Chat Wrap: Ogonna Nnamani

Dec. 5, 2001

OgonnaNnamani: Hello!!! I am here! I hope that everyone is having a great afternoon!

Ryan (Sacramento): Does the pressure ever get to you? If so, how do you handle it?

OgonnaNnamani: Hello Ryan!

I try not to let the pressure get to me. I try to convert the external/internal pressures into positive energy! Positive energy makes things fun for any team.

Chicago west surb: congratulations on your award. Is your team going tobe on TV this week end?We will like to watch Stanford play. Good luck and happyholidays. Caroline.

OgonnaNnamani:Hello! I don't think that we will be on any TV stations in the Midwest unfortunately.But if we make it to the Final Four (knock on wood) you can catch us on ESPN/ESPN2

Cindy (Palo Alto): How do you like Stanford so far?

OgonnaNnamani: Hi Cindy! I am enjoying every bit of the Stanford Experience. It is an incredible atmosphere out here. The school is amazing and most importantly the people are great!

Texas: Hi, We read about you on the new issue of women sports illustratedand watched you play at Texas. You are very exciting to watch. Coming from a veryclose family is it hard being far away from home? Cardinal Fan

OgonnaNnamani:It is very hard being far away from home but I remind my self about the wonderfulopportunities out here at Stanford. And my family is so close that even distancewill not break the strong family bond.

Central Illinois: Hi Ogonna, congratulation for winning PAC 10 freshmenplayer of the year. You are a role model for many of the kids. How do you balanceyour time between studies and sports? James

OgonnaNnamani: Hello! Central Illinois! Time management is the key to balancing my time between studies and sports. When you have time, don't watch TV, hit the books.

Leah (Honolulu): Ogonna, we hear you might be going to Hawaii this summer,we sure hope that its true! We would love to have such a wonderful player andperson as yourself in the islands, and we promise we have a lot of KFC's : )

OgonnaNnamani: HEY!! I am definitely coming out to Maui this summer! I will be chilling with my girl Leahi Hall! And, if you have Extra Crispy KFC, we will definitely go chilling together!

Maymox (SJ): Hi there Ogonna! What is your favorite movie? Food? Do you like 'N SYNC??

OgonnaNnamani: Hello!!

I love NSYNC!! In fact, my brothers and sisters performed the exact dance routine to tearing up my heart! It was awesome, let me tell you! I love the movie remember the titans and I love deep fried chicken! hmmmm hmmmm good!

Normal Illinois: Hi Ogonna,We miss watching you play. When do you think you'll play near home?Tracy

OgonnaNnamani: Hello!

Thanks for all of your support! Hopefully we will be in the neighborhood sometime soon! I will definitely let you know!

Rue, Reno: I think you are a great player! I also understand that you likebeef too. Do you think it will help my vertical jump?

OgonnaNnamani:I love beef jerkey!!! Not slim jims but the kind that comes from Jen Hucke'sfarm!! yum! It will definitely help your vertical because the peptide proteinsfound in the beef jerky stimulate muscular development .....I don't know whatI am talking about!

Mohammed, East Palo Alto: I hear that one of your favorite snacks is aCracker Jack knockoff call Krak-O-Pop--have you been able to find this snack inthe Bay Area?

OgonnaNnamani: I love Krack o Pop.....I haven't seen it on the shelves randomly appears in the hair supply section of the grocery store back home. Let me know when you see it!

Donna (Berkeley): if you could meet anyone in HISTORY who would it be? and what's your favorite thing to do in your free time at Stanford?

OgonnaNnamani: That is a great question. The answer to that question would have to be Martin Luther King Jr. He is my hero and he has made it possible for me to be here today.

Tammy (Sacramento): Who is your role model and why?

OgonnaNnamani: Hi Tammy! My role model would have to my parents. Day in and day out, they work hard for us and make so many sacrifices. They are incredible individuals. If I could have at least 1 percent of their character, I would be a very happy person!

Don (Carson City): How important was it for Stanford to host the regionals this weekend? Does it give you an advantage?

OgonnaNnamani: Hosting Regionals definitely gives us an advantage. Staying at home is great. The crowd is behind you and you don't have to worry about making up school work.

Kevin L. (San Jose): Hi Ogonna!!! As a child, who were the volleyball players that you looked up to?

OgonnaNnamani: When I was learning to play, I enjoyed watching the Oden sisters, Mireya Luis and Logan Tom play. You can learn a lot from watching videos and observing.

SB (Toronto): You seem to have a full plate. What do you do to chill?

OgonnaNnamani: Good Question. To chill, I love hanging out with friends. In the dorms, we have been practicing some new dance moves to use at the clubs.

Melissa (Stanford): Ogonna:Is Logan Tom a mentor for you??How is she as a team mate?Good Luck in the tourney!!

OgonnaNnamani: Logan is AMAZING. I am very blessed to have to opportunity to learn from greatness itself. She is a wonderful teammate and it has been incredible.

Katie (Redwood City): Does the floor at Maples really make a difference?

OgonnaNnamani: The bouncy floor is great! It definitely gives you the extra bounce.

Lonni (Vermont): What was the biggest adjustment from high school to college volleyball?

