Chat Wrap: Coy Wire

Nov. 14, 2001


Shannon Meier Mountain View : Hi Coy? What has been your favorite momentat Stanford so far. Mine been the great touchdown run last game. Have you talkedto Willie Howard lately if you do can you tell him his #1 fan said hi. Also happylate birthday.

CoyWire:(4:07 PM ET ) My favorite moment of the season was when we traveledup to Oregon and we pulled together to defeat a very good football team in a hostileenvironment.

Memphis: Who would you say is the best running back in college football today and the hardest to bring down?

CoyWire: (4:09 PM ET ) I must say that DeShaun Foster is an outstanding back...he plays with a great deal of emotion.

Carolyn (Ashton, ID): Coy, what about your visit to Stanford influenced your choice of Stanford over other colleges, or were you considering other colleges?

CoyWire: (4:12 PM ET ) As soon as I visited Stanford, I knew it was for me...the combination of athletic and academic excellence are matched by none.

jonzFFC: Coy you lay the hit!!! Can you comment on being the top linebacker at Stanford but being touted as one of the top safety prospect for the NFL?

CoyWire: (4:15 PM ET ) I've been fortunate to be surrounded by great coaches and players that have made my transition to Linebacker an easy one. I can't wait to make the most of my opportunity to play safety, or LB, at the next level.

abc123: If you could pick the NFL team you would play for, who would you pick and why?

CoyWire: (4:17 PM ET ) I would be happy to play for any NFL team, but if I had my choice I'd like to play for either Houston or Dallas...Texas seems like it would be a wonderful place to live.

Reed, Abilene: How do you think yall could do against Texas or any other Big 12 team? (Be honest now)Hookem

CoyWire: (4:20 PM ET ) I think that if we played the way we are capable of playing, we would have an excellent chance of beating any team we would face...It would be exciting to face Texas again, after our victory over them last year.

Migue (Indiana): It's easy to tell that you have been one of the emotional leaders on the field for the last couple of years. Who will be picking it up next season?

CoyWire: (4:22 PM ET ) I really expect Chris Lewis, Kerry Carter, and Kwame Harris to step up and lead next year's squad.

Marc (Dallas): Coy- Would you say that you now feel like a linebacker, or is there part of you that would like to run the ball again? And with a name like Coy you'd fit in perfectly in Texas.

CoyWire: (4:23 PM ET ) I really miss running the football, but I must say that I'm really excited about the opportunities defense has given me.

Baxter in Harrisburg: Given your outstanding athletic ability can you comment about missing Coach Willingham with the water bucket on Saturday??

CoyWire: (4:26 PM ET ) Coach Willingham was talking trash about that little incident, but don't worry...I'll get him

Olivier, Pasadena: Coy, I am a Stanford alum ('98), and am so excited by this year's season. However, how does it feel knowing that the squad was just a few plays away from getting to the Rose Bowl (or Fiesta)?

CoyWire: (4:28 PM ET ) We know that we shouldn't have lost either of the two games we lost. All we can do now is look forward to what we can still accomplish

David Atlanta: I've been impressed this year watching some of the Pac tengames on TV...What's your opinion on those that say football in the SEC is farsuperior??

CoyWire:(4:30 PM ET ) I feel that both conferences have outstanding athletes,and it will be interesting to see what happens in the post-season when the PAC-10faces other conferences.

Shawn: How do you make sure you don't underestimate the Cal Bears going into the Big Game? Is there anything special that you're doing to prepare for this weekend?

CoyWire: (4:31 PM ET ) We realize that Cal is going to play there best football game against us...We must prepare accordingly

Alana (Pittsburgh): What is your nationality?

CoyWire: (4:33 PM ET ) German, Irish, Dutch and Japanese

Rhett Reese (Los Angeles): Coy, what's the hardest hit you ever delivered, and what's the hardest you've ever been hit?

CoyWire: (4:35 PM ET ) I was moving my stuff into storage and I crashed the Ryder truck into the side of the building.

SARGE Mechanicsburg PA: We had a saying in the Marine Corps, a rank and file if you will that rated as follows, God Country Corps. If you had to rate three things in your life what would they be and place them in order of importance.

CoyWire: (4:43 PM ET ) Have faith in God and in the instincts and abilities he's given me

Kip Winger: What do you think of BYU's offense this year?

CoyWire: (4:47 PM ET ) There explosive offensive puts up a lot of points and they have a really good Running Back

aj(Eugene,Oregon): who do you think was a better team UCLA, Oregon or Washington?

CoyWire: (4:48 PM ET ) Oregon was the most talented and played with a lot of heart

Mike, Provo: To what do you attribute Stanford's success this season?

CoyWire: (4:49 PM ET ) Great senior leadership and belief

Keith (Seattle): Coy, what do you think it is about Willingham that makes him such a great coach?

CoyWire: (4:50 PM ET ) He's inspiring and also a great leader

Johann, Sweden: Who is your favorite 'backer of all time?

CoyWire: (4:51 PM ET ) Dick Butkus, Ray Lewis, and Mike Singletary

mo, B-more: Who has been your source of support and strength throughout your collegiate career?

CoyWire: (4:51 PM ET ) God

CoyWire: (4:54 PM ET ) Thanks for all your questions and I'm sorry I couldn't get to all of them but I have to watch video on Cal. See you at the game.
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