Ask Coach Toledo Responses

Nov. 6, 2001

Matt Crytzer (Encino, CA)
Congratulations on a great year so far. My question is about Marcus Reese. He just seems like an animal out there on the field, 2 blocked punts, a fumble caused and recovered, etc. Is it difficult keeping him out of the starting lineup? Do you see him as a full-time starter next year?

'First of all, Marcus is an excellent football player. We're fortunate because we have quality depth at that position. He would start for most people and he will start next year. He is playing behind Ryan Nece and Robert Thomas, two of the great linebackers in the country. It's unfortunate for him, but it's very fortunate for us. He's an excellent football player.'

Daniel Ruvolo (Spokane, WA)
Coach Toledo, besides the obvious like recruiting blue chip players, what will it take to have a dominant football team year-end and year out? Avoiding rebuilding years. Good luck for the rest of the year, I'll be watching from the Persian Gulf.

'First of all, this senior class is really a product of our first full year of recruiting. Right now we feel that we have the recruiting base established and we are already having a great recruiting year for next season. We have 16 verbal commitments. I just believe that you have to consistently bring in good football players and hope that when they get here they are as good as you think they are. Thank you for your support from overseas!'

Jason Richman (Toledo, OH)
After tough losses the past two weeks, how much do you personally have to show the team you haven't given up on the season? I would assume the team feeds off of your emotion and it's important to let them know that there is still a lot to play for, even if it isn't a national championship.

'First of all, I totally agree with that statement. I think the team takes the lead of the head coach and it's imperative that I remain positive and remain consistent with the way I treat them and coach them. They are disappointed that they have lost two games, but they also realize that there is a lot to play for. We can have a 9-2 season and go to a bowl game and if we win that, have a 10-2 season. There are still a lot of goals to be reached. Unfortunately our No. 1 goal to win a national championship might be out of reach. John Wooden once said that it took him 15 years to win a national championship and hopefully we'll do it sooner than that.'

Kendall Jackson (Orange, CA)
Obviously the Pac-10 is possibly the strongest conference in the nation this year. In a way it's good for the Pac-10 to get the recognition it deserves, but also everyone knocks each other off and basically eliminates every team's chances of going to the rose bowl. What do you think about that? Is it good for the conference to have such depth?

'I think it's good for the conference in that a lot of people respect what the Pac-10 is doing. On the other hand, it's very difficult to go unbeaten in this league. There have only been four teams that have been undefeated in the Pac-10 Conference and we were the last ones to do it three years ago when we won it. So everybody does knock off each other and you couple that with the non-conference schedule that we play and it compounds the problem. If you have a very difficult non-conference schedule to start the season like we do, your players get worn down because they are playing for four full quarters and don't get the rest that some of the other teams do by playing some of the minor schools in the country.'

Jimmy Kingland (Covina, CA)
I heard that you like to golf. What is your handicap and is golf kind of your escape from the world of college football?

'I do enjoy golfing. I'm not a great golfer and I'm only probably and 18 handicapper. I only play five months out of the year and my clubs get a lot of dust on them right now. But I enjoy the camaraderie and I enjoy being with my friends and great people. I also enjoy some of the great shots I get lucky on.'



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