Men's Basketball Press Conference Quotes

Jan. 8, 2002

Stanford, Calif. -

On playing all three freshmen at the same time in Oregon:
'It depends on circumstances and match-ups. Josh has proven he can score and Chris can run the club, but the question would be whether Rob Little would fit in terms of having a scoring option in the game. We have always had match-up issues in the post and a lot of teams have played us small, and it is hard to play Rob with another big player. I don't have a problem with them playing on the floor, but it just depends on the match-ups.'

On containing Oregon State's Philip Ricci:
'He is awfully good and so is a lot of their team. Ricci is a guy they go to and they run things around him as a single post. He is a guy you have to contain and be aware of because they will go to him hard. It will be an interesting match-up situation for us and we can't afford to get our guys in foul trouble either. We are going to have to make a judgment on which way to go.'

On Casey Jacobsen's state of mind:
'Casey is extremely competitive and likes to be in the offensive forefront. It has been hard for him because people have taken him out and run a second guy at him, but that is what has made him so good. He does not like not to succeed. He gets frustrated and will come and see me and then we will go through some things. I have explained to him that it won't be as easy this year because we don't have some of the some the other players we have had to take some of the pressure off him. The key thing is that when he is open, he should have the ball and the ball needs to be delivered on time. We have missed people when they are open and our timing on our passing has not been great.'

On Oregon State:
'We have had tough games with them, and I would expect this year not to be any different. Ritchie McKay has got a lot of people he can utilize especially at the guard position. We have had tough games up there and it has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination.'

On Oregon:
'I think that Oregon is a good basketball team and it is hard to get a gauge against Arizona, and in the past that has not been the case. It is early and having played the same people back-to-back, it is going to take some time to sort this thing out.'

On working on details after the Cal loss:
'We are not a very tough-minded group, and we will probably do that all year long which is going to be difficult. I need to get these guys to focus in on all the stuff that you need to do to win. Executing the offense is key and sometimes we get sloppy.'

On Casey's defense:
'Casey takes pride on his defense, unfortunately nobody gives him any credit for being a good defender. He went out and did a nice job on Shipp last weekend and he will need to continue to do that.'

On defense leading to offense:
'Defense has got to be the key for us. We need to defend to get out on the break and get some easy baskets. It takes energy to play defense and if everybody is doing it, the entire team can build off that.'

On where the team is now:
'Each of the losses we have had are disappointing, because we felt like we could have won those games. I don't think we have really gotten out-played in any game, or in the games that we have lost we have not played what I think we are capable of. We are not a great basketball team, but we are certainly capable. We are not as consistent as we need to be and as a result, we will lose some games.'

On Cal's defense against Curtis Borchardt:
'Cal did a good job preparing for us and we stood around and did not take advantage of things. If Curtis can't have better games than that, we are going to have problems because we need him to score down low. He did not have a good game, and when your key players are not playing well you are not a good team. Guys have to perform and that is the bottom line in basketball.'

On how difficult the Oregon trip could be:
'We are not as confident on the road as we were last year. Last year's team was tough-minded. We were more talented last year and had a veteran team that knew how to win. As a younger and inexperienced team as we are, you will not be as good of a team on the road as you are at home. That was true with Cal last weekend.'

On Kyle and Tyler's health status:
'Kyle has a stress-fracture and he won't be back for awhile. Tyler sprained his ankle, but it is not responding to treatment and they did more tests this morning. They are both out.'

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