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Nov. 12, 2001

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    First of all, let me mention that in regards to DeShaun Foster, we have submitted all of the information that we have to the NCAA. We are just going to wait for their response at this point. If there are any more questions about that, I'll refer them to our athletic director.

    The Oregon game really quick. I believe that we had a great effort from our football team. Some guys were called up that hadn't done much all year and did some really good things for us. We felt like we had a real good plan. I know some people thought that we were distracted to the point where we didn't work. But we had a good plan and I thought we did some good things. We played well. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough and that's the sad part of it. We needed to make some plays at critical times and we didn't get it done. We made some mistakes that basically didn't allow us to win the football game. Again, that's the disturbing thing. We had three penalties, which was good because we cut down on the penalties. Two of them were crucial. One of them was the roughing the punter where they maintained possession of the football and scored. The other one was when we had a run down to the three-yard line, we had a holding penalty and it was pushed back. Then we threw and interception and didn't get any points out of it. So we only had three penalties, but two of them were crucial. We did have two interceptions. On one, the quarterback was hit while he was throwing. You can't do anything about that. The other one was a bad throw. Defensively, we gave up one big pass. I thought our defense played extremely well. We gave up the one big 35-yard pass to the tight end. We did a great job of having a goal-line stand on fourth and one. They made a nice play and threw a touchdown pass. Offensively, one other time we got down to their 35-yard line, we got the sack and that's when we got that interception. I'm sure there is some other questions you want to ask about Oregon and I'll answer those in a second.

    The USC game, I don't think a lot needs to be said at this point. It's a tremendous rivalry. It's the best rivalry game I've ever been associated with. I've been associated with the Civil War game between Oregon and Oregon State, and the Texas A&M/Texas game. Nothing beats this one. The emotions for this game are unbelievable. You just don't understand it until you're right there on the field. When you come out of the locker room for warm-ups and the end zones are full and the start screaming and yelling at you, you know the rest of the stadium is going to be full. It's really exciting. It kind of brings out the best in everyone I really believe. And over the years, the thing that has been kind of fun about this game is that the heroes are usually the unlikely ones. The guys that end up being the heroes are the guys that haven't done as many things during the course of the year. Or sometimes even the course of their careers. All of the sudden them come on, make great plays and do great things.

    Injury wise, we have several guys that are banged up right now that might not practice much but they'll play. Jason Stephens is the only one we feel that can possibly return this week. Tab Perry is out, but outside of that, everybody else will suit up and play.

    I'm going to have the team pick two more captains for the USC game. They will go along with Robert Thomas and Marques Anderson.

    For coach Toledo's complete question-and-answer session with the media, please click on the audio link located at the top of this page.

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