Chat Wrap: Logan Tom

Nov. 7, 2001

LoganTom: (3:42 PM ET ) Hi everyone, I just tuned in so let the questions fly...

Rhett Reese (Los Angeles): Logan, I play volleyball recreationally. What's the secret to producing power when hitting?

LoganTom: (3:45 PM ET ) Gene-
Power hitting has a lot to do with a persons natural swing. Of course you can produce more power by hitting the weights but that can be positive for some while not so positive for others

Vbplaya - Palo Alto, CA: Logan, how does it feel when you see yourself on the web, on posters and in the newspaper? Do you feel like a celebrity? Do people recognize you around campus?

LoganTom: (3:47 PM ET ) Vbplaya-first, I don't get recognized around campus too much. With Stanford having so many great athletes here we all just fit into the crowd. If I see myself on posters I'll look at it, make some kind of snide remark like where do they find these pictures and go on. I don't get too caught up in it. But it is cool...

Billy C. (Menlo Park): Do you have a nickname that people on the team use?

LoganTom: (3:49 PM ET ) Billy C-every team I play one some how comes up with a nickname for me. With the National Team they like to call me 'Doogie'. Ya'll know Doogie Howser, MD. The old-school TV show, well that's where it comes from, being so young and all

Scott O. (Palo Alto, CA): Do you have any heros? Are they volleyball players or other people?

LoganTom: (3:54 PM ET ) Scott O.-I don't really have any heroes but there are players and people respect. Michael Jordan, of course, is an athlete that deserves all sorts of recognition for his triumphs. I see the athletes around Stanford and the work and dedication they put into school and athletics makes me want to do the same. One player that I have the privilege to play with is Tara Cross-Battle. She has been like a mentor to me on and off the court and is someone that holds qualities that I would like to obtain someday

Jon (Los Altos): What do you think of the new rally scoring for college?

LoganTom: (3:57 PM ET ) Jon-I actually like the rally scoring better that the traditional sideout scoring. It has brought more excitement and energy to the matches in both the international and collegiate levels. I'm not too sure about going up to 30 points. 25 point games seem to be more exciting even though it is only 5 points.

Ian (Boston): What are your aspirations, professionally and personally, outside of sports?

LoganTom: (4:01 PM ET ) Ian-well, gotta think about this one....uh....hopefully volleyball will stay with me a good part of my life. Being here at Stanford is a good career start for any person. Hopefully I can get my degree in some sort of reasonable time frame (don't want to be a thirty year old with kids just out of highschool). I definately want to have a career, not quite sure in what field yet but hopefully i'll figure that one out

Gene (DC): Nebraska and Long Beach State seem nearly unbeatable this year. What will it take for Stanford to knock out these two teams at the NCAA Championships?

LoganTom: (4:02 PM ET ) Grace-Nebraska and Long Beach are definitely teams to beat in the tournament. We're working more on our side of the court right now and the opponents coming up but I'm sure I'll be thinking about those two teams in the near future

Fountain Valley: How does your international experiences compare to your collegiate experience?

LoganTom: (4:07 PM ET ) FV-I've had this question come up a lot, especially since coming back from Sydney. International and Collegiate volleyball are on two different levels and cause for two different ways to perceive and play the game. When your playing Russia and there are 6'9' girls on the other side ( girls, as in more than one....what) that actually have see what I mean. Don't get me wrong....I love playing in college and there are players I play with and against that I will hopefully be playing with internationally.

LoganTom: (4:10 PM ET ) Grace-...dolphin dive is fun but sometimes it doesn't work as well as planned.....uh 'ouch'....I am trying to take more a leadership role this year. This is really the first time I've been one of the older players on the court this year, especially with such a young team, and I am trying to give and find ways to take us to that National Championship game.

Eddie Ley (Portland): Are you allowed to play pickup volleyball? after the season? do you play on sand?

LoganTom: (4:13 PM ET ) Eddie-luv to play sand....haven't done it in a while, can't say i'm very good at it but it sure is fun....actually i would like to play sand volleyball in the future, hopefully after a good indoor career. I'll play some pick-up games but they keep us pretty busy out here

James Buford (Salt Lake City, UT): Hi Logan, I went to high school at Highland, and you are such a legend there. Did you find the transition out to California hard?

LoganTom: (4:16 PM ET ) james-not really. i was pretty excited to comes to Cali and play. Utah is great but I needed a change and California gave it to me. But I come back to Utah for holidays hit up the old stompin grounds and hang out with friends.