OgonnaNnamani: The biggest adjustment from high school to college volleyball is being able to focus, and prepare yourself mentally. I really enjoy mentally preparing for matches.

vanessa- rancho valley: you go clubbin'?

OgonnaNnamani: I used to go clubbingback in Illinois all the time! Dancing is so much fun. But I am trying to save my energy for school and volleyball right now. Let me know if you find a happening club in the Bay Area!

Sophia (Fremont): Out of the players on your team, who is the one that'sthe biggest goof?

OgonnaNnamani: That is great question! I think that I might be the biggest goof. But I choose very appropriate times to be a goofball.

Chika Nnamani-Normal,IL : Hi Ogonna,Go Stanford Cardinal. Why do they referto your Pavilion as the Farm? Good luck on your game this Friday.

OgonnaNnamani:Hey PAPA!!! Nice to hear from you! The Stanford campus was called the farmbecause at one point all of the Stanford Campus was farm land....kind of likethe campus at Illinois State University! Bye I love you lots! What is mom cookingfor dinner tonight?

Robyn Normal IL: Where did you get your sense of humor? Have you thought about working in a comedy club???

OgonnaNnamani:Hi! I know you! I would love to work at a comedy club but I don't have enougharticles of clothing to replace after I get tomatoes thrown at me every time

Dorothy : Do you speak any other languages?

OgonnaNnamani: I love learning about other cultures and languages. I speak French, and I try to speak the Ibo language (The Nigerian language that my parents speak)

Takin'ItToTheHouse: Ogonna... Congratulations on a fine season. I was at the UCLA match last month and there were so many people there. What impact does a packed Maples Pavilion have on you and the team? Do you and the team feed off the fans enthusiasm? Thanks in advance and GO GET 'EM!

OgonnaNnamani:I love Maples Pavilion! The energy generated by the fans is huge!! We feedoff of the crowd's enthusiasm and it helps us so much! I hope that we continueto take it to da house!

Marilyn (Normal, IL): Hi Ogonna, you know I am very proud of you and wish you the best. Being the expert on beef jerkey, do you think it might jump start my growth. I am stuck at 5'2'.

OgonnaNnamani:Thanks Marilyn! How are you doing? Beef Jerkey will definitely jump-startyour growth! There is always hope with Beef Jerkey but there is definitely hopewith fried chicken.

Mark (San Francisco): How has your experience on the Junior National Team helped you?

OgonnaNnamani: The Junior National Team has was an incredible experience. I have learned so much from it. The Junior National team has exposed me to some incredible volleyball.

Normal Illinois: Hello Ogonna, I know that your team can do it this weekend. Good luck and win it all. Go Cardinals Uzo Nnamani

OgonnaNnamani: Thanks mom for the good luck! love you lots!

Santa Claus: What would be your ideal gift for the holidays?

OgonnaNnamani:I am just hoping for a gift more an ideal gift. I am just praying that I don'tget coal!

Normal Ill: Hi Ogonna,good luck on your games. I have a basketball game tonight. Bye Ikechi Nnamani

OgonnaNnamani:Thanks Ikechi!! Good luck at your game! Love you lots! Be aggressive out therebuddy!

John (Sacramento): HeyDo you enjoy watching men's volleyball or what sports do you enjoy watching?Sacramento Loves You

OgonnaNnamani: I love watching men's volleyball! It is so exciting! I also love watching basketball!

Debbie (SF): What book, film or song do you find most inspirational?

OgonnaNnamani: I love the movie Remember the Titans and I like biographies and historical books. My favorite biography would have to be Profiles in Courage, the biography about John F. Kennedy

Hoag (Riverside, CA): What tunes do you use to pump you up for the games?

OgonnaNnamani: I listen to all types of music to get me pumped up for the games! However, I am not very fond of country. To get really pumped up, I listen to the 80's hits CD!

Consuelo (Stanford): Ogonna, It is a joy to see you play. Those 'kills'are something else! Could you please share with your teammates that you have broughtmotivation and inspiration to my son, now all he talks about is Volley ball andhis grades are improving! Thanks a lot for helping this single mother 'parenting'an 11 year boy. Take care and see you at Maples on Friday & Saturday ... and pleasenever stop smiling!

OgonnaNnamani: Thanks! I will definitely relay your comments to my teammates. That is great! It is very inspiring to know that we are making a difference in someone's life. Thanks for your support and see you at the game of Friday!

Kelly (Berkeley): Would you ever try out for Survivor?

OgonnaNnamani: I would love to be on Survivor! I wouldn't last very long though. I would probably get kicked off after saying hello! But if they had challenges that involve eating, I will be all over that!

SB / Toronto: You were one of the most highly recruited incoming freshmen- why Stanford over all the other schools? Glad you decided on Stanford though.

OgonnaNnamani: Stanford's incredible combination of academic and athletic is second to none. Academics are really important to my family. And Stanford is definitely one of the best school is the country. And, When I came out here for a visit, I couldn't believe the atmosphere. The great teammates and coaches made it even easier to choose Stanford.

OgonnaNnamani:Sorry that I couldn't get to all your great questions. Thanks for all thesupport and questions. If you are near the Bay Area, I hope to see you at ourMatch on Friday and hopefully our match on Saturday! GO STANFORD!
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