Chat Wrap: Mike Biselli

Nov. 8, 2001

MikeBiselli: (12:20 PM ET ) Hello all, I am here and ready to answer everyone's questions!

Shannon Meier: Hi Mike, What has been your greatest moment at Stanford.Could you also tell Coy Wire happy late birthday from a fan. Thanks

MikeBiselli: (12:22 PM ET ) My greatest moment at Stanford was the win at Oregon! It was such a tremendously emotional experience- breaking the longest home win streak, plus other behind the scene things.

Micah ( Palo Alto): It has been documented that you are a devote Christian and one of the spiritual leaders on the team. I was wondering how has being a believer helped you to be a better football player and more importantly a better person? Thanks and God bless.

MikeBiselli: (12:23 PM ET ) Thanks for the question. Randy, Brian Allen and myself are kind of looked upon as the spiritual leaders of the team. It is an honor to be in that role. It helps my game knowing no matter what happens the Lord is in control!

Jeremy (Louisville): Mike,First of all congratulations on a great season and great career at Stanford.As I am sure you are aware, stereotypes do exist saying that Kickers and Punters alike at not considered ?true? athletes by many people. Whereas real students of the game know that this is far from the truth.What do you and fellow members of your trade skill do to combat that stereotype?

MikeBiselli: (12:24 PM ET ) Hey Jer. Tell the Kristy I said hi!
Yeah, there are stereotypes, but I try to break them by showing the rest of my teammates that I work just as hard or even harder than them in anything that I do. Talk to you soon, bro.

Mark (Austin): Out of the types of kicks (extra point, field goal, kickoffs) which one is your favorite and why?

MikeBiselli: (12:25 PM ET ) Mark,

my favorite kicks are field goals, especially when they have a big impact in games-I really enjoy the pressure.

T-IORN: I know that this is your third year with a different holder, and I was wondering how important is the holder to a successful field goal kicker like yourself. Do they play a big factor in rhythm, confidence, or consistency? Thanks for the wonderful seasons you have given to Stanford fans, and good luck with the rest of your season.

MikeBiselli: (12:27 PM ET ) Good question!!! Yeah, a holder is a HUGE for a kicker's success! Eric Johnson, our punter, is doing an awesome job for me this year. It is nice to be able to work with him during the whole practice. Before, when the quarterbacks held I would have a limited time with them.

Tracie (Austin): Do you have any pre-game rituals/routines to help get you ready for the game?

MikeBiselli: (12:28 PM ET ) Well, I really don't have any rituals. The only thing I need to do before my game is talk to you.,+)

Marshall (San Jose): A question from my roommates in their usual weekenddebate...despite the 5 yard diff. in kickoffs from NFL to NCAA, why do NCAA kickershammer the ball at least 10-15 yards further than the Pros? Is it really thatmuch diff. in the ball/tee??

MikeBiselli: (12:29 PM ET ) Good question! In the pros punters usuallyhandle the kickoffs. If you look at punters in the NFL they are about 200 to 220pounds (very big people). They have very strong legs that can really boom kickoffs.Guys, like myself, are usually relegated to just kicking field goals

Brian(Minneapolis): Who is the best team you have faced?

MikeBiselli: (12:31 PM ET ) That is a tough question! There are so manygood teams, year in and year out, in the PAC 10! Out of conference I would haveto say...Texas.

Bob (Palo Alto): What has been your most memorable kick in your career?

MikeBiselli: (12:32 PM ET ) My most memorable moment would have to be thegame-winning field goals against Notre Dame during the Rose Bowl season. But theOregon win a couple weekends ago is right up there as well!

Rhett Reese (Los Angeles): Mike, congratulations on a great season so far! Are kickers made to feel like 'one of the guys' on a football squad, or is there a unspoken distinction made between special teams players and regular down players?

MikeBiselli: (12:34 PM ET ) good question! I think when a kicker comes in it is more difficult for him to gain the respect of his teammates than any other position. But, the guys here are great- it truly is a family!

Goat: Hi Mikey- this is so cool! So here's my question: Are you guys going to DOMINATE or what this weekend? Super good luck to you and keep up kicking that foozeball far like you know how.

MikeBiselli: (12:35 PM ET ) Hey Goat!!! Good to hear from you! Well, Arizona is going to be a tough game- we really have to be focused when we go down there. I hope you are doing well!

Brian (Palo Alto): What made you choose Stanford? What other schools recruited you?

MikeBiselli: (12:36 PM ET ) I was actually going to play my college ball at Oregon but then Stanford jumped in late and started recruiting me. Once they flew me out to the campus for my official visit I knew this was the place for me! I was also recruited by the service academies as well as some other Pac-10's and east coast schools.

Amy (San Francisco): How hard it is to be a kicker in terms of having all the focus on you, and being able to the hero or person who messed up?

MikeBiselli: (12:39 PM ET ) Everybody always thinks that kicking is such an easy thing to do. Yet, when it comes down to actually doing it there aren't many people left. I actually really enjoy the pressure of being a kicker! When kicking you don't think about messing up. The only thought you want in your mind is that you are going to make it. Coach Willingham and his staff have done a great job in prepping me mentally in being a college kicker.

Nick (Atlanta): How hard it is to balance football with your academics, especially at a school like Stanford?

MikeBiselli: (12:41 PM ET ) Good question! I actually just graduated last year and now I am working on my master's. Playing football at the highest collegiate level as well as going to one of the most rigorous academic institutions is truly a challenge. But, this place is special because not every student athlete can come here- you must be accepted academically before they really recruit you. That is why this University has to recruit nation (and sometimes world) wide.

