Chat Wrap: Logan Tom

Dec. 12, 2001

LoganTom: (2:26 PM ET ) Hey all, thanks for being here. Time is a little pressed today so lets get rollin'

Oklahoma City: Logan congratulations on an amazing year! Nebraska is a 'power volleyball' team with an amazing setter in Cepero. How do you plan on slowing them down and taking Cepero out of the game? Good luck!

LoganTom: (2:29 PM ET ) Nebraska is a very 'powerful team'. I haven't seen Nebraska play this year but I know they are extremely physical and have a great setter to dish the ball to their hitters. Right now all I have to go on is our side of the net and hope that our physical play will match theirs.

Becky(Milwaukee): How do you manage to balance school, practice, dating and time with friends? Aren't finals this week as well? Good Luck! With everything!

LoganTom: (2:31 PM ET ) Yeah, life is a bit hectic right now! Trying to finish my finals up right now and prepare for the final four is a lot to do in a couple days. What can I say, yah gotta do what yah gotta do, but once this week is over it's all about chillin'. Thanks

Special K, Santa Cruz: Hi Logan, I think that you're an incredible player. What's it gonna take for Stanford to upset Nebraska and Long Beach for the national championship?

LoganTom: (2:35 PM ET ) Special K-
I have the utmost respect for the play of both teams. Both are great physical teams with huge amounts of experience being here. We have to keep the focus on our side and take care of what we know we can do.

Liat (Foster City, CA): Hi Logan,My name is Liat and I'm 12 years old. I'm one of the ball girls at Stanford and I just wanted to say how much of a hero you are to me. For the past 3 years I have gone to every single Stanford women's volleyball game to watch you. I am just amazed at what a complete player you are. I want to get into Stanford and play volleyball just like you. Good luck on Thursday and Saturday!! You are the best!!!

LoganTom: (2:37 PM ET ) Liat-
Thank you for such a complement. It has been wonderful having you guys at ourgame along with our fans. You guys make Maples such a great and positive environmentfor our team to play in. Thanks you so much:)

V-BaLL gAL: are so awesome. How does it feel to have peopleconstantly telling you this or seeing articles about you all over the place?

LoganTom:(2:39 PM ET ) I take it as a compliment but with a grain of salt. Allmy accomplishments gets reflected back to the team and any rewards I receive Ishare with my team and the support around us, like fans and family. Thanks

Jessica G: You are such a great defensive player as well as your fantastic hitting. What is the key to digging out the ball from the back row?

LoganTom: (2:41 PM ET ) Defense is one of the skills I take the most pleasure in. Much has to do with your capability to read and your reaction skills, but I would most has to do with attitude and your aggressiveness. Thanks

Michelle (NY): What is your favorite band?

LoganTom: (2:44 PM ET ) Michelle-
I will sit and listen to all kinds of music, depending on my mood. But Dave Matthew'sis probably the CDs that gets used the most.

James Ash , Honolulu: Logan,Uncle Jimmy is watching everything you're doing and is so proud of your accomplishments. He wore your Stanford shirt for the match on last Friday. Good luck in the finals and know everyone in the Hawaii Ohana (Aunty Frances and Uncle Jimmy and the rest are rooting for you) We miss you!

LoganTom: (2:48 PM ET ) Hi!! It's been too long....I miss you guys:) Thanks for all your love and support and know that I am thinking about you guys too. Much love...Mailelei

Stephen Woo from Fremont, CA: Is there a special story about 'Maile Lei?'Why is this listed as your middle name in the Stanford Student Registry? I'm sureit has nothing to do with extra crispy KFC :-)

LoganTom: (2:52 PM ET ) Yeah, nothing to do with KFC...It's my Hawaiian name that my tutu gave to me.

Bryan, College Station: What do you plan on doing after you finish at Stanford?

LoganTom: (2:56 PM ET ) Hopefully I will graduate, I like to take things as they come, not really plan things out. Hopefully training with the national team will be an option or playing professionally overseas.

Nnancy :): Would you ever consider trying out Popeye's chicken :)

LoganTom: (2:58 PM ET ) I'm open for anything when it comes to eating, any suggestions?

Kelly: congratulations on getting to the final four! thanks again for letting me interview more question: Do you prepare for games differently when they are more serious or against tougher competition?

LoganTom: (3:05 PM ET ) Hey Kelly, hope your project went well.
I try to stick to the same regiment, if you can call it that. I am a little superstitiousso I don't like to mess with what has been working. Thanks

LoganTom: (3:06 PM ET ) Sorry, practice calls but thanks for joining the chat and all the congratulations and good lucks. lo-
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