KFC Girl: What do you usually have for pregame - Chicken?

LoganTom: (4:17 PM ET ) this you....if it is we'll hit up KFC later on tonight if it's not you.....uh

Tommy Asotin WA: Logan, I coach H.S.V.B., what did you do early in your career to help improve your jumping ability?, and a second question, my daughter is a freshman setter, what do you look for in your setter as an outside hitter? Thanks T

LoganTom: (4:19 PM ET ) Tommy-to tell you the truth I didn't do anything in High School. I just went to practice and did what they told me to do, most of the time. The setters that I have enjoyed playing with the most have had a feel for the game. There's a lot of things you can train in setting but some people just have natural abilities for feeling how the game is flowing. I also like setters that are exciting to play,

Marley: Logan, I have a 9-year old daughter who loves sports. What advice would you give to a girl thinking about volleyball as her sport?

LoganTom: (4:24 PM ET ) Marley- wow, they're starting young these days....9 is still a young age. I played tons of sports growing up and I think that helped my game out by not getting too burned out and building up different athletic abilities. kids should have fun as long as they can and I've seen a lot of kids get burned out young or just not enjoying the sports anymore. Giving them a variety is healthy and when they start to get more older they can begin to limit the sports they play

Abbie (Palo Alto): Obviously someone of your playing ability was recruited by a lot of schools. Why did you pick Stanford?

LoganTom: (4:27 PM ET ) Abbie-Stanford had the complete package: education, athletics, location, liked the team, um...location....I actually had a tough decision when it came down to actually chosing but I am definately glad with my decision.

Laronda, NYC: Do you prefer original or extra crispy KFC?

LoganTom: (4:28 PM ET ) extra crispy....'fo sho'

Vbnut: As far as I can tell you have been playing continuos vb all year long for at least the past two years. What kind of a conditioning regimen do you maintain to compete physically and mentally. How much of a difference is there between international and collegiate competition and how do you make the transition?

LoganTom: (4:33 PM ET ) Vbnut-I basically stick to the regiments the different teams have. like you said, I've been playing volleyball for strait for a while now so I don't have too much time to incorporate my own programs. International is a much faster game with more power. It is also more like a job. Teams come to these tournaments in order to make money so there is a different attitude. College has a similar attitude when looking at the tournament as the end goal but it feels different.....can't say much more

New York: Logan, I am a 'little person.' Do you think that I could ever be a good volleyball player?

LoganTom: (4:35 PM ET ) Of course you can. attitude has as much to do in how well you do in volleyball as does how tall you are. especially with the new rally scoring rules defense has become ways in which teams win games. So my answer is 'yes', keep with it

Mark, Mtn View, CA: We really enjoy watching you play!Dumb question: Why doesn't the team ever throw any of those little volleyballs up to the section above the bleachers opposite the team bench?We're in the front row of that section and we'll be waiting! :)Best of luck to you!

LoganTom: (4:37 PM ET ) Some of us don't have the greatest of aim but next time there will be some volleyballs flying your way.

Katherine: Do you speak any other languages?

LoganTom: (4:39 PM ET ) I want to say yes but my teachers would probably say no. right now I'm in Italian and I took French for five years in high school but all I can say is the line from lady marmalade.

hay4hair: Is your volleyball relationship with Ogonna Nnamani similar to what you had Kerri Walsh had when you were a freshman? It seems like she's going to 'take the torch' from you when you graduate like you did from Kerri Walsh.

LoganTom: (4:43 PM ET ) Having Ogonna come to stanford has been awesome for the program and for me. I love having the girl around on and off the courts. She is doing tremendous things as a freshman and she great things ahead of her. She definately is and will one of the corner stones of this program the future years.

MChagan, Palo Alto: What is your fave vball memory?

LoganTom: (4:44 PM ET ) There are so many memories that come to mind but the Korea match has got to be one of the top three. That was one of the best moments I have had, not just with volleyball.

chris burke: Do you suport the special olimpics?

LoganTom: (4:47 PM ET ) 100%-I have had the priviledge to interact with some of the athletes involved in the special olympics and actually see them perform. They are the most amazing athletes out there and hopefully people will be able to experience it for themselves at some point

LoganTom: (4:50 PM ET ) Sorry I have to go so soon and didn't get a chance to answer all the questions but have to go watch film. Hope to see you all at our match this Friday and Saturday....holla
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