Chat Wrap: Grant Robison

Nov. 6, 2001

GrantRobison: (1:01 PM ET ) Good Morning! I had some french toast for breakfast and am ready to roll!

Coach Downs(McMinnville): Grant, outside of Stanford, what schools do you respect the most when it comes to XC?

GrantRobison: (1:04 PM ET ) Hey coach, thanks for writing in! The teams that run together as a pack like NC State and Colorado, make for strong teams and tough competitors. We don't overlook anyone though because with cross-country, you know anything can happen!

Jason, Santa Barbara: GrantI understand you spent two years away from school while on an LDS mission. Did you continue to train at a high level during that time, or was it a rest period and you returned fresh to train hard again? In any case, you have had an impressive season and good luck at NCAA personally and team wise. On another note, I believe you entered the same year as Jennings, Riley, Stamps, all of whom still have remaining tract eligibility. Has Stamps recovered from her accident last year, and if so will she be returning to the team? I saw her at the xc invite in September and she was on crutches.

GrantRobison: (1:09 PM ET ) Jason, thank you! I appreciate your comments. I did spend two years in South Africa on a LDS mission, however I really didn't have much time to focus on running so I really just took it easy and didn't worry about it. I saw it as a good opportunity to rest my body and focus on other things. I hope that it will be an example to other LDS athletes that a mission doesn't have to stand in the way of athletics.

Peter from Zurich, Switzerland: Hi Grant. congrats for your outstanding performances this season. Hope you'll also succeed at the NCAAs. Go for it. My name is Peter, I'm from Switzerland. Also competing MD and CC I'll come over to the States next year to perform for OSU. Maybe we'll compete together in future, I hope so. Finally some questions: How many miles do you do per week? How many times do you practice per week? Do you do all the practice with the other guys from your team. Would be nice to hear from you. Good look at the next races.

GrantRobison: (1:14 PM ET ) Peter! It sounds like you've got an exciting year ahead. One thing that I really like about our team is the fact that we run together pretty much all the time. Whether it be in workouts or during the summer break, the team is very tight. As far as weekly miles go, I run relatively few in comparison to some. I feel like 70 miles in a week is pushing it, but at the same time I also feel like that gives me a lot of room for improvement as my body matures and is able to handle heavier training. Hopefully I'll be seeing you next year though, good luck with your goals.

Robert -Los Angeles: What kind of workouts do you consider to be essential for your success?

GrantRobison: (1:18 PM ET ) Robert, I have always been more into racing than just running, but I have discovered that in order to race good I have to train hard, shocking I know! So some of the best workouts are the ones that take you to that point you reach in races where you are about to break. By training your body to push through that point, it is much easier to deal with it when it comes during races.

Rhett Reese (Los Angeles): Grant, this may sound like a weird question, but about how many calories do you eat every day? What is the diet of a top cross country runner?

GrantRobison: (1:20 PM ET ) Rhett, how's it going? You know, I have never really monitored my calorie intake that closely, but I just try and keep my diet as large as possible! Actually I focus more on what not to eat rather than on what to eat. This way I can just keep from eating garbage without worrying about it too much.

Liz Fritch: Hey Grant, I just wanted to commend you on an excellent season of cross country! I've enjoyed watching many of your races, and you are truly an excellent runner and a part of an excellent program! But my question is what is some advice you would give to High School runners like my self> like who & what were some of your inspirations growing up? Are their certain pre-race traditions you do? And who do you admire most? I know those are a few questions, but hey your like my idol, so if you'd answer those, that'd rock.Thanks & Keep running strong!-Liz

GrantRobison: (1:26 PM ET ) Thanks so much Liz! Growing up I was always inspired by Billy Mills who was the king of all underdogs. If I had to choose somebody to be a role model in toughness and overcoming the odds, he would be that person. As far as pre race traditions, I don't really do anything special. I do have lucky socks and a lucky necklace but that is about it. I just try to stay as relaxed as possible because I have found that getting too nervous just has adverse affects. Good luck with your running though and study hard!

John (San Angelo): In a phrase, what is your racing philosophy?

GrantRobison: (1:27 PM ET ) Run your own race and let the outcome take care of itself! Just like you always told me!

McArdle: Hey man, I raced you earlier this year, you looked tough at pre-ncaas congrats, anyways we have a mormon on our team who doesn't run on sunday, do you?