Adam (Worcester): Is it true that you are roommates with Randy Fasani? How is he doing?

MikeBiselli: (12:42 PM ET ) Yes, I was roommates with Randy last year.He is now married so I obviously got the boot! Him and his wife, Monica, are doinggreat.

Jonathan Sukhia: Hey Mike, great to see you're a Christian. Just wondering, who's your favorite NFL team?

MikeBiselli: (12:43 PM ET ) thanks Jon! My favorite team would have to be the Bears. And no, I am not bandwaggoning on this one- I have liked them even when they were horrible. But now they are THE TEAM TO BEAT!

mike: Unfortunately with the two losses and all, what bowl would you prefer to go to now?

MikeBiselli: (12:44 PM ET ) Well, right now we are only focusing on Arizona. That is enough to worry about. But, if we continue to win all the bowl stuff will take care of itself.

Jamie (Palo Alto): You do not seem like a stereotypical kicker! You seem more like a football player who kicks! How much do you enjoy making a saving tackle on a kickoff return?

MikeBiselli: (12:46 PM ET ) Jamie- Good to hear from you! I actually enjoy making tackles on kickoffs. I usually am very close to the action, sticking my nose in the play.
Tell everyone at WSGR I said hi!

Drew (Maryland): Hey mike, how would you compare this year's long snapper to any you have had in the past?

MikeBiselli: (12:47 PM ET ) Good question Drew! This year's long snapper is very good! He really does a good job! He is kind of like a bird out there- flying in and out of plays!

Mike (Fresno): Nice to see you are getting your masters degree? In what subject was your undergrad, and now graduate degree?

MikeBiselli: (12:49 PM ET ) I graduated with a degree in Communication. I am currently working on a Sociology master's, focusing on Organizational Studies. After football I plan on getting my Ph.D. in Sports Management. I hope to be the Athletic Director at Stanford one day!

Ian (Worcester): What is the worst injury to play with as a kicker?

MikeBiselli: (12:50 PM ET ) I would have to say the worst injury would have to be a pulled hip flexor. I had that injury in high school and it was the most painful experience ever!

Mac (Austin): Hey Mike, congrats on a great season thus far. Which teams would be in your top 5 as of today?

MikeBiselli: (12:53 PM ET ) top 5:
1- Nebraska
2- Miami
4- Oregon
5- Washington

Sara (Seattle): What is it like having such a large team? Is it like abig family or like a corporation?

MikeBiselli: (12:55 PM ET ) Good question! It is a large team but thenagain there are large families. It truly is not like a corporation here- everyonelooks out for each other! The most recent example of this is when Simba Hodariwas injured at Washington. I could tell there is a true bond on this team- thatreally hurt a lot of guys!

Nicky (Los Angeles): Boxers or Briefs?

MikeBiselli: (12:55 PM ET ) boxer briefs...

Adam Smith (New York): If and when you were trying to recruit football players to come to Stanford, what would you say?

MikeBiselli: (12:57 PM ET ) There really isn't much you have to say aboutthis place- I really believe the reputation speaks for itself. But, if a recruitis here I think he can also realize what a strong sense of family he will enterinto. That is especially important because many of our players are from acrossthe country- therefore, we are the only family he has out here.

Jack Leggett (Reno): Why didn't you get a variance to attend McQueen High School so you would have an opportunity to be a High School State Champion?

MikeBiselli: (12:58 PM ET ) what's up Jack- Tell everybody at The City of Sparks I said hi!
Well, I actually really enjoyed playing at Reed High School. Coach Bossert was really good to me and I owe that school a lot!

Mac (Austin): Mike, I see the Big XII and the Pac 10 as similar conferences in that it is extremely difficult to get out unbeaten. Do you think that this only penalizes teams in great conferences in the BCS setup?

MikeBiselli: (1:01 PM ET ) Good question! I think it is virtually impossibleto make it out of these two conferences undefeated. I also think that is doeskind of penalize a team. For instance, Miami's strength of schedule is very weak.But if they keep winning then they have a shot at the championship. That's a toughquestion, though.

Denis (Aptos): Do kickers wear specially shoes? And if so what is special about them?

MikeBiselli: (1:03 PM ET ) Funny question (love the stereotypes). No, I don't wear a special shoe. I do wear a soccer cleat, though. The only thing special about it is that the shoe is about a size and half smaller than my normal shoes- you want it real tight and hard, just like a baseball bat.

Mac (Austin): Final question Mike, playoffs or no playoffs?

MikeBiselli: (1:03 PM ET ) no playoffs- season is long enough as it is.

Simon (S.F): What is it like to play for Coach Willingham and the entire football coaching staff?

MikeBiselli: (1:05 PM ET ) Coach Willingham and his staff are awesome toplay for! They really respect the players on and off the field. They realize thatfootball is very important but academics are equally so. I am very grateful forthe staff here at Stanford.

Jason: Mike, it has been awesome to see your chemistry grow with randy over the years. How tough is it to see Randy go through another critical injury, and how is he during currently?

MikeBiselli: (1:08 PM ET ) It is very tough for me to see Randy go through another injury. However, he is still our leader on this team! The thing with Randy is that he is the most fierce competitor I know. Sometimes that gets you hurt in games. Randy is doing a lot better!

Debi (Sydney): In practice and in a game what is the longest field goal kick you have ever made?

MikeBiselli: (1:09 PM ET ) The longest kick I have had in practice was 63 yards. In game it was 52.

MikeBiselli: (1:12 PM ET ) Thanks for all your questions. I hope to see everyone here when we come back to town for Big Game. Make sure to root for us against Arizona this weekend!
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