Arizona Football Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Nov. 19, 2001

On the ASU offense and quarterback Jeff Krohn:'They average 6.2 yards per play, which is really high. They have a lot of big plays, and that is true because they are a big-play offense. (Jeff) Krohn is an exceptional quarterback in that his efficiency rating is so high because he doesn't throw very many bad balls. He just tucks it down, and he will scoot with it.'

On wide receiver Shaun McDonald:'In this league, nobody says let's play it close to the vest, so you see receivers in this league with 18- and 20-yard reception averages per catch every week. (Shaun) McDonald is good, and he's fast. He is faster than anyone we have, so we'll have to match up with him as best as we can.'

On Arizona State's defense:'They play a true eight-man defense. With eight men on the line, that gives you eight potential rushers all of the time. It will be different for us in terms of getting ready for their defense. But, we've seen people attack their defense, and they have seen people attack our defense. I expect to see from them the best of what other people have done against us when we get on the field.'

On wide receiver Bobby Wade:'I didn't get to see him during spring ball because he had shoulder surgery, but when I saw him at the start of fall camp, I knew that we had a guy who had some special things about him. The reason we get him the ball more now is because other people have been able to do what they do. If you try to force the ball to somebody too much, the defenses can cover and roll their coverages. You have to develop your offense so that it covers everybody. Then that allows us to pinpoint, and things come to Bobby more naturally. Bobby just goes hard all of the time. The reason he wasn't getting as many balls in the first part of the season was because we were trying to develop a total offense that everyone is a part of. He just did what he was supposed to do, and he never said a word. We weren't trying to go away from him. Bobby is a real student and a great learner.'

On halfback Clarence Farmer:'Clarence has grown appreciably in his understanding of the role that a back has in an offense. In a multi-dimensional offense, we do play a lot of the single back that he winds up getting to play. There's a lot more responsibility that goes with it, and you don't get to run the ball all of the time. He is much better at blocking, faking or going out for a pass. He is coming along nicely, but he is not a finished product. He is an emotional player, and sometimes it is a benefit, and sometimes it takes away from his game. One thing he has learned this season is what it is like to be a marked man. These guys hit him harder, and they really go after him.'

On Arizona's offensive progress report:'I think our quarterbacks understand our pass protection better. When you build a pass offense, the No. 1 thing that you do is protect the passer. That is the first thing you do in order to have a good passing attack. Because we use so many different protection schemes, this requires the quarterback to know whether he can hold the ball a little longer or look for the deep throw. It all comes around protection. Secondly, the timing of the passing game for the quarterbacks and the receivers is such that we can reasonably expect that our basic throws are thrown on time if we get one-on-one coverages.'

'The area that I don't think we have done as good a job with is getting the ball to the tight ends. That is a failure on our part as coaches. We just didn't do a good enough job of developing more offense for our tight ends during the season. We certainly have not done a good enough job of developing our backs in the passing game, but part of that is because we have spent more time trying to develop our protections. In order to get our offense where we want it, we have to get our backs much more involved.'

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