Chat Wrap: Josh Childress

Jan. 18, 2002

JoshChildress:(7:03 PM ET ) hey guys. What's up

Stanfordfinal4 (Palo Alto): Josh, congrats on a great start to your Stanford career. Two questions, what has been your biggest transition from high school ball to big time college ball and what is the story behind the fro! It's awesome! Best of luck this season!

JoshChildress:(7:05 PM ET ) Probably the biggest transition from high school to collegeis the intensity level and the strength of my opponents.

The Bootleg: J-Chill: Our theory is confidence, but what do you think has been the difference between your best and less-outstanding performances thus far? And when is your mom gonna let you grow that fro back out???

JoshChildress: (7:07 PM ET ) I think that the main difference is how I start. If I start out hitting my first couple of shots, then the game usually goes pretty well.

Amber, Palo Alto: Hi, I think your a really good player, but yeah, anyways,I just want to ask you a few questions, okay. What kind of music do you like,what's favorite food, and um..... what's your favorite color? Thanks :)

JoshChildress: (7:08 PM ET ) My favorite king of music is rap. My favorite food is tacos. My favorite color is Cardinal red

Bill (Fresno, CA): Hi Josh, What aspect of your game does the coaching staff want you to focus on most at this point?Thanks.

JoshChildress: (7:09 PM ET ) The coaching staff really wants me to work on my strength.

Manish (San Francisco): Josh, First of all - love the hair - you gottaget Justin Davis to grow it out too. I've noticed that you go over and shake theopposing team's coach's hand whenever you are introduced in the starting lineup.When did you start doing that, and have there been any funny stories from it?Thanks, and GO CARD!

JoshChildress: (7:10 PM ET ) I always did that in high school, and it became a pregame tradition.

Simon Sez: What is your background with Jamal Sampson of Cal?

JoshChildress: (7:11 PM ET ) Jamal is one of my best friends. We have known each other since the 6th grade.

Marty: Hello Josh, Describe what it will take for Stanford to win 'The National Championship' this Season?

JoshChildress: (7:13 PM ET ) To win a national championship, we need to stay consistent with our play. We'll also need to play tough defense.

Sam (San Francisco): What do you do in your spare time (if you have any!)

JoshChildress: (7:15 PM ET ) In my spare time I hang out with my teammates and play video games.

CrescentCardinal (Sunnyvale, CA): What is the sickest dunk you've ever pulled off in a game?

JoshChildress: (7:16 PM ET ) The best dunk I have pulled off in a game is a 360.

Joe Mama: Hi Josh.Great to see you in a Cardinal Uniform. How's the social life been going for you over at Stanford?

JoshChildress: (7:16 PM ET ) Social life is going well. I have had the opportunity to meet some very nice people.

Joe Mama: Josh. If you haven't already, you got to go to the Peninsula Creamery in downtown PA.They have the best milkshakes around.

JoshChildress: (7:18 PM ET ) I have been there a few times. The shakes are soooooooo good.

Stanford Rugby: Do you have time to study with all the hours you put into games, practice and video games?

JoshChildress: (7:19 PM ET ) I have time to study. The hard thing is finding time to sleep.

ME-97: Josh, who are you most looking forward to defending in the remainder of this Pac-10 season - from the standpoint of a challenge?

JoshChildress: (7:19 PM ET ) I probably look forward to guarding Cedric Boseman the most. We are good friends and it will be an exciting game.

Chris (Palo Alto): How do you like playing in Maples Pavilion? What is your favorite gym to play in?

JoshChildress:(7:21 PM ET ) Maples Pavillion is a great place to play. My favoriteplace to play is Enterprise Park. (The gym right next to my house)

Rajesh: I'm going to my first game this Saturday at Maples (vs. Washington). Any advice for me?

JoshChildress: (7:22 PM ET ) Cheer hard for us.

Chelsea C.: Who has a bigger fro? You or Barnes?

JoshChildress: (7:23 PM ET ) I definitely have the bigger afro. His is getting there though.

Mr. A: Didn't you play volleyball in high school? Do you still enjoy it?

JoshChildress: (7:24 PM ET ) Yes, I did play volleyball in high school. It was very fun.

Joe Mama: You guys were pushing the ball up the court at every opportunity you could against WSU. Team looked aggressive and great at it. Is this something to expect more of the rest of the year?

JoshChildress: (7:26 PM ET ) Definitely. Coach Montgomery has stressed that we stay aggressive and attack the defense.

CrescentCardinal (Sunnyvale, CA): Although you could beat me 100-0 in basketball, I could probably take you in a few video games. What video games do you play?

JoshChildress: (7:31 PM ET ) My favorite game is Perfect Dark. I also like the new James Bond for PS2.

DK : What current or former NBA player do you model your game after?

JoshChildress: (7:32 PM ET ) I try to take little things from a lot of different players. My favorite player is Scottie Pippen.

Chris (San Francisco): Why did you ultimately choose Stanford over Kansas, UCLA and everyone else?

JoshChildress: (7:35 PM ET ) I chose Stanford over the other schools because I enjoyed hanging with the players. My Stanford teammates are like my brothers.

pfan: How do you like playing at Stanford and how are the fans?

JoshChildress:(7:37 PM ET ) I really enjoy playing at Stanford. The coaches are great,my teammates are great , and we have the best fans around.

Janice ( San Ramon ): Hey Josh! How has playing with guys like Casey and Curtis improved and motivated you since the start of the season?

JoshChildress: (7:41 PM ET ) Playing with veteran guys like Casey and Curtis will only get me better. They definitely help me on the court and in practice.

ME-97: Josh, fans have noticed your release on your 3-point shot, which is lower and further away from your body than some other shooters. Can you comment on that release, and why it works for you?

JoshChildress: (7:46 PM ET ) It is the shot I have grown up shooting,

joey: What do you think of the Stanford 6th Man club? How do they compare to other Pac 10 fans?

JoshChildress: (7:47 PM ET ) I think the sixth man is great. They are better than any other Pac -10 fans.

JennMoran: Josh, I'm a huge fan!!! I wish everyone as good as you was as nice and humble. Who are you closest to on the team? Where has been your favorite place you have played away this year?

JoshChildress: (7:50 PM ET ) Thank you. I am very close with all my teammates.
My favorite place that I have played so far is at the United Center in Chicago.Chicago was a very fun city and the food was great.

Jennifer M.: Josh you are the greatest! You're still a superstar, Mr. Real Deal. What impact have your older brothers had on your career?

JoshChildress: (7:55 PM ET ) Thank you. My brothers have had a huge impact on my career. They taught me everything I know.

stanford_star5(Berkeley): What's your favorite class at Stanford and why?I know that you can learn so pretty interesting things there.

JoshChildress: (7:58 PM ET ) My favorite class is writing. I have a very good professor.

Christopher Wallace (Teaneck, NJ): As a longtime Cardinal fan, its tremendous to see an athlete of your caliber coming to Stanford. Anyway, who are your favorite hip-hop artists? Albums?

JoshChildress:(8:00 PM ET ) My favorite rapper is Notorious B.I.G., And my favoritealbum is 'Life After Death.'

JoshChildress: (8:07 PM ET ) Thank you guys for all the questions. I really enjoyed reading and answering them. Unfortunately, I have to go . I hope to see some of you at our next game.
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