov. 6, 2001

James Clark (Morgan Hill, Ca)
Hi, do you have direct email? Why no game with Santa Clara? How is my b-day boy?

It's tough to play friends. Maybe down the road. This is the best way toreach me if you have further questions. Arend is doing great. He is fun,talking and busy.

Steve Dutra (Santa Clara, Ca)
Hi Caren! How have things been? I was just thinking about you andthought I would drop a note. Bill and the baby well? How are the 7 new playersshaping up? I'm rooting for you to have a winning season this year.

All is well here in Santa Clara and at Mondo. I'm more involved withWomen's Basketball than ever. The team looks like it could be pretty goodwith 4 good shooting guards. We'll see how the post shapes up with Anniegone.

I'll check your schedule and promise to come up for a game this year.Maybe the game at Stanford, too.

Best wishes, Steve

Steve, we actually have 9 new players. The intensity is great. They comefrom winning programs. They want to do the right things. It's just a matterof overload right now in terms of a learning phase. It's going to take sometime to get them together because they're learning everything. For me andmy coaches, it's two years in a row where we're teaching the teameverything new. We're looking forward to it, and we've set an incrediblygreat foundation for where we want the program to be based on work ethicand a winning mentality. We're excited about where we're headed.

Steve 'Downtown' Bari
I miss shooting three pointers all day over you and Holloway. When can Iget another chance?

Jami's Dad.

Thanks for your message. No problem shooting three pointers over us, butwhen are you going to make some?

Kristina S. Contreras (El Centro, Ca)
For the first couple of weeks into practice, what is the main thing thatyou work on? For instance, how do your players get conditioned?

The first month of practice was strictly eight hours with our team, wherewe could condition and weight train for six hours and then have individualwork. We work with them for a total of two hours per week. When you'retalking about the first couple of weeks of practice, what we're doing rightnow is a lot of drills with the ball...we try to do sprints. When we'rescrimmaging, the team that's sitting out or any players that are sittingout are conditioning while the other team is running on the court. When theother players go in, the players that go out will condition. Conditioningis a very big part of what we do. To be successful, you need to be in goodcondition.

Mina Jenner (Berkeley, Ca)
Dear Coach,
We hear a nasty rumor that womens' basketball is going to be removed fromthe Gold Card admissions list. The argument is made that if Gold Cardseason admission ($30 to $60 cost) is allowed it will deter folks from buyingseason 'reserved' seats. If this is so it,would be easy to rope off aconsiderable number of choice seats behind the team benches for suchreserved seats. The Gold Card could then allow admission for the other11,000 or so remaining 'less choice' seats. At this stage of your program,still very poorly attended, it is important to maximize attendance. GoldCards do just that. That's how my husband and I, devoted fans, got started.Reasonable in price they also allow attendence for other womens' sportssuch as volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, track. These sports, too, like womens'basketball need desperately to boost attendance.Once your program begins drawing like Purdue, Texas,Tennessee, Connecticut,Stanford, etc. then you'll have the credentials to be hard nosed on ticketprices.

The elimination of the Gold Card, either in its entired for all 'minor'sports or just for womens' basketball is a bad marketing decision AT THISPOINT IN TIME, when the young women can use all the support they can get.

What is you take on this?

Thanks for your interest in the Gold Card. That was a decision that wasmade higher up and not one that we had any input in. I haven't had a lot ofinteraction in regards to the Gold Card. It's nice to hear the feedback weneed to have in regards to the Gold Card. Again, at this point, it's out ofour control. Attendance is probably my number one focus, and I want to tryto maximize attendance in any way we can. If the Gold Card is somethingthat does that, perhaps the decision needs to be re-evaluated.

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