GrantRobison: (1:30 PM ET ) Thanks Tom, you haven't had such a bad season yourself! Nice job at conference. No, I don't run on Sundays either. In fact I love having that day off, and I think my body loves it even more. Good luck at regioals and we'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Travis Moe: Hi Grant, i was just currious, what an LDS mission is? ive heard of other kinds of mission work but im not familliar wit LDS. Also, what high school did you come from , when did you graduate?

GrantRobison: (1:33 PM ET ) Travis, LDS missions are two straight years of community service, individual service, and spreading the things that you believe in to as many people as are interested in learning about it. I gradated from McMinnville High School, McMinnville, OR in 1997.

Arthur Pratt , Bend, Oregon: Dear Grant, What were your High School times/places here in Oregon? What caused the huge jump in your success? How many years of discipline did that jump take? Your webpage says you are a fierce competitor - please explain and give some examples. Thank you.

GrantRobison: (1:38 PM ET ) Arthur, thanks for the questions! Back in my glory days of high school. I won five state titles in the 150o and 3K, between 1995-1997, and I ran PR's of 3:56 and 8:32. But coming to college really provided me with a huge boost training wise and my body and my times responded. College training is just much more intense than most high schoolers do. Although I think the high school stars emerging during the last couple of years are training at a college like level.

Nick (Atlanta): Can you describe the coaching staff at Stanford? Why did you choose Stanford? What other schools were you recruited by?

GrantRobison: (1:43 PM ET ) Nick, the coaching staff here is truly amazing. They pour everything they have into their coaching and it shows every time the team gathers for practice or lines up n the starting line. This was a major reason in my decision to come to Stanford. I loved the team chemistry and figured that you can't go wrong with a school like Stanford. I looked at a variety of schools but ended up deciding on Stanford because I honestly felt like it was the best place for me.

Brian Wallace: Your team looks to be running extremely well this season. what do you think you'll need to do to capture the national title ?

GrantRobison: (1:50 PM ET ) Brian , the team s running very well this season, and I think a big part of that is because we are focusing on enjoying the season and having fun racing and if we want to do well at Nationals we need to continue to do the same things.

Dave- Phoenix: Grant- How do you think you fair against the Kenyans at the NCAA championships?

GrantRobison: (1:54 PM ET ) Dave, I have always enjoyed the challenge of racing the Kenyans. They are great runners, and if you want to do well on an international level I think it is good to have exposure to that level of racing. As far as nationals go, I am excited to see how I match-up, and I am definitely not backing down. Thanks for writing in Uncle!

John (San Angelo): Hi Grant, What would you say to high school runners who put in huge mileage? It seems like some of the high profile prep runners suffer from burnout by the time they get through their first year of college training.

GrantRobison: (1:55 PM ET ) I would say that you have to read your own body and have a long term outlook, because college can be a long four or five ears if you are constantly battling injuries.

Adrian Elkins(Mac High Alumni): Hey Grant, I just wanted to know what workout do you do that helps you increase your level of speed, for a kick at the end of a 8000 Meter Race?

GrantRobison: (2:00 PM ET ) Adrian, thanks for all the posts! As far as leg speed at the end of an 8K, it all comes down to how crazy you are and how badly you want to hurt. No matter what your legs are going to feel like noodles so you just have to gut it out. Strides are a good way to work on your form and leg speed though.

Lizzie (Minnesota): Hey Grant- just wanted to give you a big high five for an excellent season, again! I wanted to know what you think about during your warm ups, as you walk to the starting line, when you hit the two mile mark and when you finish? And when your coaches say 'its time to get focused' what do they mean by FOCUSED? keep up the hard work!!!-lizzie

GrantRobison: (2:05 PM ET ) Hey Liz, thanks for the shout out! During my races my mind goes through some phases, but what it comes down to is really just staying relaxed for as long as possible, and realizing that racing hurts a little no matter what, and you just have to be able to work through it and keep your goals in mind. Good luck with your running!

GrantRobison: (2:08 PM ET ) Well, time flies wen you're typing away. I apologize for not getting to all of your questions, but thank you so much to everyone that wrote in! It has been a great season so far and I look forward to the rest of it, and to the upcoming track seasons! Thanks again for all your support! I have to go do that class thing now so I am signing off! Kwaheri!
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