Chat Wrap: Teyo Johnson

Dec. 20, 2001

TeyoJohnson: (3:32 PM ET ) Hello everyone, thank you for viewing, I'll now start answering questions

Rhett Reese (Los Angeles): O.K., Teyo, we've established you're great at football and basketball. Any other sport/game you think you could be legitimately competitive at if you had the time?

TeyoJohnson: (3:33 PM ET ) I think I could legitimately compete at volleyball given the time.

Ottawa, Canada: Will you ever give up one sport and concentrate on one sport for the the rest of your Stanford career. Take care, Mohamed

TeyoJohnson: (3:34 PM ET ) Hopefully I won't have to decide just yet, I'm having a lot of fun playing both.

PuertoVallarta: Why #5? You wear it in both basketball and football. Does this number have a special meaning for you?

TeyoJohnson: (3:35 PM ET ) I choose #5 because I'm the 5th member of my family, also it's a prime number so it can only be divided by 1 and itself.

Elliott Koch (Palo Alto): What advantages do you think playing basketball gives you when you play football. Also what advantages does playing football give to your basketball game?

TeyoJohnson: (3:37 PM ET ) They both give me an advantage of getting position, in basketball, football helps with moving without the ball, and basketball helps me with football in that it helps my catching the ball in traffic.

Miguelito: Teyo, I have been to all Stanford Football games this year except the Arizona game. The Oregon was my favorite. You had a lot of great catches this year. Which one stands out in your mind as your best or most rewarding catch. Oregon game? UCLA game (one handed catch)?

TeyoJohnson: (3:39 PM ET ) I would have to say the UCLA catch that made sports Illustrated. I liked that one the most because it displayed our victory over UCLA in a National Magazine.

Josh (Boston): Teyo,How do you handle the academics of Stanford and two sports?

TeyoJohnson: (3:40 PM ET ) It's not easy, and at times it's the most difficult part of my situation, but I make a lot of social sacrifices to maintain my grades.

Rick: Do you think we deserve a BCS Bowl Game?

TeyoJohnson: (3:42 PM ET ) Yes, I believe we do, but we controlled our own fate, so we needed to win all our games and then the BCS couldn't deny us.

ABQ, NM: How many hours do you practice each day for football versus basketball? Could you walk us through a day of your life including practices?

TeyoJohnson:(3:45 PM ET ) Sure, football practice usually goes from 2:00 pm-6:30pm.Basketball practice goes from about 2:30 to 5:30. I start my day at about 9:00amwith classes and then I have an hour for lunch before practice starts, after practiceI try and get over to Maples to get some shots in. The rest of the day is unscheduled.

Darin (Mill Creek, WA): Are you in a sense excited that you are playingin the Seattle Bowl as opposed to the Holiday or Sun Bowl, since you will getto return to your hometown?

TeyoJohnson: (3:48 PM ET ) I'm very excited to be going back to my hometown for the bowl game, most of my teammates think that Seattle only has rain and coffee, but I think they'll be pleasantly surprised when I show them around.

Jason, San Francisco: Being one of the most highly recruited high school seniors, why did you choose to come to Stanford? Did your decision have anything to do with your brother? Did you and Amon decide together or was it coincidence?

TeyoJohnson: (3:52 PM ET ) I chose to go to Stanford because it is the only University in the USA that combines first class athletics with first class Academics. My brother played a part in my decision in that he attended Stanford and was able to tell me that he wouldn't of wanted to go anywhere else. I can honestly say that Stanford is the best choice that any student athlete can make to go to school.

Erin Rubey (Tulsa, Oklahoma): Does playing 2 sports in college take away from some of the things you looked forward to when coming to college?

TeyoJohnson:(3:54 PM ET ) In a way yes, playing two sports has made it impossibleto do such things as join culture clubs, take some art classes, or even sit ina coffee shop for more then ten minutes.

TeyoJohnson: (3:56 PM ET ) Everybody thank you very much for all your questions, I'm sorry I couldn't answer all your questions, I would if I had the time. I have to leave for practice now, thanks again.